Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Father
  • Chapter 2: The Shadow
  • Chapter 3: The Doctor
  • Chapter 4: The Patriot
  • Chapter 5: The Helghast
  • Chapter 6: The Agent
  • Chapter 7: The Handler
  • Chapter 8: The Dead
  • Chapter 9: The Destroyer
  • Chapter 10: The Savior
  • Chapter 3: The Doctor

    Follow the on-screen prompts to propel yourself through the debris in the room ahead, leading into the open doorway on the left. Access the elevator bay control on the right, then follow the the walkway in the next area around to hit the shaft access controls. Jump out when the hatch raises to descend quickly past the bridge below.

    Continue lowering yourself down the shaft to enter the next open hatch. In the wall, access the controls to exit out the other side of the compartment, then take cover in the corner directly to the right. Aim towards the center of the room to pick off the pair of enemies that eventually patrol by.

    Cross to the opposite side of the room to descend the steps in the right corner. Look down into the area below to open fire on the surrounding enemies, then drop down to proceed through the doorway ahead. Climb down the ladder to hack the computer across from you.

    Move through the door that opens to head right and make a left onto the circular walkway that’s near the center of the room. Follow it in the opposite direction to pick up the second capacitor by the blue energy source.

    Return to the room’s entrance to insert the capacitor into the orange-lit generator. Then head back to the opposite side of the walkway to cross the blue energy bridge again and jump the gap in front to get the next capacitor.

    Insert the second capacitor into the orange-lit generator. Turn towards the remaining pair of red objective markers to pick up the next capacitor you see, then jump back onto the outer walkway to insert it. Proceed towards the right to collect one of the two capacitors.

    Jump across the gap that had previously been filled with a blue energy bridge, and head left to insert the capacitor into the final generator. Make your way towards the next objective marker to exit the room and hack the indicated computer to put the reactor back online.

    Turn around to ascend the staircase in the back left corner and mow down the enemies on the right at the top. Move through the next doorway ahead to reach the room above and use OWL to help you clear it.

    Enter the compartment on the left, at the back of the roomm to access the shaft and ascend towards the red objective marker to reach the open hatch above. Use the controls inside to exit into the next area and shoot the enemy drones that fly by.

    Proceed into the area ahead, on the right, to pick up the capacitor laying on the floor and insert it in the orange-lit generator in one of the adjacent rooms. Then pick up the other capacitor around the previous corner before moving through the door that opens beside you. Insert it into the next generator at the top.

    Hack the sparking control panel at the end to proceed through the corridors and drop into the following room below. Fire through the open doorway in the corner to eliminate the occupying threats and climb the staircase across from you to pick up the capacitor at the top.

    Take the capacitor back into the area below to proceed forward and insert it into the next generator in the floor, then shoot the drone on the right to continue through the corridor ahead and hack the computer in the room facing the sun at the end.

    Turn around to fight your way back towards the current red objective marker and use the doorways as cover to survive each exchange, then enter the next compartment to access the shaft and descend towards the bottom of it to pass through the open hatch below.

    Exit into the next room to pass through the indicated door that opens and examine the screen attached to the lab table to encounter the woman, then fight her off to proceed into the hallway obstructed by deadly rays of sunlight and turn back around to drop into the floor duct on the left.

    Proceed through the next area ahead by avoiding the objects that glow red-hot and climb the ladder to reach the open room above, then shoot the enemy in the opposite corner below and directly beneath you on the right.

    Descend the first staircase to climb over the nearby crates and proceed through the next doorway below to encounter the enemies in the area above, then shoot the windows to use the sunlight as a weapon and drop into the room beneath them to continue forward.

    Continue shooting the windows to clear out the enemies above and fight your way through the open doorway in the corner ahead to the left, then ascend on the next elevator platform to mow down the hostiles at the top with the help of OWL and grenades.

    Ascend on the next elevator platform around the corner to shoot the enemies through the doorway at the top and climb into the room above to finish clearing it, then cross the bridge ahead to be sucked out into space and complete this chapter.

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    Anybody at chapter 11 yet


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    On February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Anyone else having trouble after Chapter while flying away in the dropship your guy falls out and it freezes right before you hit the ground?


    On February 20, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    My last comment was for chapter 2. It freezes after I get on the dropship. After the part with the statues arm falling away, my character falls out of the ship and then the game freezes