Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough

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  1. Move forward across the area ahead and defeat the various enemies that appear, then collect any treasure chests in the vicinity and approach the right side of the flying machine to save your game.
  2. Head to the other end of the flying machine and choose “Okay” to head to the docks, then make your way forward and eliminate the next wave of dream eaters that appear.
  3. Open the treasure chests on the right side of the area from where you entered and defeat another group of enemies, then approach the staircase towards the left end of the room and collect from a second treasure chest.
  4. Continue moving left around the area to reach the front of the next staircase ahead and choose “Okay” to board the Solar Sailor, then make your way forward through the corridor and eliminate the dream eater that appears.
  5. Jump through the large window on your right to land in the next corridor and move across it to defeat the enemies that appear, then approach the left side of the wall ahead and climb onto the ledge above.
  6. Climb up the ledges on your right to reach the next level above and turn around to move across the opposite end of the corridor, then approach the locked door ahead and jump repeatedly to dodge the laser blasts.
  7. Move in close to the laser-firing door lock and activate a code breaker reality shift to reach the next area, then smash through the window in front of you and jump up to the corridor above.
  8. Drop down into the next hallway below and continue forward to defeat the group of the enemies that appear, then open the treasure chest at the opposite end and jump through the large window beside you.
  9. Move left across the hallway and use a code breaker reality shit to destroy the turret, then eliminate the surrounding enemies that appear and continue forward down the long corridor ahead to activate a cut scene.
  10. Afterwards, move left across the next area to find the treasure chests and defeat the various dream eaters that appear.
  11. Make your way back towards the other side of the area and eliminate another group of enemies, then continue moving forward and climb the orange-lit staircase on the right.
  12. Take a left at the top and defeat the group of enemies that appears, then open the treasure chest along the way and turn back around when you reach the end.
  13. Head back down the previous orange-lit staircase and climb the series of ledges in front of you, then move to the right along the elongated ledge at the top and jump onto the block located in the middle.
  14. Turn towards the moving beam across the gap ahead and wait for it to descend beneath you, then jump onto it and continue forward.
  15. Jump to the next ledge above on your left and continue moving forward across it, then collect from the treasure chest at the end and drop all all the way to ground floor below.
  16. Turn around and climb up the orange-lit staircase ahead on the right to enter the room above, then move across it to eliminate the enemies that appear and enter the next doorway on the right.
  17. Move down the white set of steps on your right and take a left at the bottom, then eliminate the enemies in the next area ahead and collect from the treasure chest.
  18. Return to the previous two white staircases and climb to the next level above, then eliminate the enemies that appear at the top and turn left.
  19. Climb up the next two staircases and move forward to the red lined path ahead, then eliminate the next group of enemies to appear and continue along the walkway.
  20. Take a left at the next fork in the road ahead and fight your way forward to reach the next flying machine, then use a code breaker reality shift to transport out of the area.
  21. Move right along the path and unlock the large treasure chest at the end to collect the Cyber Yog Recipe, then return to the flying machine and choose okay to travel back to the previous location.
  22. Turn right and make a left at the fork in the road ahead, then stand on top of the blue elevator platform sticking out from the path and choose “Okay” to complete this level.

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