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  1. After completing the dive mode mini-game and watching the first cut scene, save your game and visit the shop to acquire any necessary items.
  2. Move forward down the path ahead, while defeating the various enemies that appear, and search the grassy areas for treasure chests.
  3. Approach the blue tower to the left of where you entered this level and jump on top of the pink tent beside it, then bounce off the indicated area to land on the roller coaster track above and grind the railings.
  4. Slide uphill along the spiraling roller coaster track and continue riding it across the length of the entire area to activate a cut scene, then eliminate the surrounding enemies that appear to activate a second cut scene.
  5. Afterwards, make your way up the ramp in front of you and slide to the right along the next roller coasting railing at the top.
  6. Continue riding the track upward and around the perimeter of the park to reach the top of the red tower where Pinocchio is located, then jump to the left off the rails and land beside him to activate a cut scene.
  7. Afterwards, jump back onto the roller coaster track beside you and continue riding it forward to reach the top of the next blue tower with a pointed spire.
  8. Jump to the right off the track and land on top of the blue tower to obtain Blizzara from the large treasure chest, then return to the previous railing and continue riding it forward.
  9. Drop back to ground level and approach the area where you can find the carousel, then move between the burning torches that mark the next pathway to reach Winding Way.
  10. Enter the mansion in front of you and follow the corridor around to defeat the enemies by using spirit link assaults in the next two open rooms ahead.
  11. Move into the larger gear room at the end and clear out the surrounding dream eaters, then approach the striped pole at the center of the area and spin upward around it to launch yourself into the air.
  12. Grab the next pole above, then use flow motion to fly outward and upward so that you land on the roof of the carousel.
  13. Look across to the uppermost wooden ledge and jump over to land on it, then open the large treasure chest to obtain Aerial Slam and drop back to the floor below.
  14. Exit the gear room through the adjacent open door and approach the clown face ahead in the corner, then continue along the sparkling corridor on your right and eliminate the enemies that appear.
  15. Continue forward through the sparkling corridor and fight your way through the various enemies that block the path, then exit out the open tent door at the end to activate a cut scene.
  16. Afterwards, use command attacks to defeat and fend off the various bouncing panda bears until another cut scene activates to complete this level.

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