Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough

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  1. Sprint towards the boss as soon as the battle begins and jump over the spinning claw attack.
  2. Move in close beneath Clawbster to lock onto the vulnerable section of the enemy’s belly and begin hitting it with combination strikes.
  3. As the boss jumps around the area, stay beneath him at all times and continue hitting his belly with combination strikes or command attacks.
  4. When Clawbster uses his claws like helicopter propellors and flies away, execute flow motion dashes to quickly underneath the boss again.
  5. The boss will now try to squash you with jumping stomps, so use flow motion to retreat to a short and safe distance whenever Clawbster launches into the air.
  6. Use spirit links to deal a greater amount of damage whenever the boss is laying flat on the ground and continue these attacks until Clawbster retreats onto the next ledge above.
  7. Chase after Clawbster by using flowmotion to scale the ledge and dash back under the boss.
  8. Stay directly beneath the boss to avoid his stabbing leg assault and continue chasing Clawbster up the series of ledges ahead as he flies above you.
  9. Continue rushing in close to Clawbster and strike him in the head repeatedly with combination hits or command attacks at the top of the cliff until he is momentarily defeated.
  10. Afterwards, run sideways along the ledge you’re on towards the white indicator to find a section of ice in the wall and destroy it with your key blade.
  11. Execute a reality shift in front of the hole you just made in the wall to activate a cut scene in which you pursue Chill Clawbster while riding on top of a bubble in which Monstro is encased.
  12. Watch the location of the projectiles Clawbster fires from his claws, then move the bubble from one side of the screen to the other and dodge the oncoming threats.
  13. Continue evading the boss’ various projectiles to move in close until the bubble is right on top of him and let a projectile pop it to activate a cut scene in which Monstro devours Clawbster for good.

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