Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough

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  1. Drop over the ledge in front of you to land in the courtyard below and make your way forward across the small bridge on the left to reach the next area, then use the nearby save point and shop.
  2. Make your way up the nearby set of steps and continue moving upward, while eliminating enemies that appear around you, then enter the large door at the top to reach Fountain Plaza and activate a cut scene.
  3. Afterwards, clear out the wave of surrounding dream eaters by using spirit link assaults and striking combination attacks to obtain Sliding Sidewinder.
  4. Following the next cut scene, make your way forward along the path ahead and eliminate the various enemies that appear in front of you.
  5. Move through the open doorway at the end of the road to enter the Post Office, then grind the green rail ahead and ride it into the large sorting area.
  6. Drop to the ground below and move to the left side of the room, then use flow motion to climb up the far wall marked with an arrow and grind the orange rail above to exit the area.
  7. Make your way through the corridor ahead and eliminate the enemies that appear to reach the room at the end, then step inside the rounded rails and choose “Okay” to leave this area.
  8. Defeat the wave of enemies that appear around you, then approach the nearby large wooden door to enter the Third District and activate a cut scene.
  9. Afterwards, lock onto the largest dream eater in front of you and jump whenever the enemy launches himself into the air to avoid taking damage from the creature’s stomping attack.
  10. Stay close to the large dream eater and excite powerful spirit link assaults to drain this enemy’s health as quickly as possible, then use flow motion sprints to fly past the creature’s punching attacks.
  11. Continue striking the first dream eater boss at close range until he is defeated and the second dream eater boss is summoned.
  12. Use the surrounding barrels to strike the second dream eater and daze him, then move in close and drain the enemy’s health with spirit link assaults.
  13. Keep yourself positioned between the second dream eater’s legs and continue the previous assault until this boss is defeated as well to unleash a third creature.
  14. Rush towards the third boss and use jumping strikes from above to begin draining the enemy’s health, then follow it up spirit link assaults at close-range and use command attacks from afar whenever the crab fires projectiles.
  15. Continue draining the dream eater’s health until the third boss is destroyed to complete this level.

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