Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough

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  1. Read the tutorial on Flowmotion, then move towards the lamppost in front of you to swing around it and follow the instructions scrolling above the screen to transfer to the next pole ahead.
  2. Transfer your way to the next pole on the left and land on the set of steps below, then read the instructions on using Flowmotion with hand rails and ropes.
  3. Slide upward along the railing beside you, then continue using Flowmotion to bounce between the rooftops around the corner and activate the next cut scene.
  4. Afterwards, use Flowmotion to transfer between the two lampposts in font of you and continue bouncing between the rooftops above to learn about Save Points.
  5. Land in the alleyway below upon reach the dead end and save your game, then enter through the set of wooden doors ahead and read the tutorial on Reality Shift.
  6. Use reality shift to launch the barrels into the area ahead, then continue moving forward down the walkway to your left and move down the steps on the right to activate a cut scene.
  7. Afterwards, use flowmotion on the walls and nearby polls to defeat the surrounding enemies with spinning attacks.
  8. When the large pandas appears, run towards it to execute a slide attack and activate a flowmotion assault until the enemies are defeated to activate another cut scene.
  9. Select “Spirits” from the menu and read the provided tutorial to create one of these creatures, then touch the screen to bond with it and continue tapping to raise the animal’s abilities.
  10. Open the menu again to use your link points and return to the game, then move forward down the alley in front of you and make a right around the corner to defeat the next group of enemies with key blade combination attacks.
  11. Enter through the wooden door at the end of the alley to activate a dive mode mini-game and change characters.
  12. After the mini-game, use reality shift to launch the barrels on your right up into the air and break them against the ground.
  13. Defeat the creatures that emerge from the barrels by using combination strikes and move towards the corner opposite of the golden Lady and the Tramp statue.
  14. Approach the green moon and star painting, then move up the stairs behind the wall to the right of it and eliminate the enemy at the top of the landing.
  15. Enter through the wooden doubles doors on the left to activate a cut scene, then create a Komory Bat using the indicated menu options to return to the game and encounter an opponent named Beat.
  16. Read the next tutorial and return to the game, then touch the desired spirit icon to link up with the creature and begin attacking the panda enemy.
  17. Continue assaulting the panda until the enemy is defeated to make the Dual Link tutorial appear and complete tutorial levels.

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