Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough

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  1. Move to the corner on your right and make a left behind the wall to eliminate the group of enemies ahead.
  2. Continue forward along the path to return to the courtyard area and begin breaking open the surrounding barrels to fight another wave of enemies.
  3. Move into the corner across from the Lady and the Tramp statue and approach the flame painting on the right, then collect the item from the treasure chest beside you and return to the courtyard area.
  4. Make your way up the stairs behind the corner opposite of the Lady and the Tramp statue, then eliminate the enemies at the top and drop back into the courtyard area to finish off any remaining creatures within the barrels.
  5. Approach the star symbol across from the Lady and the Tramp statue and move in front of the glowing section of wall to the left of it.
  6. Attack the glowing section of wall with your key blade to access the First District and enter the door in front of you to activate a cut scene.
  7. Afterwards, take out the group of enemies that appear in front of you by using the poles for flowmotion attacks and link up with your sports for special combination strikes.
  8. Defeat the remaining pair of pandas and climb the set of steps adjacent to the courtyard area, then enter the left alleyway at the top and eliminate the next group of enemies that appears.
  9. Jump on top of the nearby crate in the corner and use it to reach the ledge above, then enter the glowing circle in front of you to save the game.
  10. Enter the next set of wooden doors ahead to reach the Second District and continue moving forward, then make your way along the left-side walkway and use flowmotion to jump across the rooftops above.
  11. Land on the ledge at the back of the area and collect the item from the nearby treasure chest, then eliminate the enemies that appear behind you by using combination key blade strikes and item commands.
  12. Drop down to lowest level below and defeat the panda enemy that appears next, then move forward across the area and enter the second hallway on your left.
  13. Follow the corridor around and slash through the next wave of enemies that appear, then enter the door in front of you to reach the Third District.
  14. Sprint forward and jump over the balcony ahead to reach the level below, then immediately enter the door directly on your right and return to the First District.
  15. Approach the mailbox on your right and interact with it to uncover the portal, then choose “Okay” to leave this area and complete the level.

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