Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough

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  1. Move forward into the corridor ahead and turn the corner, then slide across the yellow pipe in front of you and ride it to reach the next large open room.
  2. Continue sliding forward until there’s a green pipe directly beside you, then transfer onto it by jumping to the right and ride the new pipeline to land in the next room around the corner.
  3. Use the portal on the left to save your game, then move through the next door ahead to enter an urban environment and continue forward to eliminate the first group of enemies that appear.
  4. Follow the road forward into the next tunnel and defeat the group of enemies within, then exit out the other side of the enclosure and eliminate a second wave of creatures that appear in the town square.
  5. Approach the fountain and jump into the lower pool of water to defeat the enemies within, then use flowmotion to continue moving forward to the back of the structure and enter the next open doorway ahead.
  6. Move forward and head down the next set of steps to your left, then collect the item from the treasure chest in front of you at the bottom of the stairs.
  7. Make your way down the staircase within the tunnel to the left of the treasure chest, then push past the enemies that begin to appear and exit out the other side of the enclosure to activate a cut scene.
  8. Afterwards, enter the portal in front of you to save the game and begin eliminating the enemies that appear in the surrounding area.
  9. Collect the item from the treasure chest located to the right of the doorway glowing with white light, then finish clearing the area of all remaining threats.
  10. Approach the floating animal in front of the Coliseum door to enter the Shop and purchase the desired items from the menu.
  11. Enter the metal Coleseum door behind the Shop animal to activate a cut scene and begin a boss battle with an enemy called Hockomonkey.


  1. After the cut scene, rush towards the bottom step in front of you to meet Hockomonkey face-to-face and lock onto his chest piece.
  2. Dodge the boss’ strikes and execute a few of your own to drain Hockomonkey’s life bar until he jumps down to ground level.
  3. Activate a spirit link and attack Hockomonkey repeatedly to continue draining his life while dodging the counter-strikes by staying behind the boss at all times.
  4. After the spirit link is broken, run to a safe distance from the boss to avoid any follow-up attacks and then rush back towards him to execute a series of key blade combination strikes.
  5. Use flowmotion to escape from Hockomonkey’s various stomping and punching assaults, then use it again to fly back towards the boss and execute a command attack to continue draining the enemy’s health.
  6. Move continuously to positions that put you directly above the Hockomonkey and lock onto him to execute downward strikes or shock dives that cause significant damage.
  7. Lead the boss in the opposite direction of the enormous steps to drop into the courtyard below, then use flowmotion to spin around the surrounding lampposts to continue draining Hockomonkey’s health.
  8. Repeat the previous assault strategies listed above until Hockomonkey’s health bar is completely drained and the boss is defeated.

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