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  1. Use flowmotion to dash forward across the courtyard and land on the upper walkway to your left, then enter the next wooden door in front of you to rescue the girl.
  2. Defeat the surrounding wave of dream eaters with combinations strikes and command attacks, then finish clearing the area of all remaining threats to activate a cut scene.
  3. Afterwards, enter the set of large wooden doors in front of you to reach the next area and make your next left up the incline to defeat the enemies at the top.
  4. Follow the pathway around to enter a narrow corridor and defeat the next wave of enemies that appear, then continue moving forward down the hall and eliminate the pandas in front of the red brick wall.
  5. Move left in front of the red brick wall and continue through the corridor until you can make the last available right turn, then eliminate the next wave of enemies that appear to head forward into the all-brick area.
  6. Drop into the canal of water and follow its path by moving left through the narrow tunnel opening, then enter the large open chamber at the end and defeat the enemies that appear within.
  7. Collect the item from the treasure chest on the upper ledge and exit the chamber through the opposite tunnel from which you entered, then continue following the canal downhill and exit out into the room at the end.
  8. Defeat the surrounding enemies and exit the room through the doorway at the top of the steps, then move forward down the hall and eliminate the dream eaters that appear at the next corner ahead.
  9. Take the next right turn and use the portal ahead on the left to save your game, then enter the door at the top of the nearby steps to reach the area beyond and move forward down the hall.
  10. Follow the corridor around to defeat the next group of enemies that appear, then continue up the incline ahead in the corner and around the bend at the top.
  11. Exit the hallway to reach the courtyard in front of you and defeat the surrounding dream eaters, then approach the large fountain ahead and move around to the back of it.
  12. Leave the area through the large doorway on the opposite wall and continue moving forward to defeat the next wave of surrounding enemies, then head down the ramp to your right and eliminate a second group of dream eaters on the level below.
  13. Move down the next narrow staircase ahead to reach the large green gates on the level below, then enter the metal door between them to activate a cut scene.


  1. Move forward towards the boss ahead of you and lock onto him before using flowmotion to rush in close for striking combination attacks.
  2. Drop to the ground to avoid Hockomonkey’s counter-attacks and sprint in a circle around the boss to avoid any oncoming fireball assaults.
  3. Stay locked onto the boss and wait for a cease in his assault, then use flowmotion to fly up close to Hockmonkey and begin striking him with key blade combinations or command attacks.
  4. Use flowmotion effectively to slide around the railings and bounce between walls or trees as a means of dodging Hockmonkeys various attacks.
  5. Execute command attacks primarily to drain the boss’ health bar until Hockomonkey is reduced to just a pair of hands that throw weapons at you.
  6. Continue using flowmotion to stay on the move and avoid damage, then drop to the lowest ground level and draw the boss’ hands in close to hit them repeatedly with combination strikes.
  7. Destroy both of Hockomonkey’s hands to force him to re-appear entirely, then use striking combinations, command attacks and spirit links to significantly drain the boss’ health.
  8. Continue fending off the boss’ disembodied hand attacks, using flowmotion as a means of evasive defense and assaulting Hockomonkey’s entire body whenever he reappears to win this battle.

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