Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough

Breaking the Siege

  1. Head east toward Rathir. Once you arrive, go and talk with Tilera who will be waiting on the bridge to the bridge to the entrance of the city. Following your conversation, head north to get to Mel SenShir in the Upper City to meet Elund Carth (she’ll be down the stairs in the Lunar Gardens.
  2. You’ll then have to head back down to Lower City. Go south toward the docks where you will eventually reach The Burn. Head to the very end, talk to captain Dodwyn and tell him to take you to Mel Senshir.
  3. Following the cutscene, destroy the crates to the right for some gold, then proceed forward and talk to commander Owaiglyn. Following your conversation, follow him to reach the Outer Wall.
  4. Following the cutscene, head up the steps to the right and talk to Tilera. Head south through the large archway and turn right down the corridor. Kill the Tuatha Raider and then kill the four that will be waiting for you in the next room.
  5. Head through the gate just to the left. Kill the two Tuatha Soldiers, then loot the chest over to the right before heading through the next gate (you can find another chest behind the crates in the corner to the left of the door).
  6. Watch out for the booby traps as you proceed forward up the stairs. After you make your way around the center structure (more booby traps!), head through the doorway to the next area.
  7. Kill the five Tuatha Soldiers, then quickly attack the two Siege-Ladders to the left to prevent more enemies from coming up. Following your conversation with Alyn, loot the bodies, then turn around and head through the doorway in the left corner.
  8. Head down the path and continue south onto the grassy area. Take out the lone Tuatha Soldier and head to the next area where there will be a group of Tuatha Soldiers waiting for you.
  9. Head through the gate and walk up the path to the next area. Like before, take out the Tuatha Soldiers, then knock down the two Siege-Ladders. Head around to the doorway on the other side and go down the path.
  10. You’ll find several chests in this area for you to loot. After you get the goods, head through the double doors out to the Ramparts. Kill the group of Tuatha Soldiers outside, then head northeast down the long bridge.
  11. Following the cutscene, you’ll have a crazy fight sequence on your hands. First off, dodge the charge from Malwyn and kill the three Tuatha Soldiers. But stay on your toes, because Malwyn will dart at you with a hack-and-slash combo. Sidestep or block this combo, then quickly get in one of your own.
  12. Malwyn will then teleport and more Tuatha Soldiers will appear. However, when this happens, watch out for the laser beam that the huge cyclops will fire at you. Once Malwyn appears again, create a Faer Gorta to help you and Tilera, then go to town on Malwyn. If you are relentless against him, he’ll be easy to take down.
  13. Following another cutscene, head for the double doors to lead you to the Battlements. Kill the two Tuatha Soldiers, then talk to Agarth. Head through the two broken gates, then kill the Tuatha Soldier to the right.
  14. Take out the two archers up the stairs, then head back down and loot the chest along the wall. Head back up the stairs and follow the path to take you back outside. Kill the three Tuatha Soldiers, then head through the doorway on the other side.
  15. Help kill the two Tuatha Soldiers in the next room, then head through the broken gate and up the stairs. Hit a Fateshift to stun the two Tuatha Soldiers and the Prismere Troll, then attack them. When you take away the health from the Troll, follow the button sequence to finish it off.
  16. Head through the gate and up the stairs. Wait for the cyclops to shoot his laser beam past you, then sprint for the chuck of cement sticking out of the ground and use it as a barrier to block the beam. After it passes, quickly sprint for the next doorway.
  17. Get down the slope and kill the two attacking Tuatha Zealots. Loot their bodies for some gold, and head through the open gate. You’ll then have to kill a Tuatha Priest and a Niskaru Tyrant. Watch out for the fire blasts from the dragon and pummel it with magic to take it out. Loot the dragon, then head through the double doors to the left to get back out to the Ramparts.
  18. It’s time to defeat “the Balor.” In your typical David versus Goliath fight scene, watch out and jump over its swipes with its pinchers. When the camera pans out, you’ll then have to avert its laser beam.
  19. He’ll then go for a direct hit with one of his pinchers, which will get lodged into the ground. This is your time to attack: quickly hit it with combos to take away as much health as possible before he breaks free. Pulling out his pincher will exhaust him, so when he collapses to the ground, get in as many attacks as possible before he gets back up.
  20. From then on, repeat these actions to defeat him. Once he falls to ground and his eye is glowing, follow the button sequence to finish him off. Following your conversation with Owaiglyn, following the gold ring on your map to get to Klurikon,

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2 Comments on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough


On February 24, 2012 at 1:07 am

Killed the assassins Hughes died tho.. or he just vanished just have a golden ring telling me to be in the center of an empty room, cant restart or abandon the quest the game has ended….very dissappointing


On February 27, 2012 at 2:22 pm

i am in the battle with Tirnoch but it wont let me use the death blow sequence to finish the battle…i think my game is broken