Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough

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Out of the Darkness

  1. After you select your character and he/she climbs down from the pile of corpses, head forward, up the stairs in front of you. Look on the table at the top of the stairs to find a disposal note, to give you some background on what your body has gone through.
  2. Continue to the left, and get the gold from the skeleton along the wall. Now head back the other way, over to the incinerator. Pull the lever and watch the body slide in for kicks, then head to the door on the left.
  3. Loot the skeleton there to get a Rusty Longsword. Head forward through the door then turn right down the path. Follow it along for a ways where you will encounter two giant rats. Follow the onscreen instructions and take them out.
  4. Continue along the corridor and destroy barrels along the way for some extra gold. Once you spot the Gnome coming under attack from two soldiers, kill them. Loot the soldiers and then talk to the Gnome, Encel.
  5. Following your conversation, turn around and follow Encel. There is a chest on the left that has some Old Boots in it. Head over to the door beyond the chest to move forward.
  6. Once in the Well Of Souls, head forward to the right where you will reach a closed door. Pull the lever to the left of it to open the door. Head on through and straight down to get to the storage room. Smash the crates to your right to find a chest with 2 lockpicks. Loot the weapon rack near Encel to pick up a shield, then smash the nearby crates to get some more lockpicks gold and healing potion.
  7. Once the Tuatha soldiers break, take them out. Once you kill them, loot their bodies, then go for the body just down the corridor where the soldiers emerged from (the bright golden arrow will give it away). Loot the body to get the longbow.
  8. Proceed down the corridor and kill the pair of Tuatha archers by following the onscreen instructions for how to use the longbow. With them dead, head through the door that Encel will open up for you.
  9. In the next room, follow the instructions for how to use a strong-ranged attack. Use this to kill the pair of Tuatha archers above you. Go right into the next room. Break the boxes to get at the chest behind them for some documents and lockpicks. Go to the slope and grab the sack near the first archer for some equipment before heading on.
  10. Pick up the highlighted Rusty Daggers and equip them. Go left and destroy the crates there to get at a hidden chest behind them for some more armor. Head up the ramp. At the top, following the instructions to enter stealth mode. Move slowly to get bechind the unsuspecting solider, then take him out. Do the same with the two archers.
  11. Head for the door to the right and open it. Now you’ll learn how to cast some spells. Head forward and hit up the chest to the right for some various supplies. On the nearby table you will find another note about the spider venom you picked up.
  12. Continue down the path (south). Turn right and you will eventually meet a huge spider. Take it out and loot the spider to get your first staff. Head for the spider web in front of you and perform a melee attack with it to burn the webbing away. Head on through the doorway.
  13. Kill the three spiders waiting on the other side of the webbing using your new staff. Pick up the stuff along the way and burn the webbing at the end of the room. Kill the two spiders, then smash the crates in the room for a decent amount of gold. You can also open the chests as well for a couple lockpicks and healing potions.
  14. Continue south then turn right up the slope into the next room where you will meet a midget—er…I mean. Talk with Encel after this and ask for additional help to get some extra supplies. Destroy the crates around the room for some more supplies, then head over to the flashing door on the east wall.
  15. Head up the stairs and go south from the top of the well to the next door. Go through it to enter the Laboratory where you will meet Hugues Run through all the dialogue options to get up to date on things.
  16. Following the long conversation, sprint up the staircase. Once you get to the first area, kill the two Tuatha soldiers, then go east through the door and up the next set of stairs.
  17. Loot the corpse to the right, then go through the next door. Rock Rroll! Kill the two soldiers first. As far as the Troll, obviously watch out for its swings with his club. Close in and swing when it pauses to attack you. It’s slow, so use that to your advantage by performing rolls. When it gets to the end of the fight, mash the button that comes up on the screen to finish him.
  18. After you loot the Troll, turn around and head through the double doors to get to Allestar Glade.

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2 Comments on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough


On February 24, 2012 at 1:07 am

Killed the assassins Hughes died tho.. or he just vanished just have a golden ring telling me to be in the center of an empty room, cant restart or abandon the quest the game has ended….very dissappointing


On February 27, 2012 at 2:22 pm

i am in the battle with Tirnoch but it wont let me use the death blow sequence to finish the battle…i think my game is broken