Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough

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Into the Light

  1. Head down the path, destroy the crates to the right for some gold and talk to Aura on the right, then over to Claude on the left. Cross over the bridge and continue south down the path where you will meet Agarth.
  2. Following your discussion, take out the three attacking soldiers. When the Tuatha Rouges appear, follow the onscreen instructions to enter reckoning mode. Once you take care of them, go back and talk to Agarth.
  3. Feel free to explore Odarath and complete side missions along the way. Stay east on the path towards the gold ring on your map to arrive at Arden’s hut. When you arrive, go through the door and talk to Alyn.
  4. Following your conversation, go and talk with Agarth. You will then have to meet him at Dellach. Exit the hut and head south for the gold ring on your map. This will eventually lead you to a bridge—cross it, kill the wolf and talk with Agarth.
  5. Follow Agarth up the steps and through the doors. Head through another door, go left down the stairs and take out the Ettin Brute and the pack of wolves by using some of your magic.
  6. Follow the corridor to the west that will lead you to another room with three Ettin Brutes! If you’re quiet, you can sneak up behind them, but you can’t perform a stealth attack. Just surprise them, then take them out.
  7. Loot the chest in the south corner, then head through the corridor to the east. This will take you ups some steps and eventually to another room with…yes, you guessed it, another Ettin Brute and some more wolves. Magic is once again your best friend here to defeat them.
  8. Loot the chest on the left for some goodies, then dispel the one on the right for a Crude Birch Sceptre. Continue across the room, on into the next corridor. Enter through the shinny, cool-looking door, hit up the chest next to the stream and continue forward to the next corridor.
  9. Kill the four Kobolds by using Fateshift to stun them, then pummel them with combos. Continue down the corridor to the next room. Take out the unsuspecting Kobold, then kill the other ones that pop up out of the ground. Break some pots around the perimeter of the room for some gold, then go through the next brightly-lit door to the south.
  10. Kill the two Kobolds on the other side of the bridge and continue down the corridor. This next room will be Kobold central! Watch out for the Rouges! They will slingshot fireballs toward you. Take them all out, then cross the room toward the corridor to the south. Once in this next room, use your magic from the stairs to weaken the group of Kobolds and the two Brutes. Loot the bodies (one of the Brutes will have 186 gold on him!) and meet up with Agarth in front of the next door.
  11. After he tells you to stay close, open the door and head down the stairs. Continue around the path where you will run into an Ettin WarPriest. He looks menacing, but if you pummel him with combos (along with Agarth’s help), he won’t even have time to hit you with his axe. Once his life is gone, follow the onscreen button commands to finish him off.
  12. Loot the body for a ton of gold, talk with Agarth, then head down the corridor to the west. Go left down the stairs, then turn left up a short set of stairs, open the door and head around the backside of the pillar for a chest with some goodies.
  13. Exit the room and run straight across to the door on the opposite side. Open the chest for some mana, then dispel the other one for some more mana, a shield and a shard.
  14. Exit the room, turn right up the stairs (to the north) and follow the corridor around to the next room. Kill the group of unsuspecting Kobolds and head straight down the long corridor to the next door. Head through, up the stairs and across the long bridge.
  15. Kill the four Kobolds that will pop up out of the ground around the bright emblem on the floor. Follow Agarth and head up the winding stairs and open the doors to enter the Theatre of Fate.
  16. Head up the path to the next area. Go left down the path and kill the two Niskaru Bloodhunters. Talk to Agarth, then go touch the Destiny stone to receive the Codex of Destiny. Hit up the chest to the right for some healing potion and gloves, then go and talk to Agarth again.
  17. Following the brief cutscene, take out the group of Tuatha Raiders (Fateshift works wonders!). After you have done so, talk to Alyn, then talk to Agarth.

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2 Comments on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough


On February 24, 2012 at 1:07 am

Killed the assassins Hughes died tho.. or he just vanished just have a golden ring telling me to be in the center of an empty room, cant restart or abandon the quest the game has ended….very dissappointing


On February 27, 2012 at 2:22 pm

i am in the battle with Tirnoch but it wont let me use the death blow sequence to finish the battle…i think my game is broken