Kingdoms of Amalur: The Legend of Dead Kel DLC Walkthrough

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An Offering

  1. You’ll now have to travel to the northern most point of the island at Akara-Tor to find Brattigan. After you cross the last bridge, you can stealthy sneak up and pickpocket the castaways, or just run up the stairs to talk with Brattigan.
  2. Following your conversation, head forward into the Ring of the Watcher. After you conversation with Dead Kel, you’ll then have to kill the Baronett.
  3. To start off, you’ll have to kill his two clones first. Dodge his fireballs and use magic like crazy to take the clones out first. With them dead, the Baronett will then continue to teleport, making combos difficult. Keep relying on magic, then once his health is gone, follow the on-screen button commands to defeat him.
  4. Go and talk to Quay. After you select who you want to join you to go and find Dead Kel, head down into the Ring.
  5. Head up the ramp and then down the slope. Kill the three Boggart Urchins and get the objects from the nearby piles on the path. Continue east on the path and kill the next two Boggart Urchins as you move forward.
  6. Kill the Crudok that appears, get the objects from the pile on the right and continue down the path. Kill the Ancient Leanashe, use the Shrine of Gaea and dispel the chest in the right corner for some shards.
  7. At the dead end, turn back around and go left. Head up the path to the north and kill the two Boggart Urchins around the turn. Kill the next two up ahead, then head down to the door on the right.
  8. Head inside and kill the four Urchins. Go right and follow the path to the north. Head through the doors in the alcove on the right. Follow the path around and kill the Bog Thresh in the next room. Loot his body, then use the nearby Erathi Sigil-Stone.
  9. Head back up the stairs and turn right through the now-open doors. Head down the stairs and kill the Crudok. Head down another flight of stairs, then go left down another flight of stairs.
  10. Once you arrive in the next area, kill the Ancient Leanashe. Turn right down the path, hit the chest on the right, then continue down the path to the next area.
  11. Here you’ll have to do battle with a Root Golem. He’s stupid slow. Just run behind him, dodge his hammer swings and you’ll have no trouble with him. Once his health is gone, follow the on-screen button commands to kill him.
  12. Head down the path to he south and hit the chest to the right. Kill the four oncoming Faer Gortas and the two at the entrance to the next area. Open the chest to the right for some healing potion before crossing over the bridge to go talk with Akara.

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