Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Level One Stage One
  • Level One Stage Two
  • Level One Stage Three
  • Level One Stage Four
  • Level One Stage Five
  • Level Two Stage One
  • Level Two Stage Two
  • Level Two Stage Three
  • Level Two Stage Four
  • Level Two Stage Five
  • Level Three Stage One
  • Level Three Stage Two
  • Level Three Stage Three
  • Level Three Stage Four
  • Level Three Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage One
  • Level Four Stage Two
  • Level Four Stage Three
  • Level Four Stage Four
  • Level Four Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage Six
  • Level Five Stage One
  • Level Five Stage Two
  • Level Five Stage Three
  • Level Five Stage Four
  • Level Five Stage Five
  • Level Five Stage Six
  • Level Six Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Two
  • Level Six Stage Three
  • Level Six Stage Four
  • Level Six Stage Five
  • Level Six Stage Six
  • Level Seven Stage One
  • Level Seven Stage Two
  • Level Seven Stage Three
  • Level Seven Stage Four
  • Level Seven Stage Five
  • Level Seven Stage Six
  • Level Eight Stage One
  • Level Three Stage Four

    1. Head all the way to the bottom left. Hit the star switch to raise the floor, then swim through to the first door. In the next section you will hit bomb blocks to open the path and avoid rotating spikes. When you reach the second path down, look up for a bomb block, which leads to a door. Inside is a simple little puzzle. Use the switch to drop the bad guys, then leap up and pull the handle to drop the loot and the key. Jump OVER the switch to pick up the key, then jump back to grab the Sphere.
    2. Keep avoiding the spinning obstacles and proceed down and to the right for the next door. In the next section you will be activating switches that allow you to proceed. After the second switch, you’ll pass a star door. Inside is invincible candy, and you’ll see a Sphere. There is a mirrored, hidden door on the other side of the pillar, and if you enter it, you can earn the Sphere.
    3. After the third star switch there will be a passage above you where you can earn a sword and some food. Otherwise, proceed up and to the right for the next section. Now you’ll be dodging giant shells. Look for a spear as you proceed. When you pop up in a passage with a huge shell in it, you’ll hit the switch and head to the left as fast as you can. When you repeat this a second time heading to the right, look for an alcove in the floor where you can hide under the shell. This will allow you to follow its path of destruction from behind, and to earn another Sphere.
    4. In the next section you’ll discover the timer bomb. This grows in size once you pick it up until it explodes. Grab it and start dropping down to blow up some grey bricks and get a one-up. Head down the ladder and repeat the process, only this time it’s with extending platforms. I’ll be honest, this bit is kind of a pain in the ass, because there’s a goober to avoid, and you have to throw the bomb at the end to destroy gold bricks to reach a Sphere. Then head down to get out.
    5. Remember the moray eels? They are back. Avoid them and use the bomb blocks to keep moving. Two eels in, some of them will get a LOT bigger. Look for a passage above you to get a spear, and then follow the top path to find a bomb block in the ceiling the spear will reach, that will reveal another Sphere. Then head down and to the right. Avoid the last few eels, head down, and you’re home free.

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