Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Level One Stage One
  • Level One Stage Two
  • Level One Stage Three
  • Level One Stage Four
  • Level One Stage Five
  • Level Two Stage One
  • Level Two Stage Two
  • Level Two Stage Three
  • Level Two Stage Four
  • Level Two Stage Five
  • Level Three Stage One
  • Level Three Stage Two
  • Level Three Stage Three
  • Level Three Stage Four
  • Level Three Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage One
  • Level Four Stage Two
  • Level Four Stage Three
  • Level Four Stage Four
  • Level Four Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage Six
  • Level Five Stage One
  • Level Five Stage Two
  • Level Five Stage Three
  • Level Five Stage Four
  • Level Five Stage Five
  • Level Five Stage Six
  • Level Six Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Two
  • Level Six Stage Three
  • Level Six Stage Four
  • Level Six Stage Five
  • Level Six Stage Six
  • Level Seven Stage One
  • Level Seven Stage Two
  • Level Seven Stage Three
  • Level Seven Stage Four
  • Level Seven Stage Five
  • Level Seven Stage Six
  • Level Eight Stage One
  • Level Four Stage Three

    1. Pull the switch to reveal the entrance to the level. Head down, eat the fire guy for his ability, and then use the fire to melt the ice bricks under the third ice cannon. The fire will also allow you to get to a one-up on the left as you drop by. You get a chance to grab a spear, and then you’ll enter a door underwater.
    2. The next section you’ll move up and down to avoid giant shells again. They keep getting bigger, and as you reach the end of this part, you’ll see a star switch you can only hit if you kept the spear. Hit the switch to raise the big shell out of the way and find a Sphere beneath it. Then head to the door.
    3. Now you’ll need to leap up and drop down to avoid the ice balls that roll down the paths ahead of you. Wait at the top of the first ladder you climb up to avoid damage, and then proceed along the bottom path, where you’ll find a diamond. Carry it all the way to the left and up, then drop it and climb back down to consume the fire guy. Use his ability to clear your path, then go through the diamond wall to find another Sphere.
    4. The next section consists of moving between water columns. Get the cutter at the beginning, and when you reach the snowman, you’ll want to enter the door above. Kill the snowman, float to the bottom left corner of the steel platform above, and fire a boomerang up just at the edge of the water. Then get into the water ASAP as the platform is coming down. Enter the door.
    5. Use the cutter to hit the star switch and then get out of the way of the dropping ice ball. That’s all there is to this Sphere! Back in the stage, avoid the morays to reach the next door. The next section is all about the timed bombs. Kill the snowman and then put the bomb on his platform. The timer doesn’t run unless you’re holding it! Hit the switch, float up, and then go to the right to blow open the first section. After that is a star key which leads to the next bomb. If you run fast enough, you get to use it against the next miniboss and it’ll pretty much kill him right away. For the next Sphere, you MUST get his water power. When you reach the next key, throw it on the platform to the right, kill the goober, and then use the water to throw the switch. Head to the right with the key to open a door for a Sphere, and then head to the end.

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