Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Level One Stage One
  • Level One Stage Two
  • Level One Stage Three
  • Level One Stage Four
  • Level One Stage Five
  • Level Two Stage One
  • Level Two Stage Two
  • Level Two Stage Three
  • Level Two Stage Four
  • Level Two Stage Five
  • Level Three Stage One
  • Level Three Stage Two
  • Level Three Stage Three
  • Level Three Stage Four
  • Level Three Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage One
  • Level Four Stage Two
  • Level Four Stage Three
  • Level Four Stage Four
  • Level Four Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage Six
  • Level Five Stage One
  • Level Five Stage Two
  • Level Five Stage Two
  • Level Five Stage Three
  • Level Five Stage Four
  • Level Five Stage Five
  • Level Five Stage Six
  • Level Six Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Two
  • Level Six Stage Three
  • Level Six Stage Four
  • Level Six Stage Five
  • Level Six Stage Six
  • Level Seven Stage One
  • Level Seven Stage Two
  • Level Seven Stage Two
  • Level Seven Stage Three
  • Level Seven Stage Four
  • Level Seven Stage Five
  • Level Seven Stage Six
  • Level Eight Stage One
  • Level Five Stage Four

    1. It’s boot riding time! The first one will net you a blue star if you use it to climb the line of spikey guys, but the second one lets you fall through a golden brick, and reach a Sphere. Grab the beam from the guy at the end before you move through the door.
    2. Now you’ll be ascending past cannons, then flaming cannons. The next Sphere is obviously beneath you, you just have to get the timing between firings right. Otherwise, the ascent is simple and straight forward until you get to the lever at the top, which you pull to open the bricks before the star door.
    3. After that, select your weapon and prepare for another Super Bonkers, after which you get the badass hammer again. This makes it easy to clear the next area, popup guys included. Once everything’s clear, head up to the right and find a big spring. Pound that to reach the next area with the black hole star.
    4. This black hole level doesn’t move as fast, but you can get squished very easily. It’s pretty simple if you mostly stay towards the top and just drop down when necessary. There are only two parts where you really HAVE to consume to move on, including the last part where there’s a string of flying guys. If you suck them all in you’ll clear the path to the very end, where you’ll have to time a drop to reach the exit door.
    5. I grabbed the spear here to finish off the Doomer, as it was very easy to get under him and stab away. The floor instead of moving back and forth now opens up and closes off, which means you can get smushed OR fall to your doom, so watch your step.
    6. Once he’s done, head to your right to exit the black hole, then head up and to the right for the door. Then, climb the ladder, kill one guy up top, and exit the stage.

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