Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Level One Stage One
  • Level One Stage Two
  • Level One Stage Three
  • Level One Stage Four
  • Level One Stage Five
  • Level Two Stage One
  • Level Two Stage Two
  • Level Two Stage Three
  • Level Two Stage Four
  • Level Two Stage Five
  • Level Three Stage One
  • Level Three Stage Two
  • Level Three Stage Three
  • Level Three Stage Four
  • Level Three Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage One
  • Level Four Stage Two
  • Level Four Stage Three
  • Level Four Stage Four
  • Level Four Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage Six
  • Level Five Stage One
  • Level Five Stage Two
  • Level Five Stage Three
  • Level Five Stage Four
  • Level Five Stage Five
  • Level Five Stage Six
  • Level Six Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Two
  • Level Six Stage Three
  • Level Six Stage Four
  • Level Six Stage Five
  • Level Six Stage Six
  • Level Seven Stage One
  • Level Seven Stage Two
  • Level Seven Stage Three
  • Level Seven Stage Four
  • Level Seven Stage Five
  • Level Seven Stage Six
  • Level Eight Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Two

    1. This level is a series of small rooms. In the second, cross under one spiked box and then above the second. Inhale a spark-giver in the next room to clear it out in a hurry. In the fourth room, you’ll move left and then back on a higher level to reach the door. On the way you’ll dodge a few spinning blades and encounter some armored floating eyes. The spark will make short work of them, but they take a surprising amount of damage. You can also just avoid them and they’ll leave you alone.
    2. In the fifth chamber you’ll head to the right, dodging and dashing past dropping drill bits. There are a few enemies, one of which will give you the frost power, and another of whom has a parasol. At the end there are some gel bad guys, so be sure to consume one of them. In the sixth chamber, ride the last press up into the ceiling to see some firey blocks you can cool with the water power to earn the first Sphere.
    3. In the next room, hold onto the stone ability as you go through the grinding gears. The third set of gears has a Sphere within. To get it, jump out of the water and drop back down in stone form to crush the bricks. The next few sections are very straight forward, just floating and avoiding, but at the top of one set of ladders, look for Mike, a little guy in a helmet. You’ll want his ability for an upcoming boss fight. Hang on to it if you at all possibly can. And look out for the proximity mine guys, their range is greater than you might imagine.
    4. Then you’ll run into your friend Dubior, but Mike will make short work of him, as well as run out during this battle. Steal the spark to make up for it, and in the next section, when the box you’re in starts moving, fire three electric shots into the ceiling to hit the bomb boxes above. This will clear three openings once you disembark, including a Sphere.
    5. This next section is the last. Hit the lever to deploy a star key, but you only need to hang on to it through the end if you want the final Sphere. If not, it’s a lot easier to avoid getting trapped in the presses or making the jumps as you move to the right. Still not too rough, just more of a challenge. That’s all there is here.

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