Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Level One Stage One
  • Level One Stage Two
  • Level One Stage Three
  • Level One Stage Four
  • Level One Stage Five
  • Level Two Stage One
  • Level Two Stage Two
  • Level Two Stage Three
  • Level Two Stage Four
  • Level Two Stage Five
  • Level Three Stage One
  • Level Three Stage Two
  • Level Three Stage Three
  • Level Three Stage Four
  • Level Three Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage One
  • Level Four Stage Two
  • Level Four Stage Three
  • Level Four Stage Four
  • Level Four Stage Five
  • Level Four Stage Six
  • Level Five Stage One
  • Level Five Stage Two
  • Level Five Stage Three
  • Level Five Stage Four
  • Level Five Stage Five
  • Level Five Stage Six
  • Level Six Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Two
  • Level Six Stage Three
  • Level Six Stage Four
  • Level Six Stage Five
  • Level Six Stage Six
  • Level Seven Stage One
  • Level Seven Stage Two
  • Level Seven Stage Three
  • Level Seven Stage Four
  • Level Seven Stage Five
  • Level Seven Stage Six
  • Level Eight Stage One
  • Level Six Stage Three

    1. The first section here is easy, move up, pull the lever, and get ready to move fast, the wind will catch you and it’s just a matter of jumping or staying low to avoid the enemies until you hit a cannon to the next section. It’s more of the same in the second section, but this time keep an eye out for a lever handle in the ceiling. Hit it to grab it and reveal a Sphere.
    2. In the next section you’ll face a lot of those giant hammers, and there will be quite a few weapons to choose from. That’s because coming up is a DOUBLE miniboss fight. They share a single life meter, however, and the spear will make quick work of them.
    3. In the next section a star switch will raise a floor that will immediately begin going back down. You can get a head start by throwing the switch and floating out to the right before the platform shows. The second gap, after the goobers, will have a Sphere down in it. If you drop and jump and float quickly, you’ll retrieve it without dying.
    4. In the next section you’ll see scenery with stars, which means a super weapon is imminent. It’s a giant beam, and you’ll need to solve a lantern puzzle with it almost immediately. Keep heading up the ladders, and you’ll face a very challenging lantern puzzle, where they break into halves, making harder targets. When the lanterns are almost together, shoot the beam, hit them all on one side, then when they’re coming back together, do it again on the other side. This will reveal a black hole star.
    5. Hooo, boy this one is frustrating. In this section, stay in the water as much as you can. It’s healthier, and you need all your life at the end for the Doomer. When you first hit bigger spikey guys, go up, across, then down to save getting trapped and to stay further ahead of the wall. When you come to the big enemy, just skip him. The door is right after. You can use a hammer or a spear against the Doomer, I found the spear handier.
    6. After that, hit the cannon to your right and finish the level.

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