KOTOR 2 Restored Content Mod Is Out!

Knights of the Old Republic 2 was always an annoying mess. Rushed out to meet an arbitrary publishing deadline, the game launched very incomplete; lots of unfinished content was simply dummied out, and it has one of the most notoriously terrible endings in the history of gaming. Seriously, it doesn’t end, it just stops and leaves the player feeling ripped off and frustrated. Obviously this shouldn’t remind you of anything.

Despite this, it’s considered a classic (and indeed, there is MUCH to love about it.) But it still has a lot of unnecessary suckiness to it, which is why a team of modders have spent a few years trying to fix it. The result is a truly epic accomplishment , the Sith Lords Restored Content Mod. The mod fixes a ton of bugs inherent in the game at launch, which is just the least they could do. The SLRCM team also dug into the game’s code and unearthed a ton of dummied out content. New cutscenes, new dialogue, and new content at the end to make it actually feel worthwhile. Amazing. Seriously.

Here’s a video:

Choking Disciple – Mod DB

Want it? You can get it on Game Front right now.

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On July 30, 2012 at 3:34 pm

There’s still a few bugs that have been introduced by this, but for the most part they can be worked around. Any KOTOR2 afficinado knows all the console codes to get around this stuff.

Once you have all that, it really is a very cool thing they’ve done restoring a lot of content. Kreia is seen as an even bigger manipulative wench. I’ve only finished Dxun and am about to finish Nar Shadaa as a Dark side player male. Like what i see so far.