LA Noire: Nicholson Electroplating DLC Walkthrough

Cole Phelps is back, with a new, downloadable case to investigate on the Arson desk, involving some sort of giant explosion. To help you crack the case, we’re preparing this detailed walkthrough, outlining all the clues and interrogatory gambits. Those still working their way through the vanilla version of the game can take advantage of our regular LA Noire Walkthrough.

Additionally, we have lists of LA Noire trophies and achievements, along with a cheats page that collects useful information about the game.

  1. An explosion kicks off this kinetic case, drive towards the site of the danger. Take off down the road and hang a turn left, try to avoid the fleeing pedestrians on foot and in vehicles.
  2. Follow the police cars hurrying to the scene, you’ll have to deal with looters as you arrive. Two looters are making a run for it, armed with pistosl. Chase them or start shooting now, neither of these guys are going to give up without a fight.
  3. The looters will run down the street and turn right, one of the looters will take cover behind the second truck stopped on the street. Shoot him down and chase his friend into the alley behind a blue building just ahead. He’ll stop at a dead-end and fight to the death.
  4. When the looters are dealt with, Phelps and Biggs will return to the scene of the explosion. Enter the factory where you’ll speak with Ray Pinker before beginning your search for clues.
  5. You’ll need to find four important clues here. Walk past the television crew deeper into the plant, where you’ll find a fork in the road. Turn right and head down the path until a cop calls you over.
  6. Investigate the airplane part, and turn the thumbstick right until the letters align to form a message. That’s your first clue, return to the fork in the wreckage.
  7. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Nose Knows – Find and inspect the prop spinner at the Nicholson blast site.
  8. Back at the fork, take the left path. Biggs will point out a scrap of cloth on the ground just at the entrance to the left path. Pick it up and investigate for a clue.
  9. Continue down the left path until a cop calls you over to a locker. Look inside and open the briefcase. The briefcase itself is filled with clues. Look at the tiny gray rectangle – a spy camera – first. Next, look at the gold earring; Phelps will pocket it for later use. Check out the blue card too.
  10. Lastly, investigate the bronze ring. Start solving the puzzle by matching the cypher key – H=K. Move the outer ring until H is below the red pointer, then move the inner ring until K is below the red pointer.
  11. The cypher key is now set. Move the outer ring to match the letters circled in red to spell out an address. Move the ring to “KSBOJLKQ XSB”, one letter at a time to complete the puzzle.
  12. With all the clues, return to the factory entrance where you’ll talk to the owner.
  13. Person of Interest: Fred Nicholson
  14. Q: Nicholson plant explosion – A: Doubt
  15. Q: Whereabouts of Okamoto – A: Lie –> Spy camera / Espionage
  16. Q: Whereabouts of McLellan – A: Doubt
  17. Finishing up the conversation, get in your car. You have two options; Superior Laundry and the Deciphered Address. Because we don’t have an address for Superior Laundry, set the Deciphered Address as your next destination.
  18. At the appartments, do what you always do and look for a number on the mail box. Up stairs, you’ll find the apartment door open. Inside, start checking the place out for clues.
  19. Look on the floor near the fireplace, manipulate it to look at the tie pin. Towards the bedroom is a bloodstain, ignore that and go inside, look on the dresser for a matching earring.
  20. Enter the kitchen and open the refridgerator door. Investigate the body’s face, and both hands. That’s all the clues here. Biggs will use the phone to call the cops, when he’s finished up, use the phone yourself.
  21. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Skeletons in the Icebox – Find and inspect all clues inside Okamoto’s ransacked apartment.
  22. Return to your car and set Superior Laundry Services as your next destination. Step up to the counter, the proprietor will give you a ledger to search through. Tap on the listing numbered “J2620″ for a clue. Use the phone on your way out.
  23. Set Hughes Aircraft as your destination after returning to the car. You’ll be stopped at the gate, but Mapes will lead you inside, follow him and park nearby.
  24. Get out of the car and Mapes will lead you into the hangar. As you enter the hangar, you’ll start questioning Mapes.
  25. Person of Interest: Vernon Mapes
  26. Q: Nicholson plant explosion – A: Doubt
  27. Q: Knowledge of Okamoto – A: Doubt
  28. Q: Knowledge of McLellan – A: Lie –> Prop spinner
  29. Time to hunt for clues. Head towards the front end of the plane. Investigate the blue drums near the steps into the hull. Take the stairs up and use the ladder to get inside the cockpit of the aircraft.
  30. Investigate the blue board to find a note. Pick up the note, then step up to the charting device close by. Set the latitude to 2415 and the longitude to 7600, adjust latitude with the [Left Thumbstick] and longitude with the [Right Thumbstick].
  31. Leave the aircraft, and head down to the back right corner of the hangar. A worker will speak with you about the prop spinner he’s working on. Cole will automatically look at the inside and discover a clue. Back out to put the spinner in place.
  32. Return to the corner you began in, and take the stairs up to find Mapes’ office. Biggs will lead you inside. Look on the desk in the back of the office where two picture frames have been placed. Investigate both photographs for clues.
  33. The Wilshire Police Station is your next destination. Talk to the man at the front desk, he’ll tell you to meet with Ray Pinker in the basement. Talk to Ray and start investigating the photographs.
  34. The first photograph is of Cole! Continue on, no clues here. On the second photo, look closely at the man’s wristwatch. On the third photo, look closely at Mapes’ tie pin. Zoom in on the fourth photo, you’re not looking for anything specific here. On the sixth photo, zoom in on the two men. On the last photograph, zoom in on the door number.
  35. Ray Pinker will call you over. Use the dropper on each of the three bottles to a surprise. Before leaving, look on the desk opposite the desk with the photos. There’s a piece of expanded microfilm under a magnifying glass. Zoom in for your last clue here.
  36. Return to your car and set the House in Photograph as your destination. Another house broken into, step through the open door and look on the floor at the gas can. Look on the shelf to the left of the dresser for a plane ticket and a passport. Investigate further until you find a photograph in the passport.
  37. The apartment will burst into flames after that discovery – quickly shoot the red gas canister next to the stove inside the kitchen. The wall will explode; follow Biggs into the adjoining apartment where he’ll open a window allowing you both to escape.
  38. Mapes will try to escape in his vehicle, follow him back to the Hughes hangar. This is a tricky chase, Mapes is crafty, and several security cars will show up to shoot at you. Take care of the green security cars as they arrive, but focus on following Mapes.
  39. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Out of the Frying Pan – Pursue Vernon Mapes from the burning house to Hughes Aircraft on your first attempt.
  40. Arriving at Hughes’ hangar, the real fight begins. A group of security men are guarding the entrance as you take cover behind your car. Two security guards are waiting ahead, while two more will arrive by car. Another security guard will enter the scene from behind armed with a shotgun – keep a look out for him.
  41. As you move into the lot, another security car will arrive with two guards. One of the two guards is armed with a submachine gun, take them both out and take the weapon for yourself as you enter the hangar.
  42. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Bulletproof Windshield – Kill the drivers of two of the MP vehicles in the Hughes Aircraft gun battle before they pull up.
  43. Inside the hangar, quickly take cover behind the crates scattered ahead. Security guards will scramble and begin shooting you, one guard is armed with an accurate rifle and shoot from inside the airplane.
  44. As you near the plane, another security guard will run down the stairs with a submachine gun. Around the hull a guard will shoot from the top of a scaffolding – shoot the explosive barrel near him to easily take this guard out.
  45. Rounding the hull and taking cover under the wing, more guards will shoot at you with a variety of weapons while Mapes is hiding in the far back with the deadly BAR. The darkness of the hangar makes the fight a little tricky, so use the cover scattered over the floor to close in on the guards.
  46. Shoot down the last of the security and Mapes to complete the case.
  47. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Big Unfriendly – Complete “Nicholson Electroplating”.

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2 Comments on LA Noire: Nicholson Electroplating DLC Walkthrough


On July 21, 2011 at 11:44 am

I’ve completed this case 5 times. Went by exactly what this website said to do, and can still only 4 star it because it says I get I think 14 of 15 clues or 15 of 16 clues…any ideas about the last clue??


On January 16, 2012 at 6:32 am

Thanks for this awesome guide! Got five stars, only part i had trouble with was trying to kill the two drivers before they stopped.