LA Noire Walkthrough

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L.A. Noire‘s unique mechanics, groundbreaking facial rendering, and stylish setting have made it one of the most anticipated games of the year. As L.A. policeman Cole Phelps, you’ll have to unravel a number of thorny cases as the city adjusts to its post-war boom years. Not all the solutions will be easy. Think of this walkthrough as your Confidential Informant — consult it for advice and detailed information to help you in your efforts.

We also have lists of achievements and trophies, as well as a cheats page, which will tabulate all the information about L.A. Noire that we could ever wish to know.

Table of Contents

  • Patrol Desk
  • Traffic Desk
  • Homicide Desk
  • Vice Desk
  • Arson
  • Street Crimes Video Walkthroughs

    Patrol Desk

    Upon Reflection

    1. Welcome to L.A. NOIRE, where everyone has something to hide. Start your journey through the LAPD’s Patrol Desk by driving down the road and turning right, then left. Look for the yellow flag icon.
    2. Arriving at the crime scene, you’ll need to start your search for evidence. During evidence gathering sequences, you’ll need to find objects that might pertain to the mystery. You’ll also discover that most of the things Cole Phelps can interact with are totally useless. The controller will rumble whenever you’re near an interactive object.
    3. Down the alley, your partner will comment on some junk. Interact with the newsaper to his left to discover your first collectable. Each newspaper holds a piece of the story’s puzzle, so try to find as many as you can. You’ll usually find newspapers while searching for evidence.
    4. Your partner will ask you to look at the murder scene. Walk over to inspect the bloody door and ground. Nothing useful here, keep moving on.
    5. Continue left down the alleyway. You’ll be prompted to look up at the window while under the blinking light. In the window’s reflection, you’ll spot a gun.
    6. To reach the roof, continue down the alley and turn left, following the brick building around. A lamp shines light down near a drainpipe. Use the drainpipe to climb onto the roof and find the murderweapon.
    7. Pick up the murderweapon and begin to search it for points of interest. Move the left thumbstick around in a circle until you feel a rumble, hold the thumbstick in whichever direction is rumbling to discover a clue.
    8. In the case of the gun, hold the thumbstick right until Phelps lists off the make and model of the revolver.
    9. Afterwards, interact with the pistol again for another clue. As the game continues, you’ll find ledgers and other clues that will need to be opened and searched.
    10. Back out of the search and climb back down the drainpipe.
    11. Return to your police car. Phelps will remove a list of locations in his notebook. Select the Gun Store to set it as your waypoint location.
    12. Drive to the waypoint to arrive at the gunstore. You can enter any building with gold door handles.
    13. Inside, after a short discussion, you’ll have a chance to search the ledger. Open the ledger, and look on the second page for an item listed as “27, 4″ barrel, polished nickel, pearl grip”. Select the entry to discover the name and address of the gun’s owner.
    14. Jump into your car and select Schroeder’s Apartment, it’s your next location.
    15. At Schroeder’s Apartment, enter through the door left of the storefront. Check the mailbox to find his apartment number – it’s apartment 2. Find his apartment upstairs, first door on the right.
    16. Time for a brawl. Schroeder isn’t tough, follow the on-screen prompts and punch him a few times in a row. Tap Block, then attack for a powerful counter-attack.
    17. After defeating Ralph, search the apartment for clues. The only useful information here is in the open drawer, just left of the kitchen door. Investigate the object and turn the page twice.
    18. That’s all she wrote, you’ve completed your first training case.

    Armed and Dangerous

    1. Drive down the road, turning right to find your waypoint. You’ll be driving right into a gunfight.
    2. A short cutscene plays, and ends with Phelps behind a truck armed with a shotgun. A few of the thugs will run inside. One will stay outside shooting, blast him from your truck.
    3. When your partner runs for the front door, follow him. Take cover on the right side of the entrance doors, where more crooks will take potshots at you. Wait for them to show their heads before popping out of cover to shoot them.
    4. Once everyone on the first floor is down, another bad guy will take cover on the second floor. Shoot him to complete this action-packed second case.

    Warrants Outstanding

    1. Time for a chase! Hold the run trigger to chase the palooka down the alleyway. Keep an eye on your mini-map and follow the red dot if you’re turned around or lose him. In many chase sequences, you’ll have the option to shoot the crook.
    2. Run down the alley and hop the fence. You’ll automatically jump over obstacles and gaps while running, you just need to make sure you stay on the bad guy’s tail.
    3. Turn right after jumping the fence and run forward until Bowers takes a ladder on the building to your left. When chasing enemies, keep your distance on ladders – if you’re too close, they’ll kick you. Get kicked twice, and you’ll fall.
    4. Keep running on the fire escape, all the way up, until you reach the roof. Bowers will climb a drainpipe up, keep the chase going. Bowers will stop to kick you in the face once, take it like a man and keep climbing.
    5. Follow Bowers as he jumps, you’ll land on a shack. If you jump to the left of his leap, you’ll land on a lower roof, where you’ll need to climb up a ladder to continue following him.
    6. Make one more long jump off a building and follow the crook into closed-off section of the roof behind a billboard.
    7. Bowers attacks as you chase him into the area. Fist fight the jerk until he drops to complete another case.

    Buyer Beware

    1. It’s time for a real investigation. Start by searching the body. Search the right pocket of his jacket to find a clue. Scroll down the paper. That’s all you’re going to get from the stiff.
    2. Step over the body, you’ll find shell casings on the sidewalk near the street. That’s another clue found.
    3. Walk down the street and search the trash bin for a gun. Manipulate the gun diagonally right and up to find the make and model.
    4. Follow the cop to talk to a witness. He’ll point out another witness to the incident – a girl inside the shop. Walk inside to talk to her.
    5. This is your first interrogation. During interrogations, you’ll be talking to a person of interest. In your notebook, you’ll have questions. Select a question and the person of interest will answer. You’ll be able to reply to each answer by deciding whether the person of interest is telling the truth or lying.
    6. After every answer, you’ll be able to choose one of three options; truth, doubt, and lie. Choose truth when you think the person of interest is telling the truth, they’ll be more cooperative and provide more information if the person is telling the truth.
    7. If you think a person is lying or not telling the complete truth, select Lie – but only when you have proof to the contrary. If a person of interest is lying or not telling the complete truth, but you have no proof that says otherwise, select Doubt.
    8. If you’re unsure of what option to select, open your notebook and use an intuition point. Intuition points are awarded for gaining experience points for completing investigations or street crimes.
    9. For every interrogation, this guide will list the person of interest, the questions you ask, followed by the response to their answer.
    10. Person of Interest: Clovis Galetta.
    11. Q: Eyewitness account – A: Lie –> Layaway voucher
    12. Q: Possible murder suspect – A: Doubt
    13. Q: Details of shooting – A: Truth
    14. Sure signs of lying are rapid blinking or wandering eyes. That isn’t always true, as you’ll often meet persons of interest that are shaken up. It’s good to tackle questions you know the details of first, to see what the person of interest looks like after telling the truth or lying.
    15. Reading faces of different people will help you discover lies or partial truths. Remember to open your notebook and study your clues before accusing someone of lying.
    16. Now that Clovis Galetta is done, return to your car. Select Eagleson’s Gun Store or Hartfield’s Jewelry Store.
    17. While driving the busy streets, turn on your siren to clear your path.
    18. At Eagleson’s Gun Store, you’ll get information you already knew – where Mr. Kalou works. Head to Hardfield’s Jewelry Store to find Mr. Kalou.
    19. Inside the shop, talk to the man at the front desk. As he walks to the back, he’ll make a run for it. Start running to jump the jewelry case and chase Mr. Kalou into the alley.
    20. Turn left in the alley and chase him through the red door, through the restaurant, across the street, through the park, across another street, until finally cornering him after he causes a car wreck.
    21. At the police station, you’ll get your chance to interrogate Mr. Kalou.
    22. Person of Interest: Mr. Kalou
    23. Q: Argument with Gage – A: Lie –> Suspect positively identified
    24. Q: Possible religious motive – A: Doubt
    25. With this interrogation finished, you’ll finally become a detective.
    26. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: Police Academy – Complete all cases on the Patrol desk.

    Traffic Desk

    The Driver’s Seat

    1. Exit the police station and get into your car. Your partner will direct you to the P.E. Freight Depot.
    2. At the Depot, walk towards the car to start searching for clues. There’s a witness, but don’t talk to him yet. Talk to the coroner instead, he’s crouched near the car.
    3. Open the trunk and inspect the letter for a clue. Check inside one of the open doors to get a look at the bloody interior.
    4. Two more clues are sitting a few steps ahead of the car. A wallet and a pair of glasses. In the wallet, inspect the left and right sides for more information. Put down the wallet and inspect the glasses, move the thumbstick down and right to get a name.
    5. For the last clue, look left of the glasses and wallet to find a bloody pipe. Manipulate up to find a name.
    6. That’s all the clues, now you need to talk to the witness.
    7. Person of Interest: Nate Wilkey
    8. Q: Purpose at scene – A: Truth
    9. Q: Knowledge of Adrian Black – A: Truth
    10. Q: Contents of wallet – A: Doubt
    11. Q: Bloodstained pipe found – A: Truth
    12. Next, inform the wife to continue your investigation. Open your notebook and select the Black Residence as your next location.
    13. Hold down the button to enter your car to make your partner drive – “Y” or “Triangle”.
    14. Knock on the door to meet Mrs. Black. Step inside and sit down to speak with her. The interrogation won’t start quite yet.
    15. Start checking the place out for clues. Check the dining room for a newspaper, watch the story behind the headline to learn more.
    16. Near the newspaper on the dining table, search the cigarettes and the matchbook. Open the matchbook for another clue.
    17. Inside the kitchten, look on the table and pick up both papers. Turn the flyer around and scroll down to see all of its contents.
    18. Inside the first bedroom, look in the open drawer for a ticket. To the right of the suitcase, check the dresser for a picture frame and a glasses case. Open the glasses case to match the glasses you found to the case.
    19. Put the case down and pick up the picture. Interact to open the back and find another clue. For the last clue, check outside.
    20. Outside, look along the kitchen’s exterior wall to find the unfinished water heater. Now you need to complete the water heater. Take the red pipe with no bends, and place it on the left red pipe. Pick up the red pipe with one bend, and place it on the top right of the screen, meeting both ends of red pipe.
    21. Next, take the blue pipe with two bends in it and place them just right of the red pipe attached to the water heater. Place it inbetween both red pipes. For the last blue pipe, place it in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    22. Before talking with Mrs. Black, use a telephone to reach dispatch. When you have the address, talk to her.
    23. Person of Interest: Margaret Black
    24. Q: Slaughterhouse receipt – A: Truth
    25. Q: Cavanagh’s Bar matchbook – A: Truth
    26. Q: Location of Adrian Black – A: Truth
    27. Q: Stenzel glasses case – A: Truth
    28. Q: Photograph signed ‘Nicole’ – A: Lie –> Concealed message
    29. Q: Alibi for Mrs. Black – A: Truth
    30. With all questions correct, head to Cavanagh’s Bar. Step inside and talk with the tender, he’ll point you toward the back. Walk to the backroom to find Frank Morgan. He’s sitting in the center table of the back room. Start interrogating him for answers.
    31. Q: Link to abandoned vehicle – A: Lie –> Receipt for live hog
    32. Q: Location of Adrian Black – A: Doubt
    33. With that, you’ll have a location. Either arrest Morgan or leave him and drive to Morgan’s Apartment. Step through the door, Morgan told you it was apartment 2. Walk upstairs and turn left. The apartment is the first door on the left.
    34. Knock on the door and Mr. Black will make a run for it. Run up the fire escape and jump off the building after him. Turn left, jump to the lower roof, and use the drainpipe to slide down to the ground.
    35. Chase Adrian until he’s cornered by your partner.
    36. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: The Up And Up – Complete a story case with a five star rating.

    The Consul’s Car

    1. This special PS3 exclusive mission takes place after The Driver’s Seat and after A Marriage Made in Heaven. If you don’t have the PS3 version, just skip to the next case.
    2. Just like every case, start by driving to the crime scene. Here, you’ll arrive at a baseball field to inspect a crashed vehicle.
    3. Check the car, look at the passenger side door, the driver side door, the front of the car, and the flag.
    4. Look for a wrench on the ground and examine it. Manipulate the wrench to find a clue – the name of an auto dealership. Use a nearby phone to get the address.
    5. That’s it for the clues, now question the witness. You’ll have to press him a little bit for more information.
    6. Person of Interest: Oswald Jacobs
    7. Q: Witness report – A: Truth
    8. Q: Hispanic suspects – A: Doubt
    9. Q: Possible suspect vehicle – A: Truth
    10. Q: Vehicle stripped of parts – A: Doubt
    11. Finishing the witness, check out his porch and look around. Pick up the notebook and examine further two times for more clues. Call this information in using a nearby phone, too.
    12. Return to the Central Police Station to question a suspect.
    13. Person of Interest: Juan Francisco Valdez
    14. Q: Packard purchase history – A: Doubt
    15. Q: Theft of the consular vehicle – A: Doubt
    16. Q: Association with Gabriel – A: Lie –> Valdez’s notebook
    17. Take off for the dealership. Listen to a boring sales pitch, and follow the owner into the garage – here’s you’ll tun into another puzzle.
    18. Luckily, this is a simple one. On the wall are mounts for tools, just match the tools with the missing spots on the wall.
    19. With the little puzzle finished, check the hanging license plates. That’s all for the clues, now to question the dealership owner.
    20. Person of Interest: William Dewey
    21. Q: Association with Valdez – A: Lie –> Alleged bribery
    22. Q: Whereabouts of Del Gado – A: Doubt
    23. Q: Wrench used in auto theft – A: Doubt
    24. Set the Del Gado Residence as your next destination. With all apartments or businesses, look for a guide or mail box for the apartment number. Go to apartment “3″ in this case, and knock on the door.
    25. A woman will let you in and you’ll have time to look around the apartment before questioning her. Start the clue hunt by checking the table to find the flag missing from the car left at your original crime scene. Examine the flag for a clue.
    26. Towards the kitchen, stop to look at a picture of a car. The last clue in the house is in the kitchen, on the dining table.
    27. Leave the house and explore the garage. Check out both Packard wheels, then examine the license plates in the opposite corner.
    28. Time for some questioning, speak with Anna.
    29. Person of Interest: Anna Rodriguez
    30. Q: Motive for auto theft – A: True
    31. Q: Last contact with Gabriel – A: Lie –> Breakfast plates
    32. Q: Diplomatic plates recovered – A: Doubt
    33. To finish the case, take off for your last available location – the illegal street races. Like any good racer, the man in the red speedster will take off and you’ll have to chase him. Don’t bother too much with the other three racers.
    34. Eventually he’ll crash and try to run. Stick close and you’ll stop him. That finishes this PS3 exclusive case.

    A Marriage Made in Heaven

    1. Back at the police station, return to your car and drive to the crime scene. Talk with the patrolman to get the details of the case.
    2. Search the body. Check his right inner jacket pocket to find a note, scroll down to get the evidence. Check his left inner jacket pocket for a wallet. Investigate his ID for more information on the victim.
    3. Next, walk down the bloody trail left by the body and check it. Continue down the road to find another blood spatter, past that you’ll find tire marks on the road. Check each of these evidence spots to another clue.
    4. Check the alley to the left of the bar. Look inside the trash for a hidden clue. Look up and slightly right while manipulating the knife to investigate it.
    5. The last clue is inside the bar. Check the bartop to find another newspaper. Now all the clues are found, so talk to both witnesses.
    6. Start with the young lady outside the bar.
    7. Person of Interest: Shannon Perry
    8. Q: Eyewitness report – A: Truth
    9. Q: Suspect vehicle description – A: Truth
    10. Q: Argument overheard – A: Doubt
    11. Step inside the bar to speak with the bartender.
    12. Person of Interest: Dudley Lynch
    13. Q: Hit and run incident – A: Doubt
    14. Q: Association with victim – A: Truth
    15. Q: Argument overhead in bar – A: Doubt
    16. Q: Joint business venture – A: Doubt
    17. Use the phone at the back of the bar. The operator will give you the location of the hit-and-run driver. Choose Shelton Residence as your next destination and drive there.
    18. Shelton is trying to leave town, chase him down the streets of L.A. Sideswipe his wheel arches to wreck his car. If he makes it to the train station, he’ll run inside and you’ll need to chase after him. Arrest Shelton and drive to the Pattison Residence next.
    19. Knock on the Pattison’s door and sit down to start a new interrogation.
    20. Person of Interest: Lorna Pattison
    21. Q: Hit and run incident – A: Doubt
    22. Q: Nature of argument – A: Doubt
    23. Q: Partnership with Leroy Sabo – A: Lie –> Insurance letter
    24. With that done with, use a nearby phone to call in. Use the phone inside the residence, or use the phone outside on the street corner to your right.
    25. After using the phone, the coroner wants to speak with you, so drive to the Central Morgue next.
    26. Enter the morgue and talk with the coroner, Looks like the knife was important to the case afterall. With that important clue, return to the Pattison Residence prepared to make some arrests.
    27. Knock on the door for a confrontation. Leroy Sabo won’t come quietly. Chase him to the backyard, eventually you’ll corner him in a hostage situation.
    28. Hostage situations are tricky, just remember that you’re not timed. A single missed shot will fail the challenge. Watch for a pattern, and wait to give yourself a good shot at his chest. Obviously, don’t shoot the hostage. Take all the time you need, the hostage-taker won’t shoot the hostage until you shoot at him first.
    29. With Sabo dead, the case is clear.

    A Slip of the Tongue

    1. This pre-order exclusive starts after “A Marriage Made in Heaven”. Otherwise, the game will continue straight to “The Fallen Idol”.
    2. Start the case by following the Stolen vehicle call, when you arrive at the scene, you’ll have to chase down the suspect. Follow him and hit his wheel arches, if you stop him before uniformed officers arrive you’ll get yourself a nice achievement/trophy.
    3. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Nowhere to Run – Catch and arrest Cliff Harrison before he is stopped by uniformed backup.
    4. Approach Harrison’s crashed car to start an interrogation. Before it begins, take a look at his receipt.
    5. Person of Interest: Cliff Harrison
    6. Q: Vehicle reported as stolen – A: Truth
    7. Q: Motive for flight – A: Doubt
    8. Q: Vehicle purchase details – A: Truth
    9. Next stop: Coombs Automotive Co. Step up to the owner, he’ll lead you to his office and provide purchase details. Look over both slips and you’ll begin an interrogation.
    10. Person of Interest: Richard Coombs
    11. Q: Details of transaction – A: Truth
    12. Q: Description of suspect – A: Truth
    13. Q: Association with Marquee – A: Truth
    14. Q: Check payment details – A: Doubt
    15. Q: Suspicious transactions – A: Doubt
    16. On your way out, use a telephone. Now you have another suspect to interrogate. Don’t return to the Police Station yet, instead head for 146 North Fremont Avenue. The place is empty, providing you with a handy clue.
    17. Return to the Police Station, a suspect is waiting in Interview Room 2. He’ll provide you with another fake pink slip, look it over and inspect further.
    18. Person of Interest: James Belasco
    19. Q: Stolen auto courier – A: Doubt
    20. Q: Association with Archer – A: Lie –> Fake address
    21. Q: Auto theft racket – A: Doubt
    22. Q: Stolen vehicles warehoused – A: Doubt
    23. As you leave the station, you’ll get a tip that Archer has been spotted at a Western Union office down the street. Take off there next.
    24. Person of Interest: Jean Archer
    25. Q: Stolen Kaiser Frazer – A: Doubt
    26. Q: Association with Belasco – A: Lie –> Stolen auto courier
    27. Q: Stolen Auto Courier – A: Doubt
    28. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Femme Imbecile – Correctly branch every question in the interview with Jean Archer.
    29. That’s all for Jean Archer. Stop by the Marquee Printing Co. Now and talk to the man at the counter.
    30. Person of Interest: Gordon Leitvol
    31. Q: Knowledge of theft racket – A: Doubt
    32. Q: Pink slip supply – A: Doubt
    33. Q: Coombs auto deliveries – A: Doubt
    34. Leitvol will show you his ledger, use it and tap any row with Bigelow’s name on it. Your next stop is 58 Industrial Street.
    35. Inside the warehouse, you’ll face a gang of bad guys. Look above, and shoot a hanging engine to crush a goon for a quick achievement / trophy.
    36. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Chop Shop – During the Industrial Street raid, kill a goon by shooting the hanging engine block.
    37. As you run up the stairs, lookout for two last thugs. Enter the last door on the right to enter a crime scene.
    38. There are two clues in the suspect’s office. Check his desk and look over everything there, and search the table parallel to the office door. When the tension music stops, you have all the clues and you’ll interrogate the suspect.
    39. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Racing for Pinks – Find and inspect all the Marquee-printed pink slips.
    40. Person of Interest: Steven Bigelow
    41. Q: Pink slip supply – A: Doubt
    42. Q: Association with Leitvol – A: Lie –> Delivery ledger
    43. Return to Marquee to finish the case. Question Lietvol one more time.
    44. Person of Interest: Gordon Leitvol
    45. Q: Deliveries to Industrial St – A: Lie –> Betting slips
    46. With another arrest, this case is closed.
    47. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Printer’s Devil – Complete “A Slip of the Tongue”

    Fallen Idol

    1. Get your 1950s keister to the crime scene. Start looking for clues, round the ledge and down the dirt path to find the crash site and the coroner.
    2. Search the items laid out on the trunk of the car. Pick up the ripped underwear. Set those down and investigate the handbag. Discovering a letter, scroll down and read it to get more information on Jessie – it’ll be important when you interrogate her later.
    3. Talk with the coroner again to get your hands on another clue. Manipulate the object right to find more information on it. That’s all the clues, run up the path to the ambulance to speak with the driver of the crashed car, June Ballard.
    4. Person of Interest: June Ballard
    5. Q: Doping allegation – A: Doubt
    6. Q: Injured female passenger – A: Lie –> Underwear
    7. Q: Fake shrunken head – A: Doubt
    8. Q: Suspect ‘Mark Bishop’ – A: Doubt
    9. That’s everything from June Ballard. Take your care to Central Receiving Hospital to talk with Jessica. Enter the hospital, the nurse at the front desk will point you in the right direction.
    10. Before speaking with Jessica, check her medical report. It’s hanging off the frame of her bed. Now, go ahead and start talking with her.
    11. Person of Interest: Jessica Hamilton
    12. Q: Crash incident report – A: Lie –> Underwear
    13. Q: Contact with parents – A: Lie –> Letter from mother
    14. Q: Association with Bishop – A: Doubt
    15. Q: Evidence of criminal abuse – A: Truth
    16. As you leave, you’ll start a new challenge: following June Ballard. Tailing people requires finesse, keep far away and don’t drive in a way that’ll make you noticed. Crashing into cars, hitting pedestrians or city property, turning on your siren, driving on the wrong side of the road or on the sidewalk will all get you noticed. If you’re noticed, stop what you’re doing right away and wait for the car you’re tailing to move ahead.
    17. Trail her until she gets out at a restaurant. Take cover at the door and wait for her to start using the phone. Once she’s using the phone, enter the diner and look left for a booth with a newspaper. Use the booth to go incognito and listen in on June’s conversation.
    18. You now have a new location, Bishop’s Apartment. Set it as your next destination and drive there. Inside, talk to the man at the desk to get directions to his apartment. Take the elevator up, and turn left.
    19. The apartment is ransacked. Before talking with Mrs. Bishop, search the area for clues. Ahead, look at the saddle for your first clue. Enter the room left of the saddle On the floor, near the dressers, you’ll find a large check.
    20. Leave the room and look at the picture frame in the living room. Enter the kitchen to check out a replica prop, and look at the picture just left of it. That’s all the clues, not talk with Gloria Bishop.
    21. Person of Interest: Gloria Bishop
    22. Q: Domestic disturbance – A: Doubt
    23. Q: Whereabouts of Bishop – A: Truth
    24. Q: Check for $20,000 – A: Lie –> $20,000 Check
    25. Q: Abuse of Jessica Hamilton – A: Doubt
    26. After the interrogation, use the telephone to find a location for Silver Screen Props. That’s your next destination, so hotfoot it over there.
    27. Entering Silver Screen Props, you’ll speak with Marlon Hopgood. He’ll lead you to the soundstage in the back. Follow him there and start searching for clues.
    28. Start by searching the metal shelves for drugs. Manipulate diagonally up and right to get a good look at the dope.
    29. Search the mirror next to find the camera on the other side. You’ll want to find a way into the secret room, head outside and circle around the soundstage exterior.
    30. Outside, look on the paint-stained tables. You’ll find another newspaper to the right, and clues to the left. Search and manipulate both shrunken heads.
    31. Look left from the heads to find a false wall. Kick it down and enter the building. Inside, look at the film can, manipulating it right to look at the label. To the right of the first film can is another. Pick it up and open it.
    32. That’s all the clues, go ahead and talk to Hopgood now.
    33. Person of Interest: Marlon Hopgood
    34. Q: Association with Bishop – A: Lie –> Empty film canister
    35. Q: Whereabouts of Biship – A: Truth
    36. Q: Relationship with Ballard – A: Lie –> Evidence of Blackmail
    37. That finishes the investigation. Outside, you’ll meet a couple of gangster. They’ll chase you and open fire. Stay to the left of the car you’re chasing, sideswipe the tires, and let your partner shoot their tires. Drive on the left side of the cars your chasing and being chased by to keep from taking too many bullets.
    38. After those guys are taken care of, drive to the movie set to find Bishop. He’ll make a run for it, chase him through the movie set. As he runs to the top floors, things will become more dangerous for you. Reaching a long stretch of wooden gangway, the planks will fall apart. When the set breaks down, make sure you don’t stop running.
    39. Climb the ladder up and chase him over the falling floor. Turning left, he’ll run ahead and the planks will drop as he crosses them. Run on the left side and make two jumps instead of following his path. The rest of the way you’ll be clear to follow him.
    40. Finding him, gangsters will show up on the scene to kill Bishop. Climb down the ladder to engage the bad guys and protect Bishop. Shoot the gangster and take his rifle. Run down the stairs after Bishop, but quickly take cover – these guys are armed with submachine guns. Shoot the red barrels near their cover to blow them up.
    41. Keep the rifle and jump with Bishop down to a raised platform. Take cover, on the far end of the stage two bad guys will take pot shots at you. Put them down, looking out for one goon near the large fake statue on the same platform as you.
    42. Move forward, there’s one goon shooting from the top center of the stage. Take him out and move on. At the far end of the platform, two goons will pop out and shoot at you from the gantry ahead. Shoot the red barrels near the man above, and shoot the second guy on the same level as you while he runs by.
    43. Now, jump onto the ladder inside the statue to get back to the ground floor. Slide down another ladder and run out into the open area with your partner. Take cover and look up and to the right. Barrels are strewn about the elephant statue. Shoot the barrels to drop the statue on the group of gangsters below.
    44. Take cover in the following arena and start shooting bad guys. One at the far end is armed with a submachine gun, and should be your first target if you can hit him accurately. Otherwise, finish off the guy closer by.
    45. Run through a tunnel to reach the final area, the entrance of the set. Gangsters are hiding behind their cars as regular cops join the mix. Take cover behind the wooden frames and defeat the last gangsters.
    46. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: Paved With Good Intentions – Complete all cases on the Traffic desk.

    Homicide Desk

    The Red Lipstick Murder

    1. A new desk, a new partner, a new suit and a new murder investigation are all your’s. Head down to the murder scene.
    2. Talk with the patrolman. Move on to speak with the coroner after that.
    3. At the crime scene, look at the victim’s body. Look at the torso for a clue, then check the victim’s head. Check the right hand of the body, as well. Manipulate the hand and the head to discover more about the victim.
    4. Look at the shoeprints ahead of the body for a clue. Check the victim’s personal effects near the body, the brush is useless, so open the bag and further investigate the lipstick.
    5. To the left of her personal effects, behind a tree, pick up the globe puzzle. To solve it, move the third layer from the top left twice. Move the second layer from the top right once. Move the top layer left twice. Inside the game is a clue.
    6. That’s it for the crime scene. Drive to the Bamba Club and talk with the barman. He’ll point you to the owner at the back of the club. You can’t miss him, he’s in the very last booth.
    7. Person of Interest: Dick McColl
    8. Q: Suspect seen with victim – A: Truth
    9. Q: Ring stolen from victim – A: Doubt
    10. Q: Knowledge of husban – A: Doubt
    11. Achivement/Trophy Unlocked: Round Heels – At the Bamba Club, get Dick McColl to give up the license plate of Celine Henry’s male companion.
    12. Use the phone before you leave. Your next location is the Henry Residence.
    13. Knock on the door, and after a cutscene you’ll get inside to start collected clues. Step inside to find another newspaper. Look in the dining room for a woman’s shoe, manipulate it right to find the shoe size.
    14. Look in the kitchen for a note on the refrigerator. Turn around to look at the broken window. Another clue is in the bedroom, on a dresser. Investigate the jewelry case.
    15. For the last clue, step outside the front door to witness a neighbor returning home. Check behind the blue hour next door, search for the blue dot to find and speak with the neighbor. Take off for Jacob Henry’s Apartment.
    16. Kick down the door of Jacob’s apartment and start looking for clues. Enter the bedroom and look at the shoes in the open case on his bed. Check the size before putting them down.
    17. Look on the kitchen counter for a note. It looks blank, but use the pencil to uncover a secret message. Keep uncovering the message until Phelps comments. That’s all the clues. Now talk to Jacob Henry.
    18. Person of Interest: Jacob Henry
    19. Q: Movements of victim – A: Lie –> Bamba Club lighter
    20. Q: Last contact with victim – A: Truth
    21. Q: Motive for murder – A: Lie –> Death threat note
    22. Beat up Mr. Henry after he attacks to arrest him. Use the apartment phone to call the station. With Mr. Henry arrested, your next goal is to interrogate him at Central Station.
    23. Person of Interest: Jacob Henry
    24. Q: Access to murder weapon – A: Lie –> Husband’s alibi
    25. Q: Lipstick markings – A: Truth
    26. Q: Deterioration of marriage – A: Lie –> Marital problems
    27. Q: Missing jewelry – A: Truth
    28. That’s it for Henry Jacob. Time to investigate another lead – drive to Mendez’s Apartment.
    29. At the apartment, check the mailboxes to find Mendez’ apartment number – number 16. Run to the top floor and kick in the door at the back of the hall.
    30. Look in the apartment bedroom and check the shoes. Near the bed, you’ll find a bloody box. Check it, pick up the used lipstick and manipulate it right. Finally, look at the bloody wrench and manipulate it left.
    31. Step out of the bedroom to chase Mendez. He’ll slide down a drainpipe and get into his car after running and jumping across several rooftops. Run after his car as your partner swerves into view. Take the driver’s seat and chase Mendez.
    32. Once Mendez’s car crashes, get out to arrest him and finish the case.

    The Golden Butterfly

    1. Another crime, another crime scene. Speak with the first reporting office, he’ll lead you to the body.
    2. Meet with the coroner, then examine the victim. Check the head to find evidence of strangulation, check both of her hands to find evidence of missing jewelry, and finally check her torso.
    3. Look near the victim for personal effects. Open the handbag and check the nametag followed by the cash. Look for the ‘B’ marker to look at the shoeprints. That’s all the evidence you’ll find. Leave the scene for the Moller Residence.
    4. Arriving at the Moller Residence, you’ll talk with the victim’s daughter. Step inside, and start searching the home. Enter the master bedroom to start the search.
    5. On the dresser, open both jewelry cases for more evidence of missing jewelry. To the left of the dresser are two work boots, pick one up and look for the size.
    6. Speak with Michelle Moller now that your clue hunt is over.
    7. Person of Interest: Michelle Moller
    8. Q: Last contact with victim – A: Doubt
    9. Q: Missing watch and rings – A: Truth
    10. Q: State of parent’s marriage – A: Doubt
    11. Finishing her talk, Hugo Moller will arrive and you’ll start interrogating him.
    12. Q: Footprints at crime scene – A: Lie –> Size eight work boots
    13. Q: Alibi for Hugo Moller – A: Lie –> Husband’s alibi
    14. Q: Missing persons report – A: Doubt
    15. Q: History of violence – A: Butterfly brooch
    16. As you leave, the neighbor will wave you down. Cross the street to speak with her. She’ll point out that Mr. Moller is burning something, so give chase. Run after him, if you get close enough, tap ‘A’ or ‘X’ to tackle him.
    17. Now that he’s arrested, look in the incinerator. Pick up the boot and look at the shoesize to find blood. Before leaving, use the phone on the sidewalk to get the address for Belmont High.
    18. Before going to Belmont High, go to the Central Morgue instead. Speak with the coroner in the autopsy room. Look on the bench and pick up the thickest rope, the bottom of the three. Manipulate it up to discover a clue. Look right of the ropes and check out the shoeprint molds.
    19. Take a look at the body, and you’re finished here. Stop by the phone in the morgue before taking off for Belmont High.
    20. At Belmont High, you’ll talk to the janitor. He’ll point out a creeper hanging around the school, you’ll have to chase him down. After capturing him, you’ll find the Butterfly brooch in Eli’s pockets and arrest him.
    21. Now you can investigate the car. Open the trunk and pick up the bloody rope. Pick up the bloody tool and look at the bloody overalls. Noticing a pattern? That’s all the evidence here, find a phone to call Central Station before driving back for interrogations.
    22. You can talk with and charge either of the next two culprits for the crime. Moller is in Interrogation 1 while Rooney is in Interrogation 2.
    23. Person of Interest: Eli Rooney
    24. Q: Footprints at crime scene – A: Doubt
    25. Q: Place of employment – A: Doubt
    26. Q: Access to braided rope – A: Truth
    27. Q: Motive for Moller Murder – A: Doubt
    28. Person of Interest: Hugo Moller
    29. Q: Disposal of evidence – A: Truth
    30. Q: Access to braided rope – A: Doubt
    31. Q: Access to tire iron – A: Lie –> Bloody tire iron
    32. Q: Victim’s vehicle recovered – A: Lie –> Overalls
    33. If you don’t convict either suspect, you’ll need to chase down one of them and make an arrest as they leave the station.

    The Silk Stocking Murder

    1. This crime scene is unlike the rest. Start examining the body, check the torso, the head, and both hands. Behind the body, in the shadow of the tree, you’ll find a stocking marked ‘A’.
    2. Follow the blood trail next. A hat is laying on the ground where the blood trail changes direction. Pick it up and examine it for a name. Follow the bloodtrail up the hill to a trashbin. Pick up the shoe and look for blood.
    3. Keep following the trail to a red pipe. Investigate the pipe to find a key on a string. Continuing down the trail pick up the dot pattern note on the ground. Now, climb the fire escape to the roof.
    4. Inside the pigeon cage, you’ll find an empty letter. Jump down to the lower roof, and pick up a compact before climbing a drainpipe up. Look at the vent to find a bloody ring. Climb up, and investigate the bucket of blood and brush. Finally, near the ledge, pick up the handbag and open it. Inside is the other half of the library card, complete with a name and address.
    5. Returning to your ride, follow your only lead to Antonia’s Residence. Knock on the door and speak with the housekeeper. Go upstairs and find her apartment to your left.
    6. Investigate the letter in Antonia’s suitcase. Next, look at the framed picture in her dresser. Check the broken window, and open it to step outside and find the iron picket. Return downstairs to interrogate the housekeeper in the parlor.
    7. Person of Interest: Barbara Lapenti
    8. Q: Possible suspects – A: Truth
    9. Q: Movements of victim – A: Doubt
    10. Q: Evidence of break-in – A: Lie –> broken window / iron picket
    11. Q: Breakdown of marriage – A: Lie –> Charm bracelet photograph
    12. That’s all for her. You can go to the Maldonado Residence or the El Dorado Bar. Start with the Maldonado Residence.
    13. Check the mailboxes to find his apartment – number 304. Head to the third floor to break in. You’ll have to fight Angel and his brother in a fist fight. After the fight, they’ll be taken away. Search the apartment.
    14. In the kitchen, check out the bloody shirt hanging on the wall. Look at both bloodstains, then look inside the fruit crate in the corner. If you don’t want to canvas the whole floor, just knock on apartment 302 for some useful testimony.
    15. Next, get in your car and take off for the Central Police Station. At the station, step into the basement to examine new evidence. Read both papers to provide new insight into the case. After that, interview Angel.
    16. Person of Interest: Angel Maldonado
    17. Q: Last contact with victim – A: Lie –> Husband’s alibi
    18. Q: Divorce proceedings – A: Lie –> Attorney’s letter / Divorce papers
    19. Q: Jewelry taken from body – A: Truth
    20. Q: Bloodstained shirt found – A: Doubt
    21. Now’s the time to look at the El Dorado Bar. Talk with the tender there and interrogate him. He’ll hand you the Maldonado divorce papers.
    22. Person of Interest: Diego Aguilar
    23. Q: Missing jewelry – A: Doubt
    24. Q: Movements of victim – A: Truth
    25. Take off for the fruit market, it’s close by, but drive anyway. Speak with Clem Feeney, the man behind the counter at the back of the market.
    26. Person of Interest: Clem Feeney
    27. Q: Distinctive necklace – A: Doubt
    28. Q: Contact with victim – A: Doubt
    29. Q: Movements of victim – A: Truth
    30. Check the back room, look under the lamp on the desk to find a bloody scalpel. Look in the file drawer for a wooden jewelry box needing a combination. Check the dot pattern note to find the combination – 2, 5, 3.
    31. Clem makes a run for it, you’ll chase him by car, and Clem is a wild driver. Keep after him and run him off the road to make an arrest.

    The White Shoe Slaying

    1. The murders just keep coming. At the crime scene, you’ll start talking with the coroner right away. Check the body, you only need to examine her head this time to find a dry-cleaning label. Next, check the marked boot prints and the tire tracks further off.
    2. As you leave the scene, a cop will bring in a witness. Talk with her!
    3. Person of Interest: Catherine Barton
    4. Q: Suspicious persons – A: Truth
    5. Before taking off, use the nearby phone. You’ll get an address for the laundry service. That’s your next destination.
    6. Talk with the man at the desk of Superior Laundry Services to look at his ledger. Open the ledger and tap the address marked on the same line as “1 x Green Silk Dress”. Now you have a name and address for the victim. That makes 43 Emerald Street your next stop.
    7. Knock on the door to speak with Mr. Taraldsen. Take a look around his home before speaking with him.
    8. Start looking in the master bedroom, on the dress. Pick up the matchbook to get a name of a bar. Walk through the kitchen to look inside the laundry room. Open the handbag and look at both of the contents. Look at the wet shirt, and check the wet boots.
    9. Step outside and look for a boat near the house. A rope is hanging from the bow, take a look to find your last clue. Use the phone inside Lars’ home before speaking with him again.
    10. Person of Interest: Lars Taraldsen
    11. Q: Possible suspects – A: Lie –> Bow rope
    12. Q: Alibi for Lars Taraldsen – A: Doubt
    13. Q: Victim’s state of mind – A: Doubt
    14. Q: Last contact with victim – A: Lie –> Wet jacket / Muddy boots
    15. Next stop: Baron’s Bar. Step inside and speak with the bartender.
    16. Person of Interest: Benny Cluff
    17. Q: Last contact with victim – A: Truth
    18. Q: Vagrant male suspect – A: Doubt
    19. Q: Yellow Cab 3591 – A: Truth
    20. The bartender points you to a man in a red polo. Try to talk to him and he runs for it. He’ll run out infront of a car before jumping into his own. Get into the abandoned vehicle and chase the suspect. When you finally corner him, you’ll interrogate the idiot.
    21. Person of Interest: Richard Bates
    22. Q: Contact with victim – A: Doubt
    23. Q: Account of movements – A: Doubt
    24. Before leaving, find a phone and call in. Get in your car to start tracing the Yellow Cab. Follow the flag markers until you can pull the cab over and speak with the driver. Now you can return to the Central Police Station to interrogate your sailor.
    25. Person of Interest: James Jessop
    26. Q: Contact with victim – A: Doubt
    27. Q: Incident with Bates – A: Doubt
    28. Q: Movements prior to murder – A: Doubt
    29. Q: Cab ride with victim – A: Doubt
    30. Check out the bus story before confronting the hobos. Speak with the woman at the ticket counter to look at the bus route. Looking at the route will imprint a red outline on your map, follow it until you find a bus. Pull it over to speak with the driver.
    31. That’s your last clue. Go to the Hobo Camp. You’ll have to fight their leader. Beat him up and he’ll be arrested, giving you the chance to look inside his lean-to.
    32. Inside the lean-to, you’ll find a newspaper right away. Check the nightstand for a bloody length of rope. Check the coin purse next, and open it for a ticket. Last, find a picture of Ackerman during the war.
    33. That’s it for the Hobo Camp, return to the Central Police Station and interoggate the bum. He’s waiting in Interview Room 1.
    34. Person of Interest: Stuart Ackerman
    35. Q: Motive for murder – A: Lie –> Bloodstained rope piece
    36. Q: Contact with victim – A: Doubt
    37. Q: Alibi for Stuart Ackerman – A: Lie –> Purse
    38. With that interrogation done, you’ve completed another suspicious murder investigation.

    The Studio Secretary Murder

    1. Don’t take off for the crime scene just yet. Stop at the pawnbroker and take a look at the rings. Manipulate both rings to discover clues. With that business finished, go to the railyard to check out a new crime scene.
    2. As you near the train depot, follow the cop car around to the scene of the murder. There, you’ll have the option to speak with two witnesses. Talk to the coroner first and start examining the body. Examine her left hand and head.
    3. Check the evidence strewn onto a yellow mat. Open the handbag and examine both papers. Check the matchbook and the chit next. Talk to the first witness, nearest your car, before talking to Jamison.
    4. Person of Interest: John Ferdinand Jamison
    5. Q: Interference with evidence – A: Truth
    6. Q: Discovery of victim’s body – A: Doubt
    7. That’s it for the crimescene. Use the phone nearby to get an address on Levine’s Liquor. Go to Mensch’s Bar next, you can visit Levine’s later.
    8. Arriving at Mensch’s Bar, the bartender will tell you to ask around the bar. Talk to the man near the entrance first to get him out of the way. Now, talk to the man reading in a booth.
    9. Person of Interest: Grosvenor McCaffrey
    10. Q: Last contact with victim – A: Doubt
    11. Q: Criminal history – A: Doubt
    12. That’s all you’re getting out of McCaffrey for now. Now it’s time to talk with the owner of Levine’s Liquor Store.
    13. At Levine’s, the owner will lead you to the back of the store to look through her stuff. Follow him to a bed and search for clues. Near her bed is a picture frame and a book. Look at the book and open it for a clue. Now, talk to the owner.
    14. Person of Interset: Walter Robbins
    15. Q: Contact with victim – A: Truth
    16. Q: Relationship with victim – A: Truth
    17. Q: Knowledge of McCaffrey – A: Doubt
    18. Don’t return to the station or use a telephone, instead head straight back to Mensch’s Bar. If you do anything else, you’ll miss McCaffrey.
    19. Person of Interest: Grosvenor McCaffrey
    20. Q: Relationship with victim – A: Lie –> Book
    21. Now you can return to the Central Police Station for an update. Go downstairs, talk to the investigators, then make a phone call to get Grosvenor McCaffrey’s address before leaving.
    22. Hit up Rawling’s Bowling Alley next. The old lady will point out Tiernan, who will run the minute you step into the back of the alley. After the cutscene, you’ll be chasing him by car, stick close and watch out as he squeezes through narrow passages.
    23. Time to check out McCaffrey’s apartment. Look at the mailboxes for a number – 6. Take the stairs up to level two and turn left. Nobody’s home, so kick the door in and collect clues. Stop to discover the torn letter before looking at the bloody shirt. Look in the living room on the floor for a bloody shirt and tire iron.
    24. McCaffrey’s neighbow will point you to the roof to find him. Take the stairs up to the top floor and turn right use the maintenance stairs to reach the roof. Like everyone else, McCaffrey will run for it.
    25. With both suspects arrested, return to Central and start interrogating. Start with Tiernan first, he’s in room 1.
    26. Person of Interest: James Tiernan
    27. Q: Relationship with victim – A: Lie –> Victim last seen
    28. Q: Victim’s book found – A: Doubt
    29. Q: Alibi for James Tiernan – A: Lie –> Liquor purchase
    30. Q: Access to murder weapon – A: Doubt
    31. Don’t charge anyone yet. Instead, talk to McCaffrey.
    32. Person of Interest: Grosvenor McCaffrey
    33. Q: Alibi for McCaffrey – A: Lie –> Torn letter
    34. Q: Access to tire iron – A: Lie –> Tiernan’s accusation
    35. Now’s your chance to talk to Tiernan again. Use the phone before you do to get more evidence on McCaffrey.
    36. Person of Interest: James Tiernan
    37. Q: Events prior to murder – A: Lie –> McCaffrey’s accusation
    38. Charge him, or confront McCaffrey one last time.
    39. Person of Interest: Grosvenor McCaffrey
    40. Q: Military service – A: Lie –> McCaffrey’s criminal record
    41. Charge one of the suspects to finish this case.

    The Quarter Moon Murders

    1. Now’s the time to catch the real serial killer in this mystery. Read all three letters. Each stanza of the poem is a clue to your next location. For this case, you’ll be chasing clues across the city.
    2. Pershing Square is your first location. Climb the fountain to find a new clue letter and a social security card. The stanza describes another location, open your map and set the Hall of Records as your next location.
    3. Enter the Hall of Records and talk to the security guard. Run up the stairs, following Rusty to the maintenance room leading up to the chandelier. To reach the chandelier you’ll have to talk the tightrope.
    4. Walking on the tightrope is tricky at first, just take your time. Take one step, then adjust your balance while standing still. Don’t try to adjust your balance while walking, you’ll just slip and fall. On the chandelier, read the next clue poem and look at the watch.
    5. After investigating the evidence, the ropes holding the chandelier up will snap. Sway left and right with the curve of the swinging chandelier to jump to safety.
    6. Set the LA Public Library as your next destination. You’re platforming now, climb the tall drainage pipe to the roof. Climb up to the topmost roof, you’ll circle the obelisk as you climb up, over, and acrosss, just continue forward and you’ll find the top.
    7. Run to the opposite corner to find a medallion and a letter. The Westlake Tar Pits is your next stop on this clue hunt.
    8. You’ll have to wade through the tar this time. Wooden boardss will hold you up, but not for long. Follow the path left or right, either way you’ll reach the island in the center. Keep your camera tilted up to look down on the tar to see which direction the boardss leads. Don’t stop and you’ll be fine.
    9. On the island, look at both clues and you’ll be thankfully saved by Rusty on a boat. Your next stop is the LA County Art Museum.
    10. The clues are hidden in the center of a hedge maze. As you enter the museum ground, follow the blue signs to the maze. To find the center, follow these turns: left, right, left, right, right, right, right, left, left, left, right, right, left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right, right, right.
    11. Pick up the note and the evidence to teleport out of this maze. You have yet another location to search; the Intolerance Set. Yep, the same set you chased down a scumbag and shot a ton of mobsters.
    12. Run to the back of the set and climb the huge staircase. You need to reach the throne. At the top of the stairs, you’ll jump to one of the huge pillars. The pillar will crumble and tip in different directions. Balance the tipping pillar by standing whichever direction is opposite to where it is falling. If it’s tipping left, stand on the right side. Keep it up until Rusty throws down a platform, then tip the pillar in the direction of it – forward.
    13. With that unpleasantness down with, climb the nearby ladder down to the throne and investigate both pieces of evidence. The set will begin to fall apart after checking out the clues, just run forward to escape.
    14. The last location is Christ Crown of Thorns, an abandoned church. Enter through the front doors to confront the killer. He’ll fire on you, and run. Check behind the altar to see his escape route. Enter the house to find a ladder into the catacombs.
    15. The killer is crafty, he’ll take cover behind corners as you chase him into the catacombs. The tunnels are tight, take cover around every corner and blindfire to force him to retreat. You won’t be able to hit him here. Follow him through the tunnels, there’s only one open path through.
    16. He’ll retreat up the ladder and into the graveyard. Take cover in the tomb door and take him out here once and for all.

    Vice Desk

    The Black Caesar

    1. Now you’re in Vice, put on your fancy new suit and take off for a new crime scene. Take the stairs up, turn the corner, and enter the last door on the left. Inside, start searching for clues. There’s plenty of them.
    2. On the floor, infront of the couch, is a wallet and cup of popcorn. Look at the popcorn cup and investigate further. Open the wallet to get a name, and check out the paper numbers slip.
    3. Check the first body on the floor. Search his torso for a wallet. Look at the ID and the paper. Last, check his right arm for injection marks. Search the second body next.
    4. Look on the table. Check out the sheet music, the strange doodle, and another cup of popcorn. Beyond the table is a used and unused syringe of morphine. Look at them both. For your final clue, enter the kitchen and investigate one more popcorn cup. Manipulate it, then investigate further.
    5. Follow your partner across the street and shakedown the Black Caesar stand. The proprietor makes a run for it, of course, so chase him up the drainpipe and onto the roofs. Eventually, he’ll meet up with his brother and you’ll have to engage in some fisticuffs. Fight them both and you’ll be back at Black Caesar’s to investigate.
    6. Inside the food hut, open the cardboard box near the counter. Manipulate the morphine to get a clue. Look right for a case. Pick up the ticket, then check its back side. Pick up the horn mute next and manipulate it until you can investigate further. Now you can talk to Fleetwood.
    7. Person of Interest: Fleetwood Morgan
    8. Q: Morphine overdose victims – A: Lie –> Popcorn cups with morphine
    9. Q: Numbers slips recovered – A: Doubt
    10. Make a call before getting in your car to find the Booking Agency.
    11. Jermaine Jones’ Musical Booking Agency is next up. Check the sign outside to find his office and walk inside. After a talk, look around the office.
    12. Check out the radio in the back and set it to 275 FM. Jones’ thugs will attack, so fight them off. Check out the evidence inside before you start a real interrogation with Jones.
    13. Person of Interest: Jermaine Jones
    14. Q: Army surplus morphine – A: Doubt
    15. Q: Link to Ramez Removals – A: Doubt
    16. Q: Involvement of Ottie – A: Lie –> Distributor identified
    17. Take off for the Numbers Operation. Enter through the back door and take the stairs up. Talk to Merlon and start searching the area.
    18. You only need to check out the slot machine in the back. There’s a code to follow – cherry, bell, and WIN. Turn the crank until you can lock each symbol in the correct sequence. It may take some time, but you’ll find all three eventually.
    19. When the machine opens, check out three clues – the morphine, the numbers slip, and the green label.
    20. Merlon will run, chase him and bring him back to the booking service. Open the handle of the cane to find a note. Now’s your chance to interrogate him.
    21. Person of Interest: Merlon Ottie
    22. Q: Army surplus morphine – A: Finkelstein identified
    23. Q: IOU note from Jose Ramez – A: Truth
    24. After this little chat, make a call to find an address for Ramez Removals. Get over there next. As you arrive, you’ll get into a chase with the truck. Follow them, and look out for the junk they throw. Try to get your partner to shoot out the tires, the truck is slow but tough.
    25. Taking the goons back to the warehouse, you’ll get a chance to investigate. Look on the table to the left for a newspaper. Across from the newspaper, you’ll also find a ledger. Open it and tap the Polar Bear Ice Company entry. Then head back to the ladder past the maze of furniture. Climb the ladder, and turn around to see a lit up device. The device is a crane control.
    26. Use the crane to pick up a crate blocking the door to the freezer. You only need to move the one crate directly infront of the door to get inside. Climb back down and shoot the block of ice containing the crate of morphine. Shoot it until the ice shatters, then inspect the crate. Manipulate the morphine, and you have plenty of evidence.
    27. Outside, an ice company truck will arrive, chase one of the suspects into the warehouse. He’s armed with a shotgun, so be careful. Shoot him down when you can.
    28. Head to the Polar Bear Ice Company. You’ll get into a gunfight right away. Fight your way through the building until you corner their boss. He’ll talk, but pull a gun on you. Shoot him too, and investigate the crates of morphine in the back room. That finishes up this case.

    The Set Up

    1. Kick down the door to the locker room and start searching for clues. Inside, you’ll find another newspaper on a table. The only evidence you need here is in the british boxer’s locker. Look at the paper inside. Get on the phone for an address.
    2. Leave and set the Hotel El Mar as your next destination. Talk to the manager inside to look at his register. Search the register for prominent brits. Find the entry labeled “Winston Churchill” to find the hotel number – 207.
    3. Search for clues. Look on his dresser and search the ripped slip and the chocolates. Look in the trash near the dresser for a note. Check the table to look at an open newspaper, and point at the box in the bottom right corner. The last clue here is on the nightstand.
    4. Take off to check out the Candy Edwards address written on the ad. Step into the office to talk to the woman at the desk, then run upstairs using the exterior stairs to find apartment seven (7). Kick the door and you’ll fight Carlo.
    5. Knock Carlo unconscious, then you’ll be able to search for clues. Check both of Carlo’s pockets, and the dresser for two paper slips. That’s it for the clues, you’ll start interrogating Candy Edwards when she wakes up.
    6. Person of Interest: Candy Edwards
    7. Q: Whereabouts of Hammond – A: Lie –> Magazine coupon
    8. Q: List of odds recovered – A: Lie –> Bookmaker’s odds
    9. Q: Plans to leave town – A: Doubt
    10. After the interrogation, you’ll trail her on foot. This part can be tricky, so keep your distance and stay behind cover when you can. It may seem silly to hide in cover in broad daylight, but as long as Candy doesn’t see you, you’re golden. Keep the camera on her, your safest bet is always to wait for her to turn a corner, then run straight there and watch from the same corner.
    11. Down an alley, you’ll see Candy enter the Thrifty Liquor store, a bookmaker’s place. Go inside and talk to the proprietor. Check the notepad under the phone, and start outlining the note she made. The Examiner Drugstore is your next stop.
    12. At the drugstore, pick up the card by the phone after talking to the owner. Use the phone to put an APB out on the yellow cab. Talk to the owner again for an address on Ray’s Bookmakers.
    13. Arriving at the bookmakers, you’ll spot Candy’s cab. Trail her to the Interstate Bus Depot.
    14. At the depot, step inside and wait by the righthand corner near the entrance. Keep an eye on Candy, she’ll step into the bathroom. After the gunshot, rush into the bathroom.
    15. Investigate the murder scene. Check the pistol and the handbag. That’s all you have to go on, the Egyptian Theatre is your next stop.
    16. Shots are fired inside the theater. A handful of goons armed to the teeth will open fire. Stay behind cover and shoot down the thugs to finish this case.

    The Naked City

    1. Yet another DLC case, this one is based off the 1948 film “The Naked City”. If you want to spoil the case for yourself, check the flick out – or read on!
    2. Like most cases, this one starts at a crime scene. Arriving at Julia Randall’s Apartment, begin the clue hunt.
    3. Start by talking with the coroner. He’ll give you two clues; possible suicide and morphine. Next, look in the first room for pictures, examine them all. Flip the middle picture around and examine it.
    4. Next, search the victim’s body – check both hands and her head to find a ring, bite marks, and bruising.
    5. Inside the bedroom, look for sleeping pills on the nightstand. Check the nightstand for another case of pills as well. Don’t leave the bedroom yet, get a look at the smoking jacket before you go. You can also find a morphine syrette in the trash can in the apartment building’s lobby.
    6. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: A Good-Looking Corpse – Find and inspect all of the narcotics in Julia Randall’s apartment.
    7. With the hunt out of the way, get to the questioning.
    8. Person of Interest: Virginia Reynoldson
    9. Q: Victim’s state of mind – A: Lie –> Sleeping pills
    10. Q: Victim’s personal life – A: Lie –> Men’s smoking jacket
    11. Relationship with victim – A: Doubt
    12. Your next stop is the D’Assine Dress Store. Inside Heather Swanson will show you a pearl ring, and you’ll get your chance to do some interrogation.
    13. Person of Interest: Dress Store Owner
    14. Q: Victim’s employment history – A: Truth
    15. Person of Interest: Heather Swanson
    16. Q: Relationship with victim – A: Truth
    17. Q: Informed of ‘Mr. Henderson’ – A: Truth
    18. Stop by Dr. Stoneman’s Practice to have a little chit-chat with the good doctor.
    19. Person of Interest: Dr. Stoneman
    20. Q: Relationship with victim – A: Lie –> Benzedrine Prescription
    21. Q: Additional medications – A: Doubt
    22. With that out of the way, use a phone before you leave. The call leads you to the Hollywood Receiving Hospital.
    23. At the hospital, speak with the coroner for a clue, and check out the harmonic. You’re going to the Hollywood Police Station to have another chat.
    24. Person of Interest: Henry Arnett
    25. Q: Relationship with victim – A: Doubt
    26. Q: Informed of ‘Mr. Henderson’ – A: Lie –> Housekeeper’s statement
    27. Q: Burglary suspect Leblanc – A: Doubt
    28. After the interrogation, Phelps is still suspicious. You’ll have to follow Arnett in a car and on foot. Be patient and take your time, luckily the game is nice enough to include checkpoint as you follow.
    29. Once you reach your destination, look at the train ticket and the cigarette case. From there, stop by a nearby phone to call in.
    30. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Fakeloo – Tail Henry Arnett from Hollywood Station to the pawnbroker and travel agent without being spotted.
    31. Set Hollywood Ninth Beat as your destination. As you arrive, you’ll have to chase the suspect – ending with a violent shoot-out. Doesn’t it always?
    32. Return to the Hollywood Police Station, there you’ll get a look at a list. Tap these four items; Faberge Gold Cigarette Case, Black Sapphire Ring, Silver Pill Box, and Pearl Ring.
    33. Stop at the Evestrom Residence to speak with Mrs. Evestrom.
    34. Person of Interest: Mrs. Evestrom
    35. Q: List of Stolen Items – A: Lie –> Faberge Cigarette Case
    36. Q: Burglary Incident Report – A: Truth
    37. Now you’ll be driving Ms. Swanson to Arnet”s apartment. Use your siren and drive carefully.
    38. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Chauffeur Service – Escort Heather Swanson to Arnett’s apartment without damaging your vehicle.
    39. At Arnet’s Apartment, look for clues. Both clues are inside his suitcase, take a good look at both and then speak with Arnett.
    40. Person of Interest: Henry Arnett
    41. Q: Professional burglary ring – A: Lie –> Faberge cigarette case
    42. Q: Motive for Randall murder – A: Lie –> Train ticket
    43. Q: Identity of ‘Mr. Henderson’ – A: Lie –> Contraband list
    44. This lengthy case is nearing its conclusion. Drive to Dr. Stoneman’s Practice, when you’re back in control of Cole Phelps, use a phone.
    45. Set Willy’s Apartment as your next destination. Follow Willy to the roof and shoot out the letters of the “Broadway” sign before shooting Willy.
    46. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Give My Regards – Shoot every letter down from the tower at the Broadway Hotel.
    47. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Eight Million Stories – Complete ‘The Naked City’

    Manifest Destiny

    1. Events are coming to a head in Hollywood. Enter the club and start your search. Enter the manager’s office and look at the safe. Enter the club itself and check the body marked at “C” to find a morphine syrette.
    2. Open the trombone case at “B”, and use each of the three mouthpieces to unlock a secret compartment. Pick up the Blue Room pass before leaving the case behind.
    3. Check in the backroom for a crate filled with Valor cigarettes. Manipulate a case of cigs for a clue. Look for three rifles propped up against the wall and examine one.
    4. Finish your investigation at the club by chatted with the hostess.
    5. Person of Interest: The Hostess
    6. Q: 111 Club shooting incident – A: Doubt
    7. Q: Knowledge of McGoldrick – A: Truth
    8. The Blue Room should be your next destination. Take off down the street, and you’ll be talking with Elsa Lichtmann in no time.
    9. Person of Interset: Elsa Lichtmann
    10. Q: Army surplus morphine – A: Doubt
    11. Q: Morphine overdose victims – A: Doubt
    12. Elsa has quite the poker face. Cole Phelps has to make a quick mistake before continuing the investigation. Trail Elsa back to her apartment.
    13. After a short cutscene, you’ll arrive at The Mocambo Club. Step inside and you’ll be show to Cohen.
    14. Person of Interest: Meyer Harris Cohen (Mickey Cohen)
    15. Q: Finkensteil drug operation – A: Doubt
    16. Q: 111 Club shooting incident – A: Doubt
    17. After the discussion, you’ll be back at headquarters. Enter the squadroom to get a look at the ship manifest. Tap each of the listings circled in red.
    18. Next, you’ll have to stop a bus shooting. Take off for the Bus Shooting destination. A man armed with a BAR is shooting from a roof. Move from cover to cover to dodge incoming fire, and run around to the back of the sniper’s building. Climb the fire escape to engage him on the roof.
    19. With the sniper taken down, search the body. Check his left jacket pocket, and the BAR itself. You’ll talk to the bus driver next.
    20. Person of Interest: Felix Alvarro
    21. Q: Informed of Coolridge heist – A: Doubt
    22. Q: Motive for shooting – A: Lie –> Sniper’s pocketbook
    23. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: The Fighting Sixth – At the Bus Shooting, talk Felix Alvarro into giving up the Marines involved in the Coolridge heist.
    24. Stop by a telephone to get an address for Jack Kelso. Drop by his apartment to bring him into the station for questioning.
    25. Person of Interest: Jack Kelso
    26. Q: Army surplus morphine – A: Doubt
    27. Q: Ex-Marine McGoldrick – A: Truth
    28. Q: Arms stolen from Coolridge – A: Truth
    29. Q: SS Coolridge robbery – A: Doubt
    30. Another shooting, set Robert’s Diner as your destination. The suspects will take off, so chase them down and try run them off the road. After a short chase, they’ll crash into an alleyway and jump out of the car to stand their ground. Run to cover and shoot both killers before they shoot you.
    31. Search the closest body and check both of his jacket pockets for clues. Near the second body you can pick up another newspaper.
    32. You have several locations to check out now. Start with the Chinese Theatre to chase down the killers. Once you crash their car, they’ll get out shooting. Kill both, and move onto your next destination – the Hollywood Post Office.
    33. The Post Office is the scene of a large gunfight. Take cover, and wait for your chance to shoot the gangsters inside. After two of them go down, the remaining goons will retreat inside. Shoot the remaining bad guys to attend to the dying victims inside.
    34. You’ll appear infront of the first victim. Search him as he dies, listening to his confession. Take the note in his hand. The second victim is past the teller windows, to the right. Search the victim’s right jacket pocket for another clue.
    35. With the address for the meeting in hand, go there to break it up before Sheldon is killed.
    36. At the meeting place, gangsters are swarming the area. They’re hiding in the alley and on the rooftops, so take your time. After you drop the first two, two more will run to the scene – one of them armed with a tommy gun on the roof. Bad guys with tommy guns are your first priority, just hang behind cover until you’re safe.
    37. Turn right down the alley, another guy armed with a tommy gun is waiting just behind the green building on a fire escape. Two more guys will arrive by car, shoot them as they get out and retreat backwards to find cover.
    38. Ahead, two more guys with tommy guns are waiting on the roof with a third on the ground. Shoot all three, and you’ll recieve a radio call requesting your presence at the Hollywood Police Station. Don’t disappoint them, drive to the Hollywood Police Station and talk to Sheldon.
    39. Person of Interest: Courtney Sheldon
    40. Q: 6th Marines being targeted – A: Lie –> Note
    41. Q: SS Coolridge robbery – A: Lie –> Beckett’s confession
    42. After the interrogation, the case comes to a premature end.
    43. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: No Rest for the Wicked – Complete all cases on the Vice Desk.

    Arson Desk

    The Gas Man

    1. A new desk, a new partner, and a new conspiracy to unravel. Take off for the crime scene to start your investigation. You’ll have two choices; the Steffens House Fire and the Sawyer House Fire.
    2. Steffens House Fire is the first on the list, so it’s as good a start as any. At the scene of the fire, you can speak with the owners, but find some evidence first. Check the left side of the house to find a burnt Instaheat box.
    3. Now you can speak with the family. They’ll give you a prize ticket from Gulliver’s Travel Agency.
    4. Person of Interest: Don Steffens
    5. Q: Travel competition – A: Truth
    6. Q: Suburban Redevelopment – A: Doubt
    7. Stop by the gamebox down the street to make a call. Drop by Gulliver’s Travel Agency next, although you have a few options now.
    8. Inside the travel agency, search the ledger for names. Point out Sawyer and Steffens in the ledger, and you’ll interrogate the employee.
    9. Person of Interest: John Cunningham
    10. Q: Suburban Redevelopment – A: Truth
    11. Q: Promotional travel contest – A: Doubt
    12. Something dirty is stirring in L.A. The Sawyer House Fire is up next. Check the bodies on the mat. Look on the sidewalk around the right side of the house to find a burnt blue regulator valve.
    13. After this clue, you’ll talk to a neighbor and start chasing a suspect. Get after the suspect, he won’t pull any tricks on you. Capture him, and you’ll find another clue.
    14. Drop by Fire Station 32 after checking out the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. You won’t find any new clues at the Fund’s worksite, other than Elysian are investors in the Suburban Redevelopment Fund.
    15. At the Fire Station, you’ll look at the water heater. You need to prove the water heaters can be easily sabotaged. On the table you’ll find three tools; a bunson burner, a regulator valve, and a gas balloon. Place them in this order, from left to right: bunson burner, regulator valve, and gas balloon. When you’re done, turn the red valve.
    16. Stop by the InstaHeat Factory to follow the clue trail. Talk with the receptionist inside, she’ll point you to the boss’ office. Talk to the boss, he’ll provide some insight into the regulator.
    17. Person of Interest: Ivan Rasic
    18. Q: InstaHeat Model 70 – A: Doubt
    19. Q: Heater service history – A: Lie –> Heater serviced by Varley/Ryan
    20. After the questioning, you’ll get a list of InstaHeat service employees. Use the phone in Rasic’s office to get a complete list of criminal suspects. Talk to Rasic again for addresses on all three suspects.
    21. Rasic will lead you to the lockers. Check all three, make sure to check the pamphlets in two and to open the mosquito coil box in Varley’s locker.
    22. Question all three suspects – start with Clemens. You can do these in any order, but two of the suspects will run. Clemens will talk, start there.
    23. Person of Interest: Walter Clemens
    24. Q: Knowledge of Varley – A: Doubt
    25. Q: Employment with Instaheat – A: Doubt
    26. Q: Knowledge of Ryan – A: Lie –> Clemen’s anarchist pamphlet
    27. Go to Varley or Ryan’s worksites next. They aren’t so polite, Varley will run, while Ryan will drive away in his truck. Ryan and Varley will be arrested and taken to the Police Station, interrogate both of them there.
    28. Person of Interest: Matthew Ryan
    29. Q: Anarchist literature – A: Lie –> Ryan’s anarchist pamphlets
    30. Q: InstaHeat Model 70 – A: Lie –> Ivan Rasic’s statement
    31. Q: Suburban Redevelopment – A: Doubt
    32. Q: Attempted murder charge – A: Doubt
    33. Person of Interest: Reginald Varley
    34. Q: Work at Sawyer residence – A: Lie –> Heater serviced by Varley
    35. Q: Suburban Redevelopment – A: Lie –> Walter Clemens’ statement
    36. Q: InstaHeat Model 7 – A: Lie –> Mosquito coils
    37. Charge either of these two guys to complete the case. Charge Ryan for a better star rating.

    A Walk in Elysian Fields

    1. This case is far more grisly than the last. Settle your stomach, and drive to the House Fire destination. The coroner will lead you inside. Lynch will offer some insight into the scene.
    2. Begin your search for answers. Look over the victims. Pick up the picture to get a look at the family, in the same room, marked with a “B”. There will be a short discussion, and Biggs will run outside. Talk to Biggs to calm him down.
    3. You can question the neighbors now. Check around the right side of the house to look at the InstaHeat water heater. Look on the neighbor’s lawn, near the tree. Pick up the cigarette butt and investigate, and look at the boot prints.
    4. For another newspaper, return to the house fire’s lawn, check near the bushes on the right side of the lawn.
    5. Now speak with the neighbor.
    6. Person of Interest: Dudley Forman
    7. Q: Morelli fire witness report – A: Doubt
    8. Q: Suspicious activity – A: Doubt
    9. Q: Planned demolitions – A: Doubt
    10. Q: Promotional travel contest – A: Truth
    11. After the conversation, you’ll get your hands on a paper crane. Open it to discover it was made from an Elysian Fields flyer. The neighbor will give you a complete flyer. Take a look and use a nearby phone for an address on Elysian Fields Developments.
    12. Make a stop at Rancho Escondido. You’ll want to go there before visiting Elyssian Fields Developments. At the burnt development, fight off the angry crowd in a quick fist fight.
    13. After the fight, follow Biggs to the side of one of the burnt buildings. Investigate the bricks for a clue on the poor housing quality.
    14. Now’s your chance to confront Leland Monroe. Drive to Elysian Fields and speak with the woman at the desk. She’ll point you upstairs, talk to the secretary there, and you’ll get your chance to talk with Leland.
    15. Person of Interest: Leland Monroe
    16. Q: Elysian linked to arsons – A: Doubt
    17. Q: Promotional travel contest – A: Lie –> Elysian Fields flyers
    18. Q: Local land acquisitions – A: Doubt
    19. Q: Rancho Escondido fire – A: Lie –> Poor cement quality
    20. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Huckster – At Elysian Fields, outwit Leland Monroe when discussing his developments or advertising campaign.
    21. Finishing the interrogation, Monroe’s secretary will provide a list of waybill contractors. Point to Chapman, the fire-lover you arrested during the previous case. Use the phone to find an address for Chapman, then get over to his apartment.
    22. Search Chapman’s trunk for clues. Open the Moz-Kill box, open the box of ammo, and unfold the flyer. You’ll spot Chapman down the street, he’ll take over the trolley and try to escape.
    23. Chase him, stick to the trolley and look out for crashed cars in the street as Chapman’s trolley plows through traffic. Ram the left side of the trolley until the plate covering the wheels breaks off. Chase him long enough, and Biggs will shoot out the wheels. Once the trolley comes to a halt, Chapman will leave the trolley shooting. Shoot Chapman down to complete the case.

    House of Sticks

    1. The story takes a swerve. After the introduction, look over the settlement letter. Next, move your hand to the corner of the pink slip to read everything in the folder. Tap the schematic and the pink slip to start an interrogation with Ms. Lichtmann.
    2. Person of Interest: Elsa Lichtmann
    3. Q: Disputed claim payout – A: Doubt
    4. Q: Connection to Buchwalkter – A: Doubt
    5. Q: Motive for dispute – A: Truth
    6. Next, stop by Curtis Benson’s office. A young lady will show you the way. Naturally, Benson warns you away from this case.
    7. Make a stop at the Elysian Fields site. Nobody’s here, so step into the office to search for clues. Look at the note on a desk near the entrance, on a second desk are two papers. Read both papers for more information on this conspiracy.
    8. As you leave, the boss will start a fight. Beat him up, and he’ll show you where the Demolished House destination is. Drive there and poke around some. Check around back of the building near a red flag to discover several broken boards. Piece together the bottom board with the broken board to find a new clue.
    9. The boss doesn’t like your discover, and will chase you down on a bulldozer. You’ll have to run a guantlet as he chases you. Jump the first pipes, then take a shot at the bulldozer. Whenever you point your gun at the bulldozer, he’ll slow down to protect himself.
    10. Run down the trench, after every jump or climb, turn around and take a shot at the bulldozer to keep him off you. Be patient and keep the ‘dozer slow to safely escape.
    11. After the chase, get on the phone to find an address to Keystone Film Studios. That’s your next destination. Hop the fence to your right, and look on the loose boards for a receipt. Across from the receipt is a label warning of the inferior quality lumber.
    12. Hop back over the fence to climb the fence inside the studio. Look left for a door into a screening room. Pick up the film canister on the table to find it is empty. Pick up the film reel on the floor, then step to the buckled case sitting upright on the table in the center of the room.
    13. Open the case to find a film projector. It will start playing a film, but the projection is all of. Turn the top dial upright to clean up the image. Turn the bottom dial three times to correct the speed. Finally, flip the switch at the bottom to run the film forward.
    14. The plot is revealed, use the telephone in the security booth to call in this new information.
    15. After the call, your next stop is Elysian Fields Site Two. A light is flashing in the unfinished house across the street. Enter into the top floor room to be confronted by three thugs. Beat them up, until the three gang up on you.
    16. The goons throw you into the trunk of a car. As they drive, Kelso will open the trunk and make a run for it. Run forward down the alley towards a stopped car. Steal it and drive towards your yellow flag marker. Use alleys and narrows street, or simply run the cars off the road as they chase you.
    17. Reach Elsa’s apartment to complete Jack Kelso’s first case.

    A Polite Invitation

    1. Jack Kelso is official now. Your first objective is clear – pay a visit to your old boss, Curtis Benson. He’s wrapped up in this dirty business, and he has answers. Benson’s apartment is up the stairs, Apartment 2.
    2. Benson will sit down. Look on Curtis’ desk and his glass table for two clues. Step into the bedroom to find a surprise. Now you can interrogate your boss.
    3. Person of Interest: Curtis Benson
    4. Q: Motive for fraud – A: Lie –> Share certificates
    5. Q: Suburban Redevelopment – A: Lie –> Insurance agreement
    6. Q: Buchwalkter case settlement – A: Doubt
    7. Return to your old work place. California Fire & Life should be your next destination. Use the elevator and turn right to enter your office. Open the file, tap the latitude and longitude on the schematics, then tap the improved land value listed on the pink slip.
    8. Back in control of Jack Kelso, you’ll arrive at the Hall of Records. Look up to notice that the chandelier has not been replaced. Walk upstairs one floor and follow the blue sign to the Land Registry Office.
    9. The man at the desk will walk you through the many steps to learning more about this scheme. He’ll lead you to the ‘S’ shelves, remove the Company Register and search for the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. Under the shareholders listing, tap Courtney Sheldon’s name.
    10. The government employee will show you to a machine. Set the latitude to 34″ 04′ 29, and set the longitude to 118″ 17′ 58.
    11. That leads you to lot number of 1876988. Divide that lot number by 90,000 using the adding machine. Pull the bronze handle to get a resut; 20. “A” equals 0, so add 1 to your result. 21 corresponds to the letter “U”.
    12. Step up to the “U” book case and look through the Land Value Record Book. Look for lot number 1876988. Tap the listing, and some unwanted guests will barge in.
    13. Shoot down the handful of goons taking cover around the room. Becareful, one of them armed with a shotgun will try to flank you to the right.
    14. Take out the trash, after the cutscenes, Jack Kelso will return to his apartment. Pick up the phone. After the conversation, set Leland Monroe’s Mansion as your next destination.
    15. You aren’t going into this alone. Your friends will wait for you to fire before attacking. Wait for one of Monroe’s thugs to stand out in the open, then take him down. That’s when the firefight begins. More armed thugs will take cover ahead of the mansion, keep putting them down as you move forward. Stay in cover and don’t get ahead of your allies.
    16. Enter the door with the golden handle to get inside the mansion. From this point on, you’re going alone. The mansion is filled with more thugs, so take it slow. Right as you open the door inside, two thugs will take cover. Shoot them down and move on.
    17. Open one of the two double doors beyond the stuffed grizzly bear. A guy is waiting with a pistol, blast him and exit through the doors he was guarding. After dealing with Monroe’s secretary, move through the fireplace lit study and exit into the marble corridor.
    18. In the corridor, two guys are waiting behind cover. As you head toward the stairs, turn and look up. Two more guys are waiting to shoot down at you. Upstairs, move into the right lit hallway and enter the bathroom. Step into Monroe’s office for a chat.
    19. Look on Monroe’s desk for a clue. Tap a name, then look at the table behind the desk for a newspaper (Make sure to watch the story behind the headline.) there’s a picture of the conspirators next to the paper. Open the safe, and investigate all three pieces of evidence inside.
    20. With all the evidence discovered, you’ve closed another case.

    Nicholson Electroplating

    1. An explosion kicks off this kinetic case, drive towards the site of the danger. Take off down the road and hang a turn left, try to avoid the fleeing pedestrians on foot and in vehicles.
    2. Follow the police cars hurrying to the scene, you’ll have to deal with looters as you arrive. Two looters are making a run for it, armed with pistosl. Chase them or start shooting now, neither of these guys are going to give up without a fight.
    3. The looters will run down the street and turn right, one of the looters will take cover behind the second truck stopped on the street. Shoot him down and chase his friend into the alley behind a blue building just ahead. He’ll stop at a dead-end and fight to the death.
    4. When the looters are dealt with, Phelps and Biggs will return to the scene of the explosion. Enter the factory where you’ll speak with Ray Pinker before beginning your search for clues.
    5. You’ll need to find four important clues here. Walk past the television crew deeper into the plant, where you’ll find a fork in the road. Turn right and head down the path until a cop calls you over.
    6. Investigate the airplane part, and turn the thumbstick right until the letters align to form a message. That’s your first clue, return to the fork in the wreckage.
    7. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Nose Knows – Find and inspect the prop spinner at the Nicholson blast site.
    8. Back at the fork, take the left path. Biggs will point out a scrap of cloth on the ground just at the entrance to the left path. Pick it up and investigate for a clue.
    9. Continue down the left path until a cop calls you over to a locker. Look inside and open the briefcase. The briefcase itself is filled with clues. Look at the tiny gray rectangle – a spy camera – first. Next, look at the gold earring; Phelps will pocket it for later use. Check out the blue card too.
    10. Lastly, investigate the bronze ring. Start solving the puzzle by matching the cypher key – H=K. Move the outer ring until H is below the red pointer, then move the inner ring until K is below the red pointer.
    11. The cypher key is now set. Move the outer ring to match the letters circled in red to spell out an address. Move the ring to “KSBOJLKQ XSB”, one letter at a time to complete the puzzle.
    12. With all the clues, return to the factory entrance where you’ll talk to the owner.
    13. Person of Interest: Fred Nicholson
    14. Q: Nicholson plant explosion – A: Doubt
    15. Q: Whereabouts of Okamoto – A: Lie –> Spy camera / Espionage
    16. Q: Whereabouts of McLellan – A: Doubt
    17. Finishing up the conversation, get in your car. You have two options; Superior Laundry and the Deciphered Address. Because we don’t have an address for Superior Laundry, set the Deciphered Address as your next destination.
    18. At the appartments, do what you always do and look for a number on the mail box. Up stairs, you’ll find the apartment door open. Inside, start checking the place out for clues.
    19. Look on the floor near the fireplace, manipulate it to look at the tie pin. Towards the bedroom is a bloodstain, ignore that and go inside, look on the dresser for a matching earring.
    20. Enter the kitchen and open the refridgerator door. Investigate the body’s face, and both hands. That’s all the clues here. Biggs will use the phone to call the cops, when he’s finished up, use the phone yourself.
    21. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Skeletons in the Icebox – Find and inspect all clues inside Okamoto’s ransacked apartment.
    22. Return to your car and set Superior Laundry Services as your next destination. Step up to the counter, the proprietor will give you a ledger to search through. Tap on the listing numbered “J2620″ for a clue. Use the phone on your way out.
    23. Set Hughes Aircraft as your destination after returning to the car. You’ll be stopped at the gate, but Mapes will lead you inside, follow him and park nearby.
    24. Get out of the car and Mapes will lead you into the hangar. As you enter the hangar, you’ll start questioning Mapes.
    25. Person of Interest: Vernon Mapes
    26. Q: Nicholson plant explosion – A: Doubt
    27. Q: Knowledge of Okamoto – A: Doubt
    28. Q: Knowledge of McLellan – A: Lie –> Prop spinner
    29. Time to hunt for clues. Head towards the front end of the plane. Investigate the blue drums near the steps into the hull. Take the stairs up and use the ladder to get inside the cockpit of the aircraft.
    30. Investigate the blue board to find a note. Pick up the note, then step up to the charting device close by. Set the latitude to 2415 and the longitude to 7600, adjust latitude with the [Left Thumbstick] and longitude with the [Right Thumbstick].
    31. Leave the aircraft, and head down to the back right corner of the hangar. A worker will speak with you about the prop spinner he’s working on. Cole will automatically look at the inside and discover a clue. Back out to put the spinner in place.
    32. Return to the corner you began in, and take the stairs up to find Mapes’ office. Biggs will lead you inside. Look on the desk in the back of the office where two picture frames have been placed. Investigate both photographs for clues.
    33. The Wilshire Police Station is your next destination. Talk to the man at the front desk, he’ll tell you to meet with Ray Pinker in the basement. Talk to Ray and start investigating the photographs.
    34. The first photograph is of Cole! Continue on, no clues here. On the second photo, look closely at the man’s wristwatch. On the third photo, look closely at Mapes’ tie pin. Zoom in on the fourth photo, you’re not looking for anything specific here. On the sixth photo, zoom in on the two men. On the last photograph, zoom in on the door number.
    35. Ray Pinker will call you over. Use the dropper on each of the three bottles to a surprise. Before leaving, look on the desk opposite the desk with the photos. There’s a piece of expanded microfilm under a magnifying glass. Zoom in for your last clue here.
    36. Return to your car and set the House in Photograph as your destination. Another house broken into, step through the open door and look on the floor at the gas can. Look on the shelf to the left of the dresser for a plane ticket and a passport. Investigate further until you find a photograph in the passport.
    37. The apartment will burst into flames after that discovery – quickly shoot the red gas canister next to the stove inside the kitchen. The wall will explode; follow Biggs into the adjoining apartment where he’ll open a window allowing you both to escape.
    38. Mapes will try to escape in his vehicle, follow him back to the Hughes hangar. This is a tricky chase, Mapes is crafty, and several security cars will show up to shoot at you. Take care of the green security cars as they arrive, but focus on following Mapes.
    39. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Out of the Frying Pan – Pursue Vernon Mapes from the burning house to Hughes Aircraft on your first attempt.
    40. Arriving at Hughes’ hangar, the real fight begins. A group of security men are guarding the entrance as you take cover behind your car. Two security guards are waiting ahead, while two more will arrive by car. Another security guard will enter the scene from behind armed with a shotgun – keep a look out for him.
    41. As you move into the lot, another security car will arrive with two guards. One of the two guards is armed with a submachine gun, take them both out and take the weapon for yourself as you enter the hangar.
    42. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Bulletproof Windshield – Kill the drivers of two of the MP vehicles in the Hughes Aircraft gun battle before they pull up.
    43. Inside the hangar, quickly take cover behind the crates scattered ahead. Security guards will scramble and begin shooting you, one guard is armed with an accurate rifle and shoot from inside the airplane.
    44. As you near the plane, another security guard will run down the stairs with a submachine gun. Around the hull a guard will shoot from the top of a scaffolding – shoot the explosive barrel near him to easily take this guard out.
    45. Rounding the hull and taking cover under the wing, more guards will shoot at you with a variety of weapons while Mapes is hiding in the far back with the deadly BAR. The darkness of the hangar makes the fight a little tricky, so use the cover scattered over the floor to close in on the guards.
    46. Shoot down the last of the security and Mapes to complete the case.
    47. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Big Unfriendly – Complete “Nicholson Electroplating”.

    A Different Kind of War

    1. For your first objective, set Rapid Exterminators as your first location. Stop at each of the three locations in order. Pick up the newspaper on the desk before leaving Rapid Exterminators. You’ll find your lead at Westlake Pest Control.
    2. Discovering a lead, perspectives switch to Dr. Fontaine’s surgery. Follow Rusty to the murder scene. Before stepping into the late Doctor’s office, open the blue cabinet and inspect the morphine. Just as you enter the office, open the file on the table near the door.
    3. Against the bookcase is the bloody crystal ball. Inspect it to get a look at the blood. Look at the Doctor’s body and check his neck for strangulation marks. Look at the newspaper on his desk, then for your final clue, look at the assorted papers there.
    4. On the assorted papers and map, scrape the paper until you can lift the outline. Move both papers over the tracing paper to gain new perspective on the Suburban Redevelopment Fund’s scheme.
    5. The perspective changes again to the Ranch Bunkhouse. Enter the spooky home and look right to find a flamethrower. Step into the room in the back right corner of the house – it’s the one filled with origame cranes.
    6. Check the cranes on the table covered in candles. On the wall, you’ll find hanging schematics just to the left of the cranes. Now look right to find a series of framed pictures, that’s your last clue.
    7. Switching back to Cole Phelps, help Jack Kelso escape the police by chasing him and wrecking the cop cars on his tail. Follow him all the way to the L.A. River tunnels.
    8. When the chase ends, you’ll be inside the tunnels. The underground is swarming with armed thugs. The tunnels are very dark, so watch for muzzle flashes before popping out and shooting your target. Move down the first winding path, until you find a narrow path heading left.
    9. Entering the narrow path, look left as you find water draining in. Jump into the water ahead and walk through the archway, jumping down again. Take cover fast, two guys are waiting down there. Move through the water, ahead another thug will try to climb down the ladder, shoot him and climb the ladder yourself.
    10. Now on dry land, turn around and watch out for the yelling goon. He’ll yell a threat, giving you time to spin around and plug him. Continue into the arched spillway, two guys are waiting behind pipes down the corridor. You’ll hear scream ahead.
    11. Turn and run on the catwalk suspended over the running water pouring into the tunnels below. More guys are waiting in the large room ahead, two on the catwalks and two more with BARs hiding underneath in the concrete tunnels.
    12. Clear the chamber, and head right to find stairs down. Three goons are waiting, at the end of the hall is a cache of military weapons. Take a rifle, a BAR, or a flamethrower. The flamethrower is unique, but only works at fairly close range. If you want to try something new, give the flamethrower a shot.
    13. Climb down the ladder and water will begin to flood the basin. Cross to the opposite side, you can see the bridges by the railings over the water. A guy will shoot at you from the windows above, so becareful.
    14. The water is rising here, move quickly and head straight for the ladder on the opposite corner of the room. All the rushing water also slows you down and makes moving difficult, don’t spend too much time looking for the exit.
    15. Up the ladder, another armed thug will open fire. Moving closer to the steps, another guy will rush down. Take him out and run up, heading into another tunnel to your left. Two shooters will appear on the catwalks.
    16. Make the turn down the hallway to find the arsonist with Elsa. The case is officially closed.
    17. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Moth To A Flame – Complete all cases on the Arson desk.

    Street Crimes Video Walkthroughs

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    37 Comments on LA Noire Walkthrough

    Kasey James

    On May 17, 2011 at 4:25 am

    The videos were SUPEr helpful. Great way to get a good feel of things by watching as I was playing. 9/10 I’d say, a few things were missing and some info left out, but nothing major at all. Also, I would turn up the volume on the mixer for the commentary, at times i would have to strain to hear him over the game’s sound effects.

    Great videos ! Hope to see more soon !

    Thanks a lot guys !


    On May 17, 2011 at 9:34 am

    The walkthrough was great, really helped in solvig the things i think i would have done terribly at. Hope to see more


    On May 17, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Great job, but please dont skip the driving parts and make the vids a little longer. Keep em coming guys


    On May 17, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Hey guys love watching these vids since its not out in europe till the 20th.


    On May 18, 2011 at 5:11 am

    Is there a reason the videos have been made private? I was enjoying this playthrough =(

    Ron Whitaker

    On May 18, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Here’s an update to the situation with our LA Noire Walkthrough:

    Hey guys, just to keep you updated. We’re aware of Take 2 going around taking down LA Noire walkthroughs. We’re currently trying to work it out with them, but just to be safe, we’re putting our videos to private and placing the main walkthrough on hold. Instead, our main focus is going to shift to making videos for the achievements and collectibles in the game, so be on the lookout for those.

    Thanks for sticking with us and hopefully we’ll be able to continue the walkthrough soon.

    Ron Whitaker

    On May 18, 2011 at 10:50 am

    A further update for everyone:

    We’ve just been granted permission by Take Two to bring these videos back up. Enjoy, and let us know how you like the walkthrough!


    On May 18, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Glad the Take 2 situation worked out! Love these videos. <3


    On May 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Fallen Idol has an interview that is missing something… I got 2/3 questions correct.
    Person of Interest: Marlon Hopgood
    Q: Association with Bishop – A: Lie –> Empty film canister
    Q: Whereabouts of Biship – A: Truth
    Q: Relationship with Ballard – A: Lie –> Evidence of Blackmail

    If you show the drugs as evidence, instead of the Empty film canister, you get a 4th question.
    The video I viewed used the $20,000 check instead of “evidence of blackmail”
    The 4th question was a lie, the “empty film canister” was the evidence


    On May 19, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Sorry, the 4th question evidence is the check
    Q: Association with Bishop – A: Lie –> Chloral Hydrate
    Q: Whereabouts of Biship – A: Truth
    Q: Relationship with Ballard – A: Lie –> Empty Film Canister
    Q: Blackmail – A: Lie –> $20,000 check

    PS. thanks for the walkthrough


    On May 19, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Thanks for the videos. please put walkthrough the most fast that you can please. I wanna see more video. the story is getting good.

    Jacob Sandoval

    On May 20, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Nice videos they were VERY helpful.You left out 1 clue on some homicide ones but nothing big

    Ashley Taylor

    On May 21, 2011 at 5:35 am

    Thnks so much for the walktroughs but can u get the new ones up quick because im stuck on The Set-Up.

    GamerTag – xII Viagraz IIx


    On May 22, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    In The Gas Man, when interviewing Ryan, it should be Attempted Murder Charge – Lie – Criminal Record. At least it was for me I got 4/4 correct


    On May 25, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    is cheating on ur wife and kids the only choice u have or is there anyway u can avoid it and still continue in the game?


    On May 28, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Got to say this game sucks it is so repetitive. Same thing on every case. Boring as hell. So if you are having trouble sleeping this game is for you. Great walk through tho.


    On May 29, 2011 at 4:05 am

    In the case “Thee Fallen Idol” the answer to the question “Relationship with June Ballard” asked to “Mark Bishop”the answer is NOT blackmail. I tried it twice and this was the first case i used help on and because of this i definitely won’t be trusting or using this site again.


    On May 31, 2011 at 4:55 am

    just completed the game, couldnt of done it without this, many thanks.


    On June 2, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    is there away to keep your beat cop suit?


    On June 6, 2011 at 9:03 am

    how does roy and the cheif of police get away with there involvment in the conspiracy???? please reply


    On June 9, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Guess Cole Phelps won’t be in the LA Noire sequel…


    On June 11, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    I enjoyed the game and the W/T was REALLY helpfull Thank You so much.

    I was shocked at the end but i still liked the game and the story line.



    On June 15, 2011 at 10:34 am

    This guide seems to get less and less accurate as it progresses.

    Chase Lindsay

    On June 15, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    In the Secretary Murder you are supposed to ask Robbins three questions and the answers are Truth, Truth, Doubt. Not Truth, Truth, lie. The guide is wrong.


    On June 20, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    I Loved the advice. Helped me get past the game… I feel good and bad at the same time cuz i loved this game so much


    On June 26, 2011 at 4:46 am

    thanks a lot guys!


    On June 28, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    this was very helpful. thank you. i love the game its great


    On July 7, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    In Chapter ‘Fallen Idol’, this is wrong:
    Q: Relationship with Ballard – A: Lie –> -’Evidence of Blackmail’-
    It is not ‘evidence of blackmail’, is the ‘empty film canister’


    On July 20, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Just finished the game. Thanks very much for the help.
    I get the feeling there is more to the story than that. Perhaps a sequel on the way?
    There were a few things I didn’t understand though: did Cole Phelps have an affair, or was it part of the invistigation? Why did he get demoted?


    On August 3, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    No Daniel, he realy have an affair and he was fired because in the U.S. sex scandals destroy careers. Why? I don’t know I guess it’s stupidity… but, I need to use examples? perhaps like Bill Clinton?

    Let’s say that every time someone is charged by U.S. government for a sex scandal, in political terms anyone else wants “out of the question” to the accused.


    On August 27, 2011 at 6:00 am

    pre-1970′s (couldnt find exact date and dont care to search any harder then a minute on google for this) it was illegal to commit adultery in CA (a misdemeanor worth up to a year in prison or 5 if they live together) and a person with a criminal record cannot be a peace officer until it is expunged, reaches it’s statute of limitation, or they get an extremely lenient ruling (which is what he got with a suspension and a demotion). not just the legalities though, the implications are wide spread and could lead to loss of credibility which would make it difficult to get any convictions.

    then again though…


    Frankie church

    On September 4, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Thanks for the walkthrouh the end was a bit confusing but kool P.S. on “A fallen idol” the black mail question was wrong Q: Relationship with Ballard – A: Lie –> Evidence of Blackmail

    C. Parks

    On September 6, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    These guides were very helpful throughout my gameplay. If it weren’t for you guys, I would have been totally lost. Thanks a lot. You guys did good.


    On October 14, 2011 at 10:48 am

    thanx for doing walkthrough! it has been a big help, and the videos are super informative!

    Just one concern though….on the Golden Butterfly when you interview Michelle Moller, I got the first question wrong. Care to comment?

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On October 14, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Hey Phoebe,

    The list on the text walkthrough might not match the order of questions on Detective Phelps’ notepad. Make sure the question asked matches the answer given, and you should be alright. Otherwise, you may need to find all the clues located in the house before speaking with her.


    Lewis Tisdall

    On March 7, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    A great walkthrough and a great game! I wish I could have used my gun more often and have a more free gaming experience, which was strange since it came from Rockstar. I doubt they will make L.A. Noire 2

    occasional bit of evidence after a lie was incorrect in this walkthrough, but only twice I believe.


    On April 24, 2012 at 11:30 am

    I thank LA MOIRE is the best I have the one for SPS 3 it is not the same as this one but still GREAT. It would be GREAT if they come with a new one