Landmark’s First Set of Monsters are Coming: Other Players

EverQuest Director of Development Dave Georgeson admits that Landmark has only served players who like building stuff — but that’s just Phase One of Sony Online Entertainment’s plan for the title.

At SOE Live last week, Georgeson delivered a presentation shedding light on where Landmark is at, and where SOE intends to take it. He admitted that Landmark, in its current state, really serves a specific group of gamers: Builders, decorators, explorers, and crafters. With convincingly honest enthusiasm, he declared this has been SOE’s the plan the whole time.

The imaginative and curious players Landmark currently serves create a “bedrock for a great MMO community, because those are the people that make stuff happen within a virtual world,” Georgeson said. These players have taken the tools provided to them and created things the development team had not even imagined, he said.

Players’ accomplishments in painting this imaginary world will now ring in the dawn of a new era. These immortal creators will soon shed their armor of confidence when they find that one wrong step will leave them as dead as a parrot in a Monty Python sketch.

Phase Two of the Landmark closed beta begins on Aug. 27, when players will need to keep track of four new elements: Health, Armor, Energy, and monsters. Yes, players in Landmark will finally be mortal and find that, without caution, they will end up passed on! No more! Ceased to be! Expired! Gone to meet their maker! Stiff! Kicking the bucket, Shuffling off their mortal coil, They will be AN EX-PARROT!! Err, player… A dead, expired, stiff, ex-player.

All About Staying Alive

“Energy” is the resource players will use for “heroic movements” such as sliding, gliding, and double jumps. Additionally you will need energy to activate any abilities endowed by items, which we will get into later.

If you were to run out of energy in a fight against one of Landmark’s vile monsters, the damage dealt to you will first deplete your armor bar. This armor will regenerate quickly if you are able to get out of battle, but we are not always so lucky.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a player finds themselves losing a brawl to one of these stinky beasts, their health bars will start being chipped away. If that chipping turns to tearing and all the player’s health is depleted, the player will then be pushing up the daisies! Bereft of life! That player’s metabolic processes will be history! They will be AN EX-PARROT!! I mean Player, Ex-Player.

The first enemy creatures SOE is rolling out are are truly from the lowest belly of the six-headed beast: other players. Luckily for the peaceful inhabitants of Landmark, the upcoming PvP combat addition to the game will be entirely consensual.

At least for the time being, if you want to spar with other players, you will have to set up a PvP game. I was slightly confused, despite Georgeson’s Cheshire Cat-like smile when he said it would be incredibly simple.

Basically, to set up a PvP game in Landmark, you’ll actually have to build it yourself, on your in-game “claim.” All you will need to do, Georgeson said, is “build a map on your claim.” Then add in “Game Rule Set Objects,” which players can craft. First, you will need a “Game Table” to specify what game type will be played; next, you’ll place respawn points. Then alternative respawns. Lastly, though not required for all game types, are capture points.

I was being a little sarcastic when I wrote that bit about it being easy to set up PvP. Honestly, Georgeson had such a charisma that when he told journalists it is easy to set up Landmark’s PvP games, my inner dialogue simply answered, “Of course it’s easy, duh doy.” Now as I try to piece it together, I can’t quite figure out how the other players actually join into the match, or how a player crafts a “Game Table.”

In all fairness, I get confused by how many lives games say I have left in continue screens, so take my confusion with a grain of salt.

Georgeson joked about players being the first monsters rolled out to Landmark, but afterward revealed that it would only be a short period before more traditional monsters would be added to the game. The team wants some time to see how the players used the combat against each other before adding some extra polish to the artificial intelligence, he said.

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