Last of Us: Left Behind – Challenge Trophies Guide

Experience every extra task and master each diversion with our Left Behind trophy guide. The Last of Us expansion brings a young Ellie to a fun-filled abandoned shopping mall and introduces her BFF Riley.

Don’t miss any challenge trophies, collectibles, or conversations — we’ve got everything here to help expand on the story-driven DLC. Make the most of your short return to The Last of Us, see how to earn the rest of those optional trophies.

Earn the rest of the completion trophies with some tips and tricks from our Left Behind video walkthrough. For even more articles like this, browse our list of Last of Us cheats.

Challenge Trophies Guide

Multiple Chapter Trophies

Picked Clean (Bronze): All Left Behind collectibles found.

  • Find every collectible on The Last of Us: Left Behind Artifacts Locations Guide.
  • BFFs (Bronze): All optional conversations found in Left Behind.

  • Find every conversation on The Last of Us: Left Behind Optional Conversations Guide.
  • Chapter 2: Mallrats

    Brick Master (Bronze): Win the brick throwing contest.

  • This trophy can be unlocked after leaving the Halloween shop. You’ll need to break 7 windows on the red car with bricks.
  • Start by destroying the back window, the sun roof, then the two windows on the side. Circle around and break the front window, then the second set of side windows.
  • While aiming [L1] try to place the curved arc on the window. Try to ignore the large circle, it can throw you off. If the brick doesn’t land precisely on the window, it won’t break.
  • Chapter 4: Fun and Games

    Nobody’s Perfect (Bronze): Played Jak X Combat Racing.

  • Inside the arcade, Riley will stand near the Angel Knives machine. Instead of seeing her on the right, explore the left corner and inspect the cart racing machine with [Triangle].
  • Angel Knives (Bronze): Defeat Black Fang without getting hit.

  • At the arcade, inspect the machine where Riley is standing with [Triangle] to play in Ellie’s mind. Riley imagines up an opponent, and button combinations will appear.
  • To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to correctly input every combination without missing once.
  • Follow this order for inputs:
  • (Note: When buttons appear with a “+” you’ll need to hold every button at once to complete the move.)

    Round #1: Up
    Round #2: Square
    Round #3: Left, Square
    Round #4: Up, Down, Circle
    Round #5: Mash Square
    Round #6: Up+Triangle+Circle
    Round #7: Triangle
    Round #8: Down, Right, Square
    Round #9: Down+Square, Down+Square

  • After the 9th round, the inputs will be randomized. If you fail, restart the chapter and rush straight for the arcade to try again.
  • Skillz (Bronze): Win the water gun fight.

  • In the department store, Riley will challenge Ellie to a water gun fight. Press (R1) to pump the water gun. Four pumps fully charges it. The weaker the charge, the less range you’ll have with the water gun.
  • To win this fight, you’ll find need to fill Riley’s blue meter by dousing her with your water gun. The water guns are slow, so if Riley gets a bead on you, just dash left or right.
  • Next, you’ll need to beat Riley in a game of hide-and-seek. She’ll hide, and whoever gets hit with water first wins the round. Win 2 out of 3 rounds to complete the challenge.
  • Periodically, Riley will yell something to Ellie. Use the listening ability to spot her in the distance. Wait for her to hide, then sneak behind her for an easy hit.
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