Latest Guild Wars 2 Beta Dev Update Reveals Updated Boons/Conditions

The Guild Wars 2 development team , via heir blog on, has done an amazing job of keeping the community apprised of the game‘s progress as it inches closer and closer to completion and today, they’ve blogged a big update. It contains a huge amount of new information, describing features like Downed vs Defeated, the game compass, Hidden Treasures, and so-called Meta Events. It’s a huge post, but what we found particularly interesting are the updates to Guild Wars 2′s Boons and Conditions.

Game Designer Jon Peters explained that his team grew concerned that while Boons and Conditions worked, they didn’t feel very cool, to the point it seemed to them that players might not even notice their effects. To correct that, they worked on reducing what they call a “mathy” quality, twisting conditions to be more immediately noticeable. For Conditions, this means that while Bleed, Cripple, Chill, Immobilize and fear remain unchanged, others received fairly cool updates:

* Poison: previously it inflicted X damage per second (and Stacked intensity.); it now inflicts X damage per second, reduces outgoing heals by 33% and stacks duration.

* Burning still iflicts X damage per second, but instead of stacking intensity, it now stacks duration.

* Weakness: instead of a 20% damage reduction, attacks now result in a glancing blow 50% of the time. Endurance regeneration is also slowed.

* Vulnerable: The amount of armor it reduces has been lowered, but it is now allowed to stack so as to crate “moments of super-high vulnerability for damage spiking”.

* Blind has been limited slightly. Instead of your next all purpose attack missing, it has been specified to your “next hit”.

* A new condition, Confusion was also added. Confusion inflicts X damage each time a foe attacks, stacking intensity.

These changes have made condition damage pressure-based rather than spike based and also varies their effects. The biggest result is that some conditions may be safely ignored while they grow in strength, while others must be dealt with immediately. Boons have been updated similarly. Aeigis, Regeneration, and Fury remain the same, but other Boons have been modified:

* Protection now offers 33% damage reduction instead of an X armor increase.

* Might: stacks intensity now.

* Vigor has been redesigned with faster endurance regeneration.

* Swiftness has increased to 33% movement speed increase from 25%.

* A new Boon, Retaliation has been added. It does X damage to an opponent each time they hit you.

The whole post is worth a careful read.

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