League of Legends Champions: Beginner’s Guide to Annie

A rune page suitable for use on Annie. Runes used are Marks of Magic Penetration, Seals of Scaling Mana Regeneration, Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction, and Quintessences of Ability Power.

Annie’s rune selection, as fitting her role as mage, is situated towards mana and magic damage more than any other attribute. The kind of runes you put on her should heavily favor ability usage over anything. Thus, here’s my selection of runes to use:

Marks (Red): Magic Penetration
Alternatives: Scaling Ability Power, Scaling Mana

Magic Penetration is the clear winner here. It ignores enemy magic resistance, which makes you hit harder with every single spell. AP per level and mana per level are decent picks as well, but not really worth it. Get penetration.

Seals (Yellow): Scaling Mana Regeneration
Alternatives: Scaling Ability Power

The only rune worth getting in seals is mana regeneration per level. It gives you good sustainability in lane, as missing your disintegrate won’t be quite as devastating. AP per level seals give the same amount of AP as marks, so if you feel you don’t need the mana regeneration you can slot them instead. I very much recommend mana regeneration, though.

Glyphs (Blue): Cooldown Reduction
Alternatives: Ability Power

Glyphs are best used for cooldown reduction (CDR). There’s no real escaping how good CDR is for mages, and as a mage you definitely need it. Lower cooldowns mean you get Pyromania up faster, which means more stuns for everyone. If you aren’t much for CDR, you can slot in flat (doesn’t increase with champion level) AP runes in its place.

Quintessences (Purple/Brown): Ability Power
Alternatives: Movement Speed, Mana Regeneration

Quintessences are clearly weighted in favor towards Ability Power. With all three Quintessence slots as AP, you get +15 AP to start. That’s often the difference needed between a champion escaping you and getting a kill. If you are struggling with sustain, you might switch them out for mana regeneration. If you are struggling with catching the enemy, consider getting movement speed. My personal preference is AP, though.

A mastery page suitable for Annie. 21 points are in Offense in skills that boost magical damage, and 9 points are in Utility to boost mana and mana regeneration.

Masteries are straightforward. Put 21 points into Offensive, picking the masteries that favor ability power and magic damage. After getting offensive set up, put 9 points into utility, picking the masteries that favor mana, mana regeneration, and cooldowns. The defensive tree shouldn’t be touched, as you are a fighter, not a survivor. If you aren’t level 30, then put your points into the Offensive tree as you level up, rather than trying to get both Offensive and Utility at the same time.

That’s it for Annie! She’s a very simple hero to play, and her skills make it easy for the freshest of noobs to get into the swing of setting enemy champions on fire. She’s also one of the cheapest champions to buy in the in-game store. Play a few rounds to get some in-game currency, buy her, and set the world aflame!

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