League of Legends Champions: Beginner’s Guide to Ashe

A rune page suitable for use on Ashe. Runes used are Marks of Armor Penetration, Seals of Armor, Glyphs of Magic Resist, and Quintessences of Attack Damage.

Ashe’s rune selection heavily favors physical damage, and for good reason. She’s all about those basic attacks, after all. Deck her rune page out in runes that give you a nice hefty addition to your damage, as she has to cause as much pain to enemy champions as possible before she inevitably gets nuked down. Her runes are as follows:

Marks (Red): Armor Penetration
Alternatives: Attack Damage

Armor Penetration marks are the best runes in the game, bar none. They drastically increase your damage output at all levels and can give you a beastly edge in the laning phase. Last-hitting will be easier, enemies will be more harassed, and you’ll be a real irritant to the enemy team. If you really want to you can use Attack Damage runes instead, but Armor Penetration wins as far as I’m concerned.

Seals (Yellow): Armor
Alternatives: None

Seals are pretty weak in all the areas you want to deck Ashe out in (damage, attack speed, etc), which leaves only one option: make Ashe tougher. Give her some armor and she’ll be better fit to survive those early-game fights. There are no other quality options for her, so get those and you’ll be set to survive.

Glyphs (Blue): Magic Resist
Alternatives: Scaling Magic Resist

Since Ashe isn’t about skill usage as much as she is about proper positioning and shooting arrows into faces, Glyphs don’t offer a lot for her. The only real option is Magic Resist, which makes it tougher for mages (her natural enemy) to burst her down. You can go with flat or scaling magic resist, but you want definitely want one of those two types. None of the other glyphs are decent for Ashe.

Quintessences (Purple): Attack Damage
Alternatives: Lifesteal

These Quintessence choices are straightforward, and you can choose one or the other without sacrificing Ashe’s strength. Her item choices give her a lot of attack damage, so Lifesteal is a good choice. If you want that extra punch in early game, though, Attack Damage is the way to roll. Either is fine, so pick based on your personal preference

A mastery page suitable for Ashe. 21 points are in Offense in skills that boost physical damage, and 9 points are in Utility to boost cooldowns and movement speed.

Masteries are simple. Put 21 points into Offensive, picking the masteries that favor attack damage (left side of the tree). After getting offensive set up, put 9 points into utility, picking the masteries that favor movement speed, summoner spell reduction, and the neutral buffs. You can optionally split your points between Utility and Defense if you find you are too squishy, as Ashe is not a mage and therefore doesn’t rely on the Utility tree.

With all of these strategies and choices in mind, you are ready to take on enemy champions with Ashe. Play her carefully and intelligently, and she will wreak incredible devastation on your foes. She’s fairly cheap in the in-game store, so you can likely buy her after only a few matches. She may be one of the first champions, but she’s still one of the best.

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