League of Legends Champions: Beginner’s Guide to Rammus

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I’ve got to admit, I love Rammus. I’m already a big fan of armadillos, after all, and I usually playing tanking roles in whatever MMOs I pick up. Rammus combines those two passions into one spiked and annoying ball of pain. He’s seen quite a few nerfs and buffs over the years thanks to his position as the best single-target tank in the game, but he’s still viable and fun. Playing him is far harder than Ashe or Annie, but he’s still worth picking if you want to piss off some enemy champions and be invulnerable in the process.

While previous champions are easy to categorize, Rammus is a little more difficult. He is one of the three “true tanks” (Rammus, Shen, and Galio) – champions that are designed around forcing enemies to attack them via taunts – and can fit support or ganker roles. Rammus has a lot of mana problems, but his survivability is only outmatched by the healing of Dr. Mundo. Combine this with his ability to single out a target for death and guarantee their demise and you have one nasty champion.

Rammus can go either bottom lane support or jungle thanks to his raw utility. He is normally played jungle, though, as he can boost himself to incredible speeds for some truly scary ganks. He doesn’t have quite the danger potential as some other junglers like Amumu, but he’s also so difficult to kill that a failed gank rarely results in anyone dying. It also means he can face-check bushes with relative impunity. In short, Rammus is a thick spiked wall that your whole team can get behind.

Rammus’ big problem is that he is the best 1-on-1 tank in the game. While this sounds like a non-issue, it means that he can’t really hold his own if the enemy team decides to ruin his day. His status as tank also means that most of his damage potential is also based around enemies attacking him. Good teams can stay out of his range while ripping apart his teammates, leaving him for easy pickings as the last champion on the field.


As expected, Rammus needs a good set of defensive items to be effective on the battlefield. In fact, you should never use any items on Rammus that are designed to be offensive. Your damage potential relies on your ability to take irritatingly high amounts of damage, so build like you are desperately avoiding death. My personal favorite items are:

Spirit of the Ancient Golem: Essential jungling item. Good regeneration and health buffs makes this item a must-have. The passives give you a nice big damage buff against jungle minions, which let you clear them faster and get to the process of ganking lanes.

Philosopher Stone: Essential laning item. This is your primary way of getting gold outside of assisting in kills, as you should be letting the carry get all the farm. It also carries a pretty nice regeneration buff.

Thornmail: Arguably the best anti-physical armor in the game. Provides Rammus with 100 armor – drastically increasing his effective health – while reflecting a third of basic attack damage back to the attacker. Combine with Rammus’ own damage reflection skill and you’ve got a big ball of pain.

Spirit Visage: Fantastic magic resistance combined with a buff to anything that heals you. As you will be stacking regeneration items, this armor will provide you with a good boost to your self-healing.

Warmog’s Armor: Absurdly high health and a passive that heals you for 1 percent of your total health every few seconds. Combined with other regeneration items and Spirit Visage and you will be nigh immortal.

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