League of Legends Champions: Beginner’s Guide to Rammus


Rammus has a very nice synergy to his skills. As a single-target tank, he is all about closing the gap and ruining a single player’s day while staying alive. And that’s exactly what these skills let him do.

Spiked Shell (Passive): Rammus converts 25 percent of his armor into attack damage.

This is the reason that you never build offensive items on Rammus. By stacking armor and health you make him both harder to kill and more dangerous to fight. It’s a fantastic passive, and the premise (stack defense for better offense) is used on both of the other “true tanks” as well. Fight the temptation to stack purely armor for this passive, though. It’ll leave a gaping hole that magic users can exploit with their skills.

Powerball (Q): Rammus rolls into a ball and builds up speed. If he hits an enemy unit, he deals damage to all enemies within melee range, stuns them for a moment, and then slows them.

There are very few things as terrifying as a full-speed Rammus rolling toward you. Powerball is an exceptionally powerful ganking ability, as it provides Rammus with the speed to close gaps and the crowd control to maintain his range. It does take a short while to charge up, though, so it is best used outside of the sight range of enemies or to chase fleeing heroes. Don’t run into a nearby enemy if it’s about to run out, as it will reveal your position and make further ganks that much more difficult.

Take one point in Powerball at level 2, max last.

Defensive Ball Curl (W): Rammus curls into a ball, increasing his resistances and reflecting damage taken.

While Rammus’ other abilities are great on their own, this is his bread and butter. This is how you kill people. Roll into your ball and your defenses take a sharp upswing while giving your attackers a very, very good reason to not attack you. Too bad for them they won’t have any choice. You can still attack while curled, and thanks to his passive Rammus gets a nice attack damage bonus thanks to the armor increase. Nothing like making yourself invulnerable and fatal at the same time!

Max Defensive Ball Curl first.

Puncturing Taunt (E): Rammus forces a single enemy to attack him, rendering them uncontrollable and decreasing their armor.

This skill, combined with Defensive Ball Curl, is how you pick off all those nice squishy carries. It doesn’t seem like much – it only disables a single person, after all – but the armor debuff combined with a 3-second disable at max level makes this one of the best disables in the game. Use it frequently and intelligently and no carry will be able to escape you.

Max Puncturing Taunt second.

Tremors (R): Rammus damages all units (including structures) around himself. He is free to move and use other abilities during the duration.

Tremors is a lot more dangerous than you would expect at first glance. After all, it doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of damage and doesn’t directly synergize with other abilities. However, there are a few reasons why it is fantastic. First, unlike most abilities, it deals damage to structures. This makes it perfect for taking down towers, especially while enemy champions are nearby. Second, the particle effect is not very noticeable. Amidst all the flash and glamor of a team fight, it is entirely possible to miss the trademark pulses of Tremors until it is too late. Finally, the only way to stop it is to kill Rammus. As established, this is supremely hard. The end result is an ultimate that performs better in action than it does on paper.

Level up Tremors whenever possible.

Rammus is all about synergizing his skills to unleash the maximum amount of pain on the enemy team, and everything meshes together extremely well. You generally start off a fight with Powerball to close the gap and disable the champion you are attempting to kill. You then use Defensive Ball Curl and Taunt at the same time, which forces the enemy to attack you and lose health from your damage reflection. Finally, you use Tremors whenever convenient to maximize its damage. I personally like to use it shortly after jumping into an enemy team, as the waves of damage hit all nearby enemies and will guarantee you a kill on your primary target.

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