League of Legends Champions: Beginner’s Guide to Rammus


With all of this focus on defense, Rammus’ runes are quite easy to select. After all, you should pick defensive runes on a defensive champion.

Marks (Red): Magic Penetration
Alternatives: Health

Magic Penetration runes on a tank may seem a bit odd, but there’s a reason: Defensive Ball Curl and Tremors deal magical damage. Higher Magic Penetration means that you’ll be really dishing out the pain to anyone you manage to catch. If that isn’t your kind of play style, Health is the way to go.

Seals (Yellow): Armor
Alternatives: None

The best seal makes another appearance! Rammus scales his damage off armor, so you severely hamper your ability if you aren’t using Seals of Armor. Don’t bother with any other seals, they aren’t worth it.

Glyphs (Blue): Magic Resist
Alternatives: Scaling Magic Resist, Cooldown Reduction

The Magic Resist choices for Rammus should be fairly obvious. He’s a tank, so make him harder to kill. The Cooldown Reduction alternative is the more interesting potential choice. Rammus can taunt, curl, and roll more often with lower cooldowns, making him an even more credible threat to the safety of a carry.

Quintessences (Purple): Health
Alternatives: Ability Power

Health should be an obvious choice. Ability Power falls into the same category as Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction: odd, but interesting. Since your abilities scale very well off of AP, you can score a good bit of extra damage (15 or so) by laying some money down on AP boosters. I use health, though. It’s all about surviving!


Rammus’ primary mastery tree is Defense, and his secondary tree is utility. Favor anything that boosts his resistances – especially armor – and mana pool. He can easily end up mana-starved if he doesn’t get the neutral golem buff, and a Rammus without abilities is useless except to soak damage.

That’s it for Rammus the Armordillo! Play him well and enemies will quake in fear every time they see you rolling towards them in a Powerball. You are the initiator, and your wrath can destroy enemy teams in no time. Just remember that you are tough, but not completely invulnerable. Pick your battles to strike maximum terror into the hearts of your enemies.

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