League of Legends: Zac, the Secret Weapon

Allow me to introduce Zac! Aptly titled the Secret Weapon, Zac is the latest champion to hit League of Legends. When I first saw Zac, my initial thinking was that he looked like the Hulk. After reading up more on his abilities, I realized he functioned more like Flubber.
Cell Division (Passive): When any of Zac’s abilities hit an enemy, a piece of him falls to the ground. Zac can pick up fallen pieces to recover health. When Zac dies he splits into four blobs. These fragments will attempt to reform over a short duration. If any survive, Zac revives with a percentage of his maximum health based on the number of remaining blobs.
Stretching Strike (Q): Zac throws a two-handed punch that deals damage and slows targets in a line. Deals 70/110/150/190/230(+0.5*AP) magic damage and slows them by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds. Use it against other champions that are chasing you or champions that you’re looking to take down.
Unstable Matter (W): Zac’s body explodes outward, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 magic damage to surrounding enemies. Enemies struck also take +4/4.5/5/5.5/6(+0.02*AP)% of their maximum health. However, this ability is capped at 200 damage against minions and monsters.
Elastic Slingshot (E): Zac is immobilized as he charges up a dash toward the target location. The range of Elastic Slingshot increases up to a cap as Zac charges the ability. Zac then fires himself towards the target location, damaging for 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.7*AP) and stunning all nearby enemies upon landing for 0.5 seconds. It can be used to go through terrain elements.
Let’s Bounce (R): Zac bounces into the air, immediately knocking up, slowing and damaging nearby enemies for 160/240/320 (+0.25*AP). Once airborne, he bounces three times, dealing damage with each impact. It’s possible to control the direction of the bounce as Zac is in the air. He also gains a slight move speed buff while Let’s Bounce is active. Can be used both offensively or defensively in case a team engagement starts going south.
With regards to skill priority, I would look at prioritizing Let’s Bounce, Unstable Matter, Stretching Strike, and Elastic Slingshot. Definitely invest 1 point in Elastic Slingshot in the early levels for the mobility. If used properly, Elastic Slingshot can set up well timed ganks from the jungle.

In the top lane

If you’re playing Zac up top, you’ll be relying on the Cell Division passive to stay in the lane. Whenever you use an ability on an enemy, pick up those goo chunks to replenish your spent health. His abilities rely on his health as a resource so consider grabbing health and health regen items. Keep farming. Use Stretching Strike to poke your counterpart. Elastic Slingshot should provide an excellent way of disengaging in case a jungle gank is incoming (or set up your own ganks with the help of your allies). Keep yourself healed up with Cell Division.

In the jungle

One downside is that in order for Zac to continue his moves in the jungle is that he needs to lose health in order to gain health. Junglers like Udyr and Nautilus have preventive shields which can absorb the initial damage that jungle minions deal. If Zac is caught on the other side of the map counter-jungling or is the victim of an invade, he’ll find himself at a severe disadvantage. Level up Unstable Matter first to maximize the splash damage. Zac should have a reasonable decent clear time. The skill order I used for leveling was Unstable Matter, Stretching Strike, Unstable Matter, Elastic Slingshot and then going in for a gank at level 4. Open up with the Elastic Slingshot and try to knock them towards your team. Follow up with Stretching Strike to slow them immediately. However, it might be better off offensively to grab Elastic Slingshot at level 2 and attempt early plays against the opposing team.
I’m quite excited to give Zac a shot. My champion pool of top laners is still a little weak (non-existent and I am looking to supplement my arsenal of junglers. Here’s a champion that can fit in both roles with the ability to recover health after trading damage with opponents.
What are your thoughts on Zac? Which position do you plan to play him in?

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