Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Heart Piece Locations

With every four heart pieces, Link gains another full heart. That’s how it works in class Legend of Zelda games like Link to the Past, and that’s how it works in the Skyward Sword. For every boss defeated, you gain one full heart. For every four heart pieces found, you gain one heart. But finding all 24 heart pieces scattered through the massive overworld and dungeons of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword won’t be easy — not unless you have our help.

For more context on the exact locations and what challenges you’ll face trying to discover these heart pieces, check out Game Front’s text and video walkthrough. For more hints, tips, unlockables, and secrets, check out our cheats page.

Heart Piece Locations

Heart Piece 1

  • Found in Skyloft
  • Collect 10 Gratitude Crystals and bring them to Batreaux for a nice heart piece as your reward.

Heart Piece 2

  • Found in Skyloft
  • You’ll need a bow before attempting this heart piece, and have Fledge’s Pumpkin Pull minigame unlocked by finishing his sidequest.
  • To unlock this piece, play Fledge’s Pumpkin Pull minigame. Aim and hit each thrown pumpkin for ten points, with a point bonus for each consecutive hit without missing. String together consecutive hits and aim to score more than 600 points, and you’ll get your hands on a heart piece.

Heart Piece 3

  • Found in Skyloft
  • You’ll need the clawshot.
  • Climb onto the roof and into the chimney of the Knight’s Academy using the clawshot. When you drop down, crawl until you reach Zelda’s room. You’ll discover the heart piece inside her cupboard.

Heart Piece 4

  • Found in the Sky
  • You’ll need the Goddess Sword.
  • Find the Goddess Cube outside the entrance to the Skyview Temple, you’ll find the chest itself on a small island outside Skyloft, just south.

Heart Piece 5

  • Found in the Sky
  • You’ll need the Hook Beetle.
  • Find a Goddess Cube located at the southwest area of Lanayru Desert, near the sandy region. You’ll have to use a Timeshift Stone above the area, to ride or push the minecraft to the edge of the effect. You can only hit the Timeshift Stone across the gorge with the Hook Beetle. Hit the cube as you pass with a charged Skyward Strike. The chest itself will appear on Beedle’s Island, in the northeast corner of the Sky.

Heart Piece 6

  • Found in the Sky
  • You’ll need the Water Dragon’s Scale.
  • Near the entrance into the Earth Temple, in the Eldin Volcano area, you’ll find the Goddess Cube. It’s down a sand slide, look left for a platform with a digging spot. Look below the platform to find the cube. Hitting the cube will make the Goddess Chest open underwater, in the center of town in Skyloft.

Heart Piece 7

  • Found in the Sky
  • You’ll need the Water Dragon’s Scale.
  • At the top of the Great Tree in Faron Woods, drop off the ledge on the north side to reach a platform with the Goddess Cube. Striking it will open the Goddess Chest containing another heart piece.

Heart Piece 8

  • Found in the Sky
  • You’ll need to be able to access the Volcano Summit.
  • Find another Goddess Cube outside the Volcano Summit, looking for a large waterfall. Jump into the pit and aim for the bottom left corner to land on a platform with the Goddess Cube.

Heart Piece 9

  • Found in the Sky
  • You’ll need the clawshots.
  • Open the jaws in the Pirate Stronghold, and you’ll get back outside. Turn around and look straight up for a clawshot target. Use it to reach a platform with the Goddess Cube.

Heart Piece 10

  • Found in Faron Woods
  • Find this simple heart piece around the Great Tree, cross the tight rope and you’ll find it.

Heart Piece 11

  • Found in Faron Woods
  • You’ll need bombs.
  • Near the pathway leading to the Sealed Grounds, on the western side of Faron Woods, you’ll spot a boulder blocking the entrance into a small cavern. Blow the boulder up and go inside for your heart piece.

Heart Piece 12

  • Found in the Skyview Temple
  • You’ll need the beetle.
  • After defeating Stalfos you’ll have the beetle to play around with. Sent it to the top of the circular, bottle-shaped room to hit a switch and open a gate. Through the gate is your heart piece.

Heart Piece 13

  • Found in Eldin Volcano
  • You’ll need the beetle.
  • Find this piece during your first visit to Eldin Volcano. Defeat two pyrups by sending your beetle into a nearby bomb, climb the platforms, and work your way back around up higher to find the heart piece.

Heart Piece 14

  • Found in Pumpkin Landing
  • Check out the second floor for a heart piece on the chandelier. Roll into the wall a couple times until the chandelier falls down, allowing you to take the heart piece.

Heart Piece 15

  • Found in Pumpkin Landing
  • You’ll need to have found the previous heart piece on this list, a bottle, and the Goddess Harp.
  • To make up breaking the chandelier to the owner, you’ll need to first get an empty bottle, take the Hot Pumpkin Soup to Eagus in the Sparring Hall, carry pumpinks to the storage area of Pumpkin Landing without dropping any, and play the Godess Harp for an audience. Complete all three tasks at Pumpkin Landing for a heart piece reward.

Heart Piece 16

  • Found in the Sealed Grounds
  • You’ll need to have completed the Lanayru Mining Facility.
  • Just outside the Sealed Temple, you’ll find some blessed butterflies and a Goron named Gorko. He’ll ask you about Goddess Walls. Solve his riddle by drawing the item he mentions — arrows, just draw a pointer. After you solve this once, leave and come back later. He’ll ask to see something else. Just draw a circle to create a bomb, and so-forth. Eventually he’ll ask to see a “crimson source of life.” Draw a heart shape for a heart piece reward.

Heart Piece 17

  • Found in Fun Fun Island
  • You’ll need to fix Fun Fun Island.
  • At Fun Fun Island, help out Dodah by completing his sidequest to find a party wheel in Lanayru Desert. Afterwards, his minigame will be available to play. You’ll need to get a perfect score by falling through all five rings and land on the 50 rupee space.

Heart Piece 18

  • Found in the Sandship
  • You’ll need the Clawshots.
  • At the top of the ship, in the crow’s nest, you’ll be able to reach the back end of the ship with your clawshots. At the very back of the ship, you can drop down to a platform with a treasure chest containing another heart piece.

Heart Piece 19

  • Found in the Sandship
  • You’ll need to have completed the Sandship.
  • After finishing the Sandship, you can play a minigame in the Shipyard. Complete the expert course in less than 65 seconds to get a heart piece.

Heart Piece 20

  • Found in the Fire Sanctuary
  • You’ll need Mogma Mitts.
  • Inside the Fire Sanctuary, check the northwest corner of the temple for a digging spot. Underground, use the Mogma Mitts to capture the Mogma for a heart piece reward.

Heart Piece 21

  • Found in the Volcano Summit
  • You’ll need Mogma Mitts.
  • On the path leading to the Fire Sanctuary, look for a place to use the Mogma Mitts to your right. Put out the frog statue with water, dig underground on the spot near the Gossip Stone, and you’ll find the heart piece below.

Heart Piece 22

  • Found in Beedle’s Shop
  • You’ll need 1600 rupees, and a big enough wallet to carry 1600 rupees.
  • Purchase every item in Beedle’s Shop, and he’ll sell one heart piece for 1600 rupees.

Heart Piece 23

  • Found in Lanayru Desert
  • You’ll need bombs and clawshots.
  • Look for a bombable wall in the northeast part of the desert. Through the blasted wall is a path covered in chuchus and clawshot targets. Use the clawshots to use the targets to reach a chest containing a heart piece.

Heart Piece 24

  • Found in Lanayru Gorge
  • You’ll need to have revived the Thunder Dragon.
  • After reviving the Thunder Dragon, you can return later to play the dragon’s Bush Rush challenge. Win four consecutive victories to win a heart piece.

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On December 20, 2011 at 11:47 am

For Heart Piece 22, if you wait until completing the Beedle Gratitude Crystal quest, after you beat Stritch’s bug wrangler challenge and return Beedle’s horned colossus beetle to him, he’ll give you everything in his shop half off, and you can purchase the piece of heart for 800 rupees.