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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Earth Templev

  1. Save your progress at the nearby statue on the right, then continue forward towards the lava and jump across the next three platforms ahead to land on the opposite ledge.
  2. Take out the flaming bats that swoop down and dig up the soft spot in the floor by the stone wall to uncover a steam geyser.
  3. Use the geyser to launch yourself onto the ledge above and open the chest to collect a red rupee, then drop back to the ground and turn to face the lava again.
  4. Move forward across the middle of the three paths in front of you and jump the series of gaps to reach the opposite ledge, then speak with the magma in the next room and dig up the soft spots to collect additional rupees.
  5. Jump back across the platforms outside to return to the opposite ledge, then climb the staircase to the left and jump across to the platform below. Move to the platform beside you and drop onto the staircase ahead, then strike the mechanism at either end of the area to partially lower the bridge and equip your pet beetle.
  6. Release the beetle into the air and pilot him to the right of the bridge, then strike the mechanism sticking out across the hole in the wall ahead. After the bridge drops completely, move across it to activate a cut scene and learn a new combat ability.
  7. Take out the enemy through the next doorway and dig up the soft spots in the floor to refill your health, then move to the end of the blue carpet leading towards the lava and use your slingshot to shoot out the left eye of the partially submerged statue ahead. After the statue explodes, jump onto the eyeball floating in the lava and use it to reach the next ledge on the left.
  8. Take out the flaming bats and pick up a bomb, then toss it onto the platform ahead when it descends into the lava and wait for the blast to clear away the wall of boulders above. Jump onto the same platform when it descends and ride it upwards, then move onto the ledge ahead and open the chest to acquire the Golden Skull.
  9. Drop back down and return to controlling the statue’s eyeball floating in the lava, Make your way into the opposite corner of the area to talk with the mogma and jump to the ledge he resides on, then approach the right side of the cage and crawl into it through the small opening.
  10. Eliminate the enemy that approaches and move into the back area, then climb the ladder against the wall and move right to the end of the ledge. Drop over the upper right corner to land on top of the narrow wall below, then continue forward and climb onto the next ledge above.
  11. Move right and dig up the soft spots in the ground to uncover rupees and fairies, then drop to the ground below and pick up a bomb. Approach the small opening in the fence that you used as an entrance and roll the bomb through it so that the explosion clears away the boulders outside.
  12. Exit the cage and turn left to open the previously blocked door ahead, then jump to the platform at the center of the room to encounter Lizalfos for the first time. Fight these enemies by dodging their strikes and following up with some of your own until both are defeated to acquire a Lizard Tail.
  13. Open the green chest the appears to acquire Bomb Bags, then exit the room through the previously locked door ahead and approach the magma to activate a cut scene. Use the “No idea.” response, then acquire additional bombs and bomb bags.
  14. Return to the statue’s eye floating in the lava and use it to reach the ledge with two staircases that’s located at the back of the room. Eliminate the bat and ooze enemies, then approach the statue at the edge of the area to save your game.
  15. Afterwards, dig up the soft spots in the floor to refill health and climb the staircase with the bannisters out front. Throw one of your bombs out past the ledge so that it destroys the block across from you, then jump the next two gaps and approach the door ahead.
  16. Eliminate the Lizalfo and enter the door ahead after claiming the enemy’s tail, then continue forward and jump to the next platform in front of you. Move across the platforms to the left until you reach the back of the room, then jump onto the cauldron when it splashes down and ride it upwards when a geyser of lava erupts beneath it.
  17. Jump to the ledge ahead and take out the surrounding enemies, then open the green chest to acquire the Dungeon Map and drop back to the circle of platforms floating in the lava below. Exit the same way you entered and return to the statue’s eyeball, then steer it to the right side of the ledge with two staircases and crush the enemy submerged in the lava.
  18. Approach the nearby cracked wall and use your bombs to blast it open, then move through the entryway you’ve cleared and maneuver to the left around the fountain of lava. Crush the nearby enemy and jump to the next ledge on the right, then enter the cave and dig into the soft spots in the floor to uncover the blob enemy.
  19. Eliminate the enemy and collect the Jelly Blob he leaves behind, then exit the cave and return to the statue’s eyeball. Continue forward and steer to the left around the fountain of lava, then jump to the metal bridge ahead and eliminate the enemy.
  20. Return to the statue’s eyeball and turn it around, then approach the section of wall directly in front of the nearest lava fountain and blow it open with your bombs. Navigate through the entryway you’ve just created in the wall and crush the fish swimming ahead, then maneuver around the next lava fountain and crush another enemy.
  21. Jump to the metal platform on your left and turn towards the ornate red entryway on the far wall, then release your pet beetle into the air and pilot it towards the man’s face that’s been sculpted into the top.
  22. Strike the mechanism that’s located where the sculpted man’s mouth would be to partially raise the gate, then release the beetle again and steer it through the green doorway that’s above to your left.
  23. Navigate through the tunnel ahead and stay above the enemies on the ground below, then exit into the next open area and strike the mechanism that’s located on the other side of the red gate to raise it completely.
  24. Guide the floating eyeball through the pathway you’ve just cleared and jump to the metal platform on the left, then enter the tunnel and eliminate the enemies within.
  25. Exit out the other side of the tunnel and save your game at the nearby statue, then move back through the tunnel again and remount the floating eyeball. Navigate the eyeball down the tunnel ahead and wait for the pause in the next lava fountain’s stream before continuing forward safely.
  26. Pass through the first archway to find yourself crossing an extremely narrow and twisting river of lava. Steer the eyeball slowly around each bend in the river to make sure you don’t fall to your death, then enter the next tunnel ahead and eliminate the attacking bats.
  27. Jump to the ledge on the left in the next area and take out the reptilian enemy, then dig into the soft spot for hearts and climb to the next ledge above. Open the chest to collect a red rupee, then return to the eyeball and steer it forward beneath the archway to the right.
  28. Turn yourself around once you pass under the archway and start guiding the eyeball into the valve protruding from the wall nearby. Push the valve all the way in to raise the ledges in front of you, then turn around and jump to the ledge against the wall ahead.
  29. Open the chest to acquire a Blue Bird Feather, then dig into the soft spots to collect rupees and ore. Return to the eyeball and navigate it back towards the valve you pressed in previously, then turn right before reaching it to drop onto the ornate blue and gold ledge below.
  30. Save your game at the nearby statue, then climb the staircase with the ledges you raised earlier by pressing the valve and enter the door ahead. Dig into the soft spots beside you for items and supplies, then jump the gap ahead and dash up the steeply inclined floor to enter the opening in the wall on the left.
  31. Wait for the large boulders to roll by, then return to the incline and continue dashing uphill until you reach the top. Jump across the river of lava on your left and enter the nearby crawlspace, then make your way forward to reach the other side of the wall and dig into the soft spot in the floor on the right that uncovers a geyser of steam.
  32. Use the geyser to launch yourself onto the ledge above, then move forward and take a left. Descend the staircase and approach the end of the walkway ahead, then toss a bomb down onto the inclined floor below so that it rolls by the wall of boulders on the right wall and blasts it away.
  33. Return to the base of the inclined floor and sprint up it, then enter the opening you created in the wall to the left and wait for the large boulders to roll past. Continue sprinting uphill until you reach the top to activate a cut scene, then move onto the center platform ahead and save your game at the statue.
  34. Climb the stairs to your left and make the next right up the inclined path, then open the chest at the top to acquire the Dragon Sculpture. Begin making your way back down the narrow and steeply inclined path until the dragon above drops an enormous rolling boulder on the trail behind you.
  35. Sprint forward along the narrow path to stay ahead of the pursuing boulder and collect as many green fruit as you can to maintain a constant burst of energy as you run.
  36. Jump the gap ahead to let the boulder sail above you and lodge itself into the dragon statue’s mouth, then approach the broken staircase in front of the yellow and red plant to collect another Amber Relic.
  37. Return to the center platform and save your game at the nearby statue, then jump the gap beneath the dragon statue and approach the door ahead. Rotate the Dragon Sculpture until it lines up with the key hole, then release it to unlock and enter through the double doors.
  38. Climb the staircase ahead to see the boulder rolling above, then continue forward to activate a cut scene about Zelda’s location.
  39. Move over the nearby steps and drop onto the dragon’s stomach ahead, then sprint uphill towards the neck region until a cut scene initiates your next boss fight with a creature called: Scaldera
  40. Flee at a full sprint from Scaldera when he chases you while his body is glowing a bright mixture of yellow and orange. As soon as this boss return to normal colors, turn around and charge at him head-on to toss a bomb into his face for sufficient damage.
  41. When struck with a bomb, Scaldera will roll back down the dragon’s belly and hit the wall at the bottom. Chase behind the boss when this happens and wait for him to emit an open-mouthed roar shortly after recovering from the impact, then toss a bomb down his gullet and watch it explode for crucial damage.
  42. The boss will now have noticeable damage to his armored exterior and a complete lack of energy. Use this opportunity to move in close and strike Scaldera’s exposed eyeball as many times as possible before he regains the will to attack.
  43. Repeat the previous three steps, then retreat immediately to a considerable distance after a few sword strikes at close range. Scaldera will now spit huge fireballs in your direction, but they can be evaded with simple sidesteps and a maintained distance.
  44. Continue hurling bombs at Scaldera, even when he’s spitting fireballs if you can get close enough, and striking the exposed eye with your sword until the boss is finally defeated. If you are running low on health, sprint all the way to the top of the dragon’s inclined belly to locate a supply of hearts.
  45. Afterwards, collect the Heart Container that descends and sprint your way up to the top of the dragon’s inclined stomach. Enter the door ahead to activate a cut scene and momentarily locate Zelda, then jump across the platforms ahead and stop on the last one in front of the wings emblem.
  46. Raise your sword above your head to charge the blade with light energy, then use it to strike the emblem and activate another cut scene in which you acquire the Amber Tablet. Afterwards, save your progress to complete this part of the game.

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10 Comments on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough


On December 3, 2011 at 9:15 am

Great videos !
sube mas por favor me encanto la leyenda de zelda saludos desde mexico !


On December 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Just wated you to know that I play on grandsons games at times. I loved ALL the videos of Lengend of Zelda Sklyward Sword!

Love the way you also improvise the actions and characters.
Make it sound real:)

Thought I would just say it all here instead of comenting on each individual video.

Continue the great work, this helps quite a bit in knowing what to do and how to do it, in this game. I would have been lost without these videos. Visualizations are great.

I was up to getting the whip and discovered there are no more videos. Sure am hoping you will continue them. Feel like I am having a withdrawel moment here! LOL

This was a grwat idea for you to do this. Best walkthrough ever!

barbara bradcovich

On December 22, 2011 at 8:32 am

in the wing ceremony, when i miss the bird with the statue i cannot find the birds again. instead, i have to go back through the talking before the race. is there a place where you can locate the birds without doing this. thanks can you write my email

barbara bradcovich

On December 22, 2011 at 8:33 am

how do you find the birds when you miss them in the wing ceremony

Libby Hawkins

On December 26, 2011 at 7:14 pm

I just wanted to give kudos to Mitchell for the great job with the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword videos. They are not only easy to follow but also entertaining. Makes you feel like you are playing along with him.
I am 50 yrs old and play this with my 9 yr old grandson.
Great job Mitchell!


On December 27, 2011 at 10:15 am

Mitchell get your ass back to work and finish Skyword Sword…Great job btw!


On December 27, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Barbara – if you look around the edge of the screen, you can see a set of arrows that point towards where the bird with the statue is, if you lose track of it. One arrow means that the bird is close, but off screen. Two arrows means it is far away, but off screen. Move Link toward the direction the arrows are pointing, and you’ll see the yellow bird icon show up. From there, climb higher than the yellow bird to be able to dive down onto it and gather speed. Don’t use your boosts (A-button) until you get closer to the yellow bird. Good luck!

monster world hack

On March 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

YEWWW! Nice fresh vid for Transworld! Respect Shawn!

monster world cheats

On March 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

I really want to play this game so bad… if only theres a psp emulator for pc


On March 6, 2014 at 1:16 am

I recently came back to the game, skyward sword cause I never finished it.
Unfortunately, I am stuck in the sky keep. I got lost with those puzzle rooms. I did good at first following you, but then it seems like you may have skipped a part cause I could not find the next puzzle you did, only the one after.
I really love the way you explain things and otherwise you have made it so easy to follow. I am hoping you will be able to fill in the gap if you have time. I probably have to start over. I need the room with the lava for the last tri force. But the puzzles seem all mixed up and I end up like a circle over and over.
You are great at this, keep up the good job! :)