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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Lanayru Desert

  1. After the cut scene, save your progress at the statue ahead on the left before making your way downhill by hugging the rightmost wall.
  2. When you reach the bottom of the incline, bait the crab enemies into crashing against various walls or trees when they charge at you, then approach them when they are in a state of dizziness and hack away with the sword.
  3. Climb onto the raised circular platform with two small shrubs growing out of it to collect the Amber Relic, then continue forward across the property and approach the broken wall ahead. Move up the broken end of the structure to get on top of it, then open the chest ahead to receive a Tumbleweed.
  4. Drop to the ground on the left and refill your bomb supply, then return to the top of the broken wall and jump onto the nearest cage. Toss a bomb through the top of the next cage ahead and wait for it to detonate, then toss in another one to activate a color explosion and eliminate the enemies that appear.
  5. After the prison bars disappear, speak with the creature still sitting in his cell to receive a Hook Beetle. Make your way onto an elevated platform or ledge, then release your new beetle into the air and pilot it towards the tree with a bomb on top of it that’s located amongst a sea of quicksand.
  6. Use the beetle to snatch up the bomb and fly over to the nearby hole in the ground, then hover above the opening below and drop the explosive into it. Send out your beetle again to retrieve the same bomb, but this time drop it in the baskets of the wall sculptures nearby to tip them over.
  7. Locate another tree with a bomb in it by surveying the area with the beetle, then grab the explosive and use it to topple another series of wall sculptures. Continue in this way until you have exhausted all resources, then locate these fallen statues afterwards and collect the treasures that were hidden behind them.
  8. Make your way to the rear of the property and turn left to wade through an enormous lake of quicksand scattered with islands. Climb onto one of these dirt mounds, then eliminate the projectile enemies with well-timed blocks from your shield and utilize the beetle to drop bombs on the crabs so that their shells can be used as temporary platforms.
  9. Use the crab shells to move between each of the small islands on the lake of quicksand and avoid succumbing to a fatal amount of fatigue in the process.
  10. Use light energy from your sword to destroy the cube on the island with a cactus growing out of it against the wall, then use the beetle to knock out the crab closest to the exit in the corner with a bomb and wade over onto its shell before you pass out.
  11. Move onto the island ahead and exit the lake of quicksand area through the doorway ahead in the corner, then move along the next path and save your progress at the statue to the left. Afterwards, climb up the ledges to the left and make your way around the path that borders the lake of quicksand below.
  12. Approach the mine cart ahead and push it forward so that it drops over the ledge, then turn around and move back around the trail. Drop back down by the previous save statue and unleash the beetle into the air, then knock out the nearest crab with an explosive and use his shell to safely wade onto the leftmost island ahead without tiring.
  13. Release the beetle and snatch a bomb from the nearby tree, then drop it on the next crab ahead and ride his shell forward across the quicksand. Move onto the next island you approach ahead and eliminate the projectile enemy, then make your way through the doorway in the wall to the left and enter the nearby cave.
  14. After arriving in the Temple of Time, save your game on the statue in front of you before unleashing the beetle into the air. Guide the beetle into striking the purple crystals located at the summit of a pointy rock formation in the area, then watch another explosion of rainbow color unfold before crossng the land bridge ahead.
  15. Eliminate the enemy to the right, then enter the mine cart and ride across the gap via the connecting tracks. Move onto the next ledge when the cart comes to a halt and stare out into an area mostly untouched by the blanket of colors you unleashed moments ago.
  16. Turn left and release your beetle into the air, then guide it into the cave entrance that looks like a bird’s mouth and approach the left wall. Strike the pink crystals near the wall to raise the barred gate within, then release the beetle again and snatch a bomb off the top of a tree.
  17. Fly directly above the same cave and hover over the opening in the tree stump resting on top, then drop the explosive onto the purple stones below to splash the area with some color and grow additional foliage.
  18. Hop in the nearby mine cart and ride across the gap on the connecting track, then pass through the cave ahead and take out the awaiting plant enemy to reach the next ledge safely.
  19. Exit the cart and move forward into the next area, then use your shield to eliminate the surrounding projectile enemies before speaking with Gorko by the fortified wall ahead. Move left and approach the mine cart by the wall, then unleash your beetle and snatch some bombs off the cacti in the area.
  20. Hover above the raised column of rock next to the mine cart and drop the explosive to uncover the hidden purple stones, then use another beetle to strike these newly found stones so that they return color to the area.
  21. Defeat the enemies that appear around you and speak with the creature laying in front of the mine cart to receive helpful markings on your map. Afterwards, use the slingshot to strike the purple stones through the opening in the hollow ledge ahead and wait for the color to wash over the area.
  22. Push the mine cart towards the edge of the cliff ahead, then enter it to ride the connecting rail across the gap. Destroy the cube to your left with a blast of light energy from your sword and continue forward along the mine track to reach the next ledge below.
  23. Exit the cart and move forward up the dusty ledge, then eliminate the projectile enemies and make your way into the cave ahead. Upon reaching the new area, wade across the quicksand to the nearest platform on the right and continue to the next patch of rock across from you to the left until a cut scene activates.
  24. After learning about the submerged paths beneath the quicksand, mark these areas on the map with beacons for future reference and finally climb onto the small platform you were initially trying to reach.
  25. Turn right and wade across the sea of quicksand towards the broken chunk of fortified wall, then climb up on top of it and head left along the path.
  26. Save your game at the next statue you see on the right, then drop to the ground over the edge to your left and move slightly to the right of block-shaped formation ahead. Approach the wall with a crack in its base and blow a hole in it with a bomb, then enter the passageway you just created and move down the steps ahead in the next room.
  27. Use bombs to subdue the crab enemy ahead and wade through the quicksand to reach his shell, then make your way onto the ledge to the left and approach the boulder on the panel nearby.
  28. Use a bomb to destroy the boulder and uncover the purple stones, then strike them to change the environment around you and drop to the ground below.
  29. Eliminate the patrolling enemies as you make your way through the maze of crates to reach the orange platform at the back of the room.
  30. Unleash your beetle and snatch up the electrified enemies curled into balls, then fly back to your character’s location and drop the creature just in front of the small set of bars at the base of the device you’re standing by.
  31. Step onto the orange platform to remove the bars behind the curled up enemy, then use the sword to give the creature a push into the opening so that the power is restored and the gate to your left rises up.
  32. Move into the corridor previously blocked by a gate and approach the gear attached to the large ovular mechanism, then jam your sword into the slot and turn the cog to the left.
  33. After the lightning bolts appear, smash the barrels against the surrounding walls to collect additional rupees before exiting this area.
  34. Maneuver through the maze of crates again to reach the opposite side of the room and climb the staircase, then exit the building through the lit doorway at the top of the steps and head left.
  35. Continue to the left across the sea of quicksand and use various platforms or beacons as sturdy surfaces to keep you afloat. When you reach the cliff face that borders the sea of quicksand, move along the wall towards the shore until you spot a crack near the base of the rock.
  36. Use a bomb to blow open this crack and enter the doorway you just created, then move forward through the tunnel and eliminate the enemies ahead to collect a Jelly Blob. Exit the tunnel and take out another enemy waiting outside, then open the blue chest against the wall to receive a Piece of Heart.
  37. Move back through the previous tunnel and re-enter the sea of quicksand, then make your way to shore by heading left and continue forward to return to the areas beyond.
  38. Take a left in front of the fortified wall and stay against it as you move forward, then eliminate the crab in your path with a bomb and turn the corner to save the game at the statue.
  39. Afterwards, open the door to the right of the save statue and enter the next room ahead. Drop to the floor on your right and eliminate the blob, then jump to the platform ahead against the wall and use a bomb to obliterate the boulder across from you.
  40. Jump onto the previously occupied platform ahead, then move to the one directly left of your position and use another bomb to clear away the boulder across the gap.
  41. Strike the purple stones that are uncovered to change the surrounding environment, then drop to the ground and eliminate any patrolling guards you are able to locate.
  42. Open the gold chest you come across to receive a blue rupee, then continue through the stacks of crates to defeat any remaining threats in the area.
  43. Approach the expansive gap at one end of the maze and climb onto the stack of blocks against the left wall, then unleash your beetle and strike the blue crystals across from you to change the environment back to normal.
  44. Use a bomb to eliminate the crab the moves up beside you, then jump onto his shell and ride it forward across the quicksand to reach the ledge ahead. Turn left and climb up the stack of boxes against the wall, then move forward along the ledge above and take out the blob enemy.
  45. Open the blue chest in front of you to receive Eldrin Ore, then push the metal box nearby forward along the wall until it drops over the ledge ahead and lands on the lowermost platform below. Drop down after the metal box and unleash the beetle, then fly him into the purple stones across from you the change the environment again.
  46. Drop to the ground and use your beetle to snatch up the electrified enemy curled into a ball nearby, then carry this creature across the expansive gap that stretches out past the current maze area.
  47. Deposit the enemy in front of the little bars at the base of the device with an orange platform, then return to controlling your character back at the maze and climb up the blocks against the nearby wall that have been stacked into stairs.
  48. When you climb onto the top block, continue forward past the opened chest and cross the bridge of crates to reach the opposite ledge below. Stand on the orange platform to remove the tiny bars, then use your sword to drive the creature into the opening so that the power comes back on and the nearby gate rises up.
  49. Move through the corridor that was recently blocked by a large gate and jam your sword into the gear ahead, then turn it to the left and watch the fire symbols appear. Open the blue chest nearby to acquire the Monster Horn, then collect a blue rupee from the other chest and exit the room.
  50. Return to the opposite side of the area by crossing over the bridge of crates to the right, then continue forward through the maze and climb the stairs at the back of the room. Open the door at the top of the steps to reach the outside area again, then make a right around the corner behind you and take out the crab ahead with a bomb.
  51. Continue forward onto the broken section of wall that cuts through the sea of quicksand and move across it to reach the opposite end of the structure.
  52. Jump out past the edge of the wall and make your way onto solid ground a few feet away, then turn left to head between the red box structures beside you and climb up the broken section of wall ahead.
  53. Turn around when you pass the last section of wall on the left and head up the incline to reach the top, then use your bombs to clear away the two boulders ahead and strike the purple stones you uncover to unleash a wave of color.
  54. Eliinate the enemies that appear on the bridge, then approach the creature to the right of the generator and speak with him to acquire a new type of dowsing target.
  55. Move along the bridge to the right of the generator and drop down over the edge ahead to land on the small section of ground. Wade through the quicksand towards the three wall sculptures on the shore across from you, then use a bomb to blow open the cracked wall behind the leftmost statue and strike the blue stones within to unleash a splash of color.
  56. Toss a bomb into each of the baskets held by the remaining two wall statues and wait for them to detonate. Collect the Amber Relic from behind the rightmost sculpture and enter the room behind the middle piece to turn the gear to the left again with your sword.
  57. After the air symbol appears, you will have officially assembled all the nodes necessary for activating the generator. Wade back across the quicksand and ascend the incline that leads to the top of the wall you’re looking for, then strike the purple stones in front of the generator ahead to replenish its color.
  58. Approach the gear on the face of the generator and insert your sword into, then turn the blade left so that it lines up with the second highest orange mark on that side of the gauge.
  59. Push in the mechanism to confirm your entry, then pull back slightly on the sword and rotate the blade to the right so that it lines up with the lowest mark before locking in the final answer.
  60. Rotate your weapon back to the left so that the lighting meter stands straight up in the 12:00 position, then push in to confirm the final entry and activate a cut scene in which a temple rises from beneath the quicksand.
  61. Move left to drop onto the temple steps, then make your way up them and enter the doorway at the top to complete this part of the game.

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10 Comments on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough


On December 3, 2011 at 9:15 am

Great videos !
sube mas por favor me encanto la leyenda de zelda saludos desde mexico !


On December 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Just wated you to know that I play on grandsons games at times. I loved ALL the videos of Lengend of Zelda Sklyward Sword!

Love the way you also improvise the actions and characters.
Make it sound real:)

Thought I would just say it all here instead of comenting on each individual video.

Continue the great work, this helps quite a bit in knowing what to do and how to do it, in this game. I would have been lost without these videos. Visualizations are great.

I was up to getting the whip and discovered there are no more videos. Sure am hoping you will continue them. Feel like I am having a withdrawel moment here! LOL

This was a grwat idea for you to do this. Best walkthrough ever!

barbara bradcovich

On December 22, 2011 at 8:32 am

in the wing ceremony, when i miss the bird with the statue i cannot find the birds again. instead, i have to go back through the talking before the race. is there a place where you can locate the birds without doing this. thanks can you write my email

barbara bradcovich

On December 22, 2011 at 8:33 am

how do you find the birds when you miss them in the wing ceremony

Libby Hawkins

On December 26, 2011 at 7:14 pm

I just wanted to give kudos to Mitchell for the great job with the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword videos. They are not only easy to follow but also entertaining. Makes you feel like you are playing along with him.
I am 50 yrs old and play this with my 9 yr old grandson.
Great job Mitchell!


On December 27, 2011 at 10:15 am

Mitchell get your ass back to work and finish Skyword Sword…Great job btw!


On December 27, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Barbara – if you look around the edge of the screen, you can see a set of arrows that point towards where the bird with the statue is, if you lose track of it. One arrow means that the bird is close, but off screen. Two arrows means it is far away, but off screen. Move Link toward the direction the arrows are pointing, and you’ll see the yellow bird icon show up. From there, climb higher than the yellow bird to be able to dive down onto it and gather speed. Don’t use your boosts (A-button) until you get closer to the yellow bird. Good luck!

monster world hack

On March 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

YEWWW! Nice fresh vid for Transworld! Respect Shawn!

monster world cheats

On March 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

I really want to play this game so bad… if only theres a psp emulator for pc


On March 6, 2014 at 1:16 am

I recently came back to the game, skyward sword cause I never finished it.
Unfortunately, I am stuck in the sky keep. I got lost with those puzzle rooms. I did good at first following you, but then it seems like you may have skipped a part cause I could not find the next puzzle you did, only the one after.
I really love the way you explain things and otherwise you have made it so easy to follow. I am hoping you will be able to fill in the gap if you have time. I probably have to start over. I need the room with the lava for the last tri force. But the puzzles seem all mixed up and I end up like a circle over and over.
You are great at this, keep up the good job! :)