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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Lanayru Mining Facility

Part 1 – The Gust Bellows

  1. Eliminate the arachnid enemies crawling around ahead and save your progress at the statue by the nearby corner. Afterwards, turn around and use bombs to topple the series of wall sculptures on either side of the current area while collecting the treasure left uncovered.
  2. Veer to the left of the steps ahead and wade through the quicksand to reach the fallen statue in the corner above, then climb onto it and pull down on the switch to unlock the door at the back of the room.
  3. Make your way back through the quicksand and climb the nearby steps, then cross the bridge and open the door in front of you. Eliminate the three-headed monsters on the bridges ahead, then cross over to the wide platform on the opposite side of the area and eliminate the arachnid enemies waiting at either end.
  4. Approach the left side of the wide platform and push one of the wooden boxes against the wall decorated with symbols, then climb on top of it to reach the ledge above and enter the door beside you. Save your game at the statue ahead on the left, then unleash your beetle to snatch up a bomb off one of the sculptures and drop it on the crates blocking the ladder directly to your right.
  5. Turn to the right from the save statue, then move up the bridge in front of you and eliminate the blob enemy. Jump the gap ahead to reach the ladder you just had cleared for use, then climb up it to the ledge above and fight off the swooping bats.
  6. Open the blue chest on your left to acquire the Small Key, then climb back down the previous ladder and jump the gap ahead. Exit the room through the door you used to enter, then drop to ground below and turn down the bridge leading to the left.
  7. Use the Small Key to unlock the chain on the door, then open it and move left around the lava pool ahead, Defeat the first flying puffer with light energy attacks from the sword, then make the next right to cross the wooden bridge ahead and eliminate a second fish enemy.
  8. Climb up the wall covered in branches ahead and turn around when you reach the top, then release your beetle into the air and snatch up a bomb from one of the sculptures below. Pilot the beetle back towards the ledge where your character currently resides and guide him towards the far right end of the platform.
  9. Rise above the brick tower in the corner and drop the bomb on the crate blocking the top of the ladder, then approach this same ladder on foot and climb up it to reach the rooftop above. Stand on the panel in the floor ahead and turn around, then cast out another beetle and guide him towards the center of the room.
  10. Pilot the beetle inside the structure suspended from the ceiling to strike the purple crystal within and restore color to the area, then slide back down the ladder and eliminate the robotic enemy ahead by striking his exposed midsection with your sword. Continue forward and sprint over the high-speed treadmill to avoid falling, then take out another robot and climb down the ladder at the end of the ledge.
  11. Dash to the left across the treadmill moving in the opposite direction and pick up the stamina fruit as it comes towards you to maintain a constant speed while pushing yourself forward. Side-step the incoming obstacles and continue forward at a constant pace until you reach the opposite side of the treadmill.
  12. Climb up the ladder on the left to reach the ledge above, then eliminate the robot ahead and acquire a red rupee from the wooden chest beside you. Slide back down the ladder and sprint forward across the conveyor belt, then climb the staircase to your right and approach the next treadmill around the the corner.
  13. Move onto the conveyor belt and sprint to the right in the opposite direction its moving, then side step the incoming obstacles and collect the stamina fruit as you go. Continue forward up the inclined section of the treadmill and jump to the ledge on the right when you reach the top, then eliminate the nearby robot enemy and run up the wall to pull down on the switch above.
  14. After the door surrounded by neon unlocks, jump onto the previous conveyor belt and ride it back down to the starting point. Open the door surrounded by multi-colored symbols and drop to the ground below, then climb up the ladder to your right and break open the barrels to collect the items.
  15. Jump off the ledge to the left and land on the stack of giant cubes against the nearby wall, then continue forward by clearing the next gap ahead and unsheathe your sword when you reach the other side. Use a blast of absorbed light energy to strike the flying puffer above so that it careens into the rubble on top of the next cube before exploding like a bomb.
  16. Land on top of the cube ahead after the rock clusters have been obliterated, then turn to the left and clear another gap. Turn to the right and jump to the cube across from you, then glide over to the ledge on the left and climb the ladder against the wall.
  17. When you reach the ledge above, open the green chest to acquire the Gust Bellows and eliminate the arachnid enemies that drop down beside you. Slide back down the ladder to reach the ground below and turn around from facing the wall, then approach the upper right corner of the ledge and jump to the next cube across from you.
  18. Part 2 – The Dungeon Map

    1. Clear the gap to the right and eliminate the arachnid enemies that attack, then send the flying puffer into the next pile of rubble with a charged strike of the sword. After the large rocks ahead have been reduced to dust, drop over the right edge of the cube you’re on and locate the green chest on the ground nearby.
    2. Open the chest to receive the Goddess Plume, then return to the previous cube you were last residing on and clear the gap to land on the corner box ahead. Jump to the ledge on the left, then use your Gust Bellows to clear away the piles of sand on the floor and remove the arachnids clinging to the ladder against the wall.
    3. Approach the block at the far end of the platform and push it off the ledge to the ground below, then climb the ladder against the wall and use your Gust Bellows to blow away the piles of dust blocking the entryway ahead.
    4. Open the door you’ve uncovered and enter the next room, then push the nearby block over to the left until you hear the “click’ sound. Drop to the ground below and slide down the ladder slightly ahead on the left, then turn around and jump the gap in front of you.
    5. Eliminate the bat and blob enemies that appear on the bridge, then continue forward and save your game at the statue ahead on the right. Afterwards, turn around from the statue and exit through the golden door.
    6. Drop to the ground directly below and turn left, then use your Gust Bellows to blow away the layers of sand covering this particular corner. After you have blown away all the grime on the floor, push the nearby crate on top of the switch that was buried beneath the sand so that one of the doors on the cross-shaped bridge becomes unsealed.
    7. Turn around from facing a wall that’s behind the crate holding down a floor switch, then move forward and onto the cross-shaped bridge to the left. Take the bridge leading to the right and open the door in front of you, then push through the quicksand ahead to reach the platform nearest to the right wall.
    8. Eliminate the enemies that surround you and move forward to the ledge ahead, then turn to the left and wade through a long gap of quicksand to reach the square platform. Fight off another swarm of enemies as you continue forward to clear the gap ahead and land on the wide ledge with two barrels at the opposite end.
    9. Approach the two barrels by the far wall and turn to the left just before reaching them, then use the Gust Bellow to destroy the puffer ahead looming towards you. Drop into the quicksand below and move slowly along the right wall to reach the square platform ahead, then clear away the mounds on the ledge behind it in the corner and uncover another crystal.
    10. Strike the purple gem to change the environment around you, then turn around from the crystal that’s now blue and jump to the platform ahead. Aim your Gust Bellows upwards into the three c-shaped rotors, then give them an extended blast of air to put the platform in motion across the gap.
    11. Jump to the next area ahead and collect items from the barrels on the left, then move to the opposite end of the ledge and fire the Gust Bellows into the c-shaped rotors across from you to reel in another artificial island.
    12. Move onto the platform that you were able to secure with the Bellows and ride it forward across the gap, then jump to the small pedestal on the left and open the green chest to receive another Monster Horn.
    13. Return to the blue platform behind the treasure chest and use your Bellows to send the transport in the opposite direction, then jump back to the ledge you just departed from and approach the barred doorway in the corner ahead to the right.
    14. Stand before the ornately-decorated and elaborately-sealed entryway on a ledge without much else going for it, then equip your Gust Bellows and aim it upwards towards the pinwheel embedded in the door. Blast the gate with a focused jet of air pressure so that the pinwheel immediately begins to turn at a consistent pace that causes the iron bars across the door to disappear.
    15. Approach the doorway that has opened ahead, which until a few moments ago was barred-off for safety reasons, and enter it before anyone can stop you. Take out the tall robot by striking its vulnerable areas and collect items from the two barrels against the rear wall, then climb down the ladder by the yellow floor tile along the ledge and turn around.
    16. Move to the brick wall on the left and use one of your projectile attacks to eliminate the flying robots above, then equip the Gust Bellows and blast the blue platform across from you with a constant jet of air that will eventually turn the c-shaped rotors.
    17. Once the blue platform across from you starts heading over to the right, follow alongside it for as long as you can to make sure there’s a constant blast of air keeping its rate of speed consistent at all times. When you have followed the moving platform to the opposite side of the ledge you’re occupying, jump out onto it to join your friend.
    18. Use the Gust Bellows to spin the rotors in the opposite direction so that the platform you’re on heads back towards the brick wall area. Once you have come to a complete stop, jump to the next ledge behind you and break open the barrels to collect additional items.
    19. Climb the ladder against the wall to reach the ledge above, then take out the robot waiting for you by the top rung and shoot the symbol to the left of the door ahead with my Bellows to unseal it.
    20. Open the door and enter next the room ahead, then eliminate the wave of three-headed monsters within by utilizing sword strikes and consistent blasts of pressure from the Gust Bellows. After the area is cleared of all threats, smash open the barrels against the wall and blow away the numerous dirt mounds on the floor to collect additional items.
    21. After collecting all you can from the surrounding area, blast the layer of sand off the crate against the wall so that it regains it mobility. Push the box forward for as far as it will go along the unique pathway that’s been cut into the floor for the purposes of making every part of this experience difficult.
    22. When the cargo bumps into the first dead end ahead, make your way around to the left side of the crate and pull it towards you without letting it enter the square notch in the path by your feet. Move back around behind the crate and make sure that it is lined up evenly with the path to ensure a smooth trip forward along the floor.
    23. Shove the crate forward for a small distance alongside the wall until it can go no further, then move around to its left side again and push the box away from you until the container becomes quickly sandwiched by the wall behind it. Get back behind the crate for the final time and guide it ahead to the end of the path cut into the floor, then climb on top of it and jump to reach the next ledge above.
    24. Make your way to the left upon reaching the next area above and turn back towards the gap behind you, then jump across the platforms against the wall ahead and use your Gust Bellow to clear out any enemies that can cross your path. Blow away the mound on the last platform to collect the Amber Relic, then turn around and jump back across the platforms to return to the previous ledge.
    25. Approach the imprisoned treasure chest on the back wall and equip your slingshot, then fire through the bars to strike the blue stones in the back right corner of the cell. After the area is blanketed in color, turn around from the chest and drop back to the ground below.
    26. Defeat Armos by backing away from him in an evasive circular motion to avoid being caught and by spraying him continuously with the contents of the Gust Bellow. Once this enemy takes too many consistent hits, his mouth will stretch open to reveal a crystal inside that can be struck for sufficient damage.
    27. Repeat the previous attack plan until Armos is defeated for good and the two openings around you have become unsealed. Jump to the ledge above and open the treasure chest that was previously behind bars to receive the Dungeon Map, then drop back to the tiled floor below and open the other door that you recently unlocked.

    Part 3 – Mine Cart Escort

    1. Move forward into the next room after collecting supplies from the barrels on the left, then approach the locked doorway ahead and stand on the blue switch to the left of it to make the bars disappear. Enter through the unblocked doorway and move forward to save your game at the statue ahead on the left.
    2. Exit the area through the doorway you just helped unbar a few moments ago, then turn right to cross the field of quicksand ahead while continuously reaching the stone platforms scattered throughout to use as resting spots before succumbing to exhaustion in the worst possible conditions.
    3. After you reach the first available resting platform that’s located towards the middle area of the quicksand field, open fire on any enemies that were pursuing you earlier and begin making plans for the route you will use to cross this desert in the days to comes. Use the Gust Bellow to clear away the sand mounds on all three of the first platforms available at the beginning of this journey.
    4. Enter the crawlspace you uncovered during the cleaning of the three platforms and make your way forward through the shaft until you exit into a room with a treasure chest that contains another Blue Bird Feather.
    5. Eliminate the enemies that suddenly in appear in the room after opening the chest by dowsing them with Gust Bellow, then re-enter the crawlspace and use it to return to the platform located in the field of quicksand. Make a left to continue wading through the quicksand ahead, then head right to reach the first elongated stone ledge running along the side of the field.
    6. Make your way forward along the resting ledge that borders this body of quicksand, then turn to the left when you reach the edge of the stone floor and unload your projectile weapons at the remaining enemies still approaching . When the coast is clear, climb onto the nearest platform across from you and continue fighting off multiple attackers.
    7. Cross to the opposite wall by standing on the smaller platform attached to it, then use your Gust Bellow to clear away the mound of sand at your feet and uncover a secret crawlspace. Duck into the opening and crawl forward through the shaft, then make at left at the first fork and continue through the duct until you reach a ledge that overlooks a massive formation of sand.
    8. Drop over the ledge in front of you and use the Sailcloth to glide safely into the bottom right corner of the area below. Use your Gust Bellow to blast a path through the body of sand in the middle of the room and also to take out attacking enemies that you may encounter.
    9. Begin the process of using your Bellow to remove all signs off sand in the room you currently occupy while avoiding the spikes that spring from the floor. As the layers of grime are blown off the floor, you should begin discovering such items as rupees, fairies, hearts and treasure chests.
    10. When you uncover a purple switch on the floor, stand on it to unseal the passageway on the balcony above for a limited amount of time. Once the entryway above is temporarily unlocked, sprint up the tall staircase against the wall and open the balcony door before it has a chance to re-seal.
    11. Move into the next room ahead, then use the Bellows to blow away the large dirt mound in front of you and uncover a mine cart with bizarre cargo. Approach the strange-looking discovery, then strike the purple stone inside of it with your sword to unleash an explosion of color.
    12. You can follow the mine cart when it pulls away from the platform this time and cross the series of panels that now appear beneath the connecting track being used. When you reach the next ledge across the gap, allow the circular beacon of color-producing magic to fall across the entire area and for the mine cart to be stopped just outside the doorway by the power-crazed gatekeeper.
    13. Use your shield to deflect the enemy’s attacks back at him until he falls in defeat from the upper half of the of the entryway. Fire the the Gust Bellow at the symbol above to send the mine cart on its way, then immediately retune to chasing closely behind it by using the ever-appearing system of floating floor tiles
    14. Continue behind the unmanned cart filled with strange cargo and eliminate the robotic enemy that suddenly appears to block the track ahead, then continue forward towards the ledge in the distance. Stay in close physical contact with the mine car during the home stretch of the journey due to the severe reduction in floor tiles that appear below you.
    15. Escort the cart to the outside edge of the final platform, then pull down the industrial switch that borders the ledge on the right to complete the mine cart’s final arrival into the area. Exit the main platform by using an adjacent bridge that leads away from the party and towards a large pile of sand.
    16. Uncover a mine car beneath the largest mound of sand ahead, then approach it and strike the purple stone inside to unleash a color explosion. Follow behind the nearby cart as it pulls away from the platform to cross an extensive gap, then move to its left side when passing in front of the first ledge to take cover from the statue that shoots laser beams.
    17. Continue moving in cover until the statue ceases fire, then proceed to the next platform ahead and pull down on the industrial switch to accommodate the cart as well. Strike the contents of the nearby mine cart twice to first change the surrounding environment, then change it back to normal.
    18. After the second shift in reality, the mincer will now return the way it arrived by crossing back over the previous gap. Use this opportunity to quickly run out onto the tiles that appear in front of the cart and blast the pinwheel on your left with the Gust Bellow until the next door over is completely unblocked.
    19. Continue forward along the tiles that slowly appear in front of the mine cart and move onto the next ledge to the left, then destroy the robot that rises up and open the door ahead.

    Part 4 – The Ancient Circuit

    1. Enter the next area and turn left towards the wooden bridge, then cross it to continue forward while allowing the air jets that erupt from all sides to shoot out in front of you first so that you know when to pass by.
    2. Cross the bridge and approach the surface covered in gnarled branches, then cut down the enemies that are bursting from the wall before scaling it. At the top of the wall, continue along the branches to the right until you can climb to the next ledge above.
    3. Approach the wall sculptures on your right and toss a bomb into each of the three basket they’re holding, then wait for the explosion to tip them over so that you can jump onto their backs and reach the large mound of sand on the square platform ahead.
    4. Use the Gust Bellow to blow the entire mountain of sand off the raised platform, then strike the purple stone you just uncovered by hitting it with a sword to change the surrounding environment.
    5. Afterwards, jump across the series of platforms on your right to reach the next ledge and move across it to the left. Eliminate the robot and approach the conveyor belts in front of you, then wait for them to spit something out of their slots before sprinting across the entire section of moving red floor.
    6. Continue forward without so much as a stumble, then take a running leap to clear the remaining 4 feet and reach the safety of the other side. Pull down the industrial switch on your right to bring the blue platform on the opposite end of the building over to our side.
    7. Move onto the blue platform that has arrived, then use the Gust Bellow to turn the rotor and ride it back across the gap. Jump onto the next ledge ahead and move down it to the right, then turn towards the enemies in the adjoining area and use your shied to eliminate them with well timed deflections.
    8. Toss bombs to tip over the three sculptures on the wall behind you, then use the Gust Bellow on the platform hanging in the middle of the room with a rotor on it so that the structure is pushed all the way over to the right. Approach the last transport waiting at very end of the ledge you’re on and drop onto it, then immediately make a diagonally directed jump to the stack of cubes nearby before anyone can take off.
    9. Board the blue platform beside the stack of cubes you landed on and use the Bellow to spin the rotor, then ride back across another gap and jump to the ledge ahead. Pull the red crate closer to the platform you just arrived on, then move to the opposite side of the ledge and take off on another blue platform waiting at the end.
    10. Use the Bellow to move the platform away from the ledge we just left behind, then face the wall beside you and throw a single bomb into the leftmost sculpture ahead so that the explosion tips it over onto its face.
    11. Afterwards, move the platform you’re on in front of the next statue to the right and toss a bomb into it as well to topple it over like before. Then, put a slight spin on your platform’s rotor to move in front of the last statue standing and toss a third bomb to watch it fall forward as expected.
    12. Release the beetle into the air and guide him into one of the openings behind the fallen sculptures ahead, then strike the pink crystal within and repeat the process two more times to activate them all at once. After the cut scene, use the Gust Bellows to turn the platform’s rotor and move back across the gap to the other side of the room.
    13. Jump to the ledge ahead and move through the blue doorway that was just unsealed. Battle with the two enemies in the area by spraying them continuously with the Bellow until their mouths pop open, then your sword to strike the crystal inside them.
    14. After all the enemies have been cleared from the room, approach the treasure chest that looks like a cat and open it to receive the Ancient Circuit. Exit the area via the blue doorway and slide down the ladder next to the red block ahead, then turn around from the wall and move left to follow the ledge around the room.
    15. Continue along the ledge until you come to another red conveyor belt, then hop onto it and run towards the background without being slowed by any obstacle. Move onto the ledge to your right, after successfully crossing to the other side of the treadmill, then open the nearby door to enter the next room ahead.
    16. Move up the steps on your right to reach the ledge above, then save your progress on the statue against the back wall to complete this part of the game.

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On December 3, 2011 at 9:15 am

Great videos !
sube mas por favor me encanto la leyenda de zelda saludos desde mexico !


On December 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Just wated you to know that I play on grandsons games at times. I loved ALL the videos of Lengend of Zelda Sklyward Sword!

Love the way you also improvise the actions and characters.
Make it sound real:)

Thought I would just say it all here instead of comenting on each individual video.

Continue the great work, this helps quite a bit in knowing what to do and how to do it, in this game. I would have been lost without these videos. Visualizations are great.

I was up to getting the whip and discovered there are no more videos. Sure am hoping you will continue them. Feel like I am having a withdrawel moment here! LOL

This was a grwat idea for you to do this. Best walkthrough ever!

barbara bradcovich

On December 22, 2011 at 8:32 am

in the wing ceremony, when i miss the bird with the statue i cannot find the birds again. instead, i have to go back through the talking before the race. is there a place where you can locate the birds without doing this. thanks can you write my email

barbara bradcovich

On December 22, 2011 at 8:33 am

how do you find the birds when you miss them in the wing ceremony

Libby Hawkins

On December 26, 2011 at 7:14 pm

I just wanted to give kudos to Mitchell for the great job with the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword videos. They are not only easy to follow but also entertaining. Makes you feel like you are playing along with him.
I am 50 yrs old and play this with my 9 yr old grandson.
Great job Mitchell!


On December 27, 2011 at 10:15 am

Mitchell get your ass back to work and finish Skyword Sword…Great job btw!


On December 27, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Barbara – if you look around the edge of the screen, you can see a set of arrows that point towards where the bird with the statue is, if you lose track of it. One arrow means that the bird is close, but off screen. Two arrows means it is far away, but off screen. Move Link toward the direction the arrows are pointing, and you’ll see the yellow bird icon show up. From there, climb higher than the yellow bird to be able to dive down onto it and gather speed. Don’t use your boosts (A-button) until you get closer to the yellow bird. Good luck!

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On March 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

YEWWW! Nice fresh vid for Transworld! Respect Shawn!

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On March 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

I really want to play this game so bad… if only theres a psp emulator for pc


On March 6, 2014 at 1:16 am

I recently came back to the game, skyward sword cause I never finished it.
Unfortunately, I am stuck in the sky keep. I got lost with those puzzle rooms. I did good at first following you, but then it seems like you may have skipped a part cause I could not find the next puzzle you did, only the one after.
I really love the way you explain things and otherwise you have made it so easy to follow. I am hoping you will be able to fill in the gap if you have time. I probably have to start over. I need the room with the lava for the last tri force. But the puzzles seem all mixed up and I end up like a circle over and over.
You are great at this, keep up the good job! :)