Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Theatrical Pursuits
  • Harboring A Criminal
  • Arkham Asylum Antics
  • Asylum Assignment
  • Chemical Crisis
  • Chemical Signature
  • Unwelcome Guests
  • Destination Metropolis
  • Research and Development
  • Down to Earth
  • Underground Retreat
  • The Next President
  • Core Instability
  • Tower Defiance
  • Heroes Unite
  • Theatrical Pursuits

    1. Welcome to Lego Batman 2, and if the new voice talent hasn’t dazzled you too much, you can prepare to start the first level when all the talking is done.
    2. Batman and Robin burst into the scene at the gala dinner. You’ll start with Robin as your first companion. A quick press of [Y/Triangle] will switch between any followers if you’re playing alone, or even when friends join you.
    3. Goons are running amok in the hall, time to beat them down to size. Batman comes with a few attacks, pressing [X/Rectangle] attacks. Holding the same button will make Batman take out a Batarang and line up a throw when you release the button. You can also do a powerful ground pound when you attack in mid-air.
    4. If you’ve never played a Lego game before, keep in mind that anything made of Lego Bricks can be destroyed with the right equipment. For now, most of the tables and chairs are destructible. Smash them with a few attacks to release lots of Studs.
    5. Studs are like points, collecting many studs will earn you a special prize at the end of each level. Don’t worry about collecting too many studs right now, you won’t be able to find enough on your first playthrough. But, studs will let you purchase new characters, vehicles, cheats and more. So it can’t hurt to try to collect a few.
    6. Glowing blue or purple floating studs will often point you in the right direction. If you’re ever confused, try to follow the studs, usually they’ll take you where you want to go.
    7. Fight through the thugs, and run towards the stage. You’ll see the Joker’s girlfriend, the jester henchgirl Harley Quinn, doing some acrobatic backflips. Just below are some hopping, bouncing Lego bricks. When you see bricks on the ground hopping and surrounded by glowing sparkles, you’ll know they can be constructed.
    8. Run up to the hopping bricks and construct them with the [B/Circle] button. Bouncing bricks can also be heard, so always try to build any you get your hands on.
    9. Before you head up the stairs you’ve just constructed, take some time to look around the dining hall. You can spot people being menaced by Joker thugs. If you defeat the thugs and save all the people, you’ll get a rescue bonus. Finding people to save is what Batman does best, so always look out for people in need of help.
    10. Now, back to Harley Quinn. Get up the stairs, and she’ll warn you to stay away from the Joker. Obviously that isn’t an option when you’re Batman! She’ll retreat and bring in new mimes to attack you. Beat them up, and you’ll learn how to throw Batarangs.
    11. Harley will jump up onto the statue on the left and throw things down at Batman. Try to avoid the junk, Batman only takes four hits before you lose some studs. The only punishment for losing a life in Lego Batman is losing some studs, you’ll reappear right where you left off. Still, losing studs is an inconvenience!
    12. Throw a Batarang up at Harley, she’ll jump down and flips over to the right statue. Throw another Batarang, and she’ll finally flip to the podium. One final Batarang will do her in and open the way forward to chase after the Joker.
    13. The trapdoors will open right ahead of the podium when Harley’s hearts are taken to zero. Jump down the hole to find a Save Switch. These are a new feature of the Lego games, allowing you to save mid-level. Use the Save Switch to save and continue, or take a break if you’d like.
    14. After you save, the gate into the Orchestra Pit will open. It isn’t obvious what you need to do, but the Riddler is hiding somewhere inside. On the left side of the screen, that’s a giant tuba instrument against the back left wall. Hit it, and it’ll move!
    15. Follow the tuba, punching it each time it stops. Eventually it’ll stop near the right wall and explode, revealing the Riddler hiding underneath! The Riddler won’t give up so easily, he’ll make a run for it and hide someplace new. Follow him!
    16. Continuing right, you might spot a gold lock, and other gold Lego bricks. Sadly, you won’t be able to interact with these just yet. The Lego games are full of secrets for players when they go back through them a second time. You’ll spot alternate inaccessible paths all the time. Sometimes it can be confusing, but try to remember what you can’t interact with in each level so you don’t get stuck.
    17. Moving right, go down the steps to enter a play’s set. The Riddler is hiding in the control room, and once you move close enough, he’ll summon a bunch of thugs to attack! Fight them off, if you’re quick you can target multiple goons with a single Batarang throw.
    18. Each bad guy defeated will give you a Stud bonus. One way to get a big bonus is by grabbing a nearby enemy with the [B/Circle] button and then hitting the attack button for an instant defeat. You’ll get a quick five times multiplier.
    19. Another function of the Batarang targeting reticule is the grappling hook. Holding down the [X/ Square] button will produce the reticule. Around the circle, you might notice a tiny triangle pointer. This pointer will guide you to any spots that Batman can use his grappling hook to get higher.
    20. In this area, Batman can grapple up on the left side of the stage. Look for an orange glow. On the second floor, you can find another grapple spot. Use it, and while hanging on, grapple to yet another spot across the gap to your right.
    21. Drop down from the second grapple, and follow the catwalk into the foreground to drop a glowing chest onto the ground, breaking it open. The broken chest will drop bouncing bricks – you know what to do. Build them!
    22. Once built, you’ll find a weird suit floating above the Bat-symbol. Jump into it to acquire the Bat Sensor Suit! With this suit on, press [B/Circle] to activate invisibility.
    23. While invisible, sneak across the Riddler’s security camera. If you’re spotted by the green laser of the camera, it’ll turn red and lock a door. Just stay invisible with the Sensor Suit and cross the beam to your right.
    24. Run into the office and punch out the goon to shutdown the camera, letting Robin through. Now you can keep looking for the Riddler.
    25. Past the security camera, you’ll enter a room with two grappling spots in the background. Grapple up to one, then switch characters to have your partner grapple up to another. While both spots are grappled, the door leading forward will open. Just hang tight until the door and the grapple spots break into studs.
    26. With the way into the background clear, run toward the Riddler. But, he’ll retreat again! Switch to Sensor Suit Batman and use another one of the suit’s functions. Examine the green board against the background by standing on the white target on the ground and pressing [B / Circle].
    27. When the button is pressed, you’ll be able to see through the screen. Look on the right side to find an X-Rayed Riddler. Press the attack button to shoot electricity at the switch, activating it and dropping something heavy on Riddler’s head.
    28. Afterward, he’ll move to try and hide again. Look on the left side this time, and hit the attack button again. Finally, he’ll move to the center, where you only need to activate the last weight to make him fall out.
    29. With the Riddler out, you’ll have to fight him. He doesn’t do anything special, this is a straight-up brawl. Attack him when he gets close or throw Batarangs until his health is depleted.
    30. When the Riddler is defeated, the green board will shatter and leave behind bouncing bricks. Construct those bricks to form an elevator. Have Batman and Robin jump on to ride up to a new room.

    1. Inside, you’ll find a Save Switch on the left, and a stand you can destroy on the right. Save your game, and punch the wheeled stand right next to the door until it leaves behind bouncing bricks. Construct them to form a new suit for Robin; the Acrobat Suit.
    2. Switch to Robin and jump into the Robin symbol to get the new suit, which comes with an Acrobat Pole. Hold [X/Square] to find a Pole Socket. There’s one on the left wall, near the statue. Just look for a white and blue brick socket where a line of Studs shoots out toward the background.
    3. But, you’ll have to deal with deadly penguins first! These penguins are armed with revolvers, so use the jump-attack to wipe them out safely.
    4. Now, attach the Acrobat Pole to the Pole Socket and start swinging. You can reach it with Robin. In the Acrobat Suit, he has a double-jump, just press Jump twice. On the Acrobat Pole, you’ll swing around, giving you a much longer jump. Jump off when you’re ready and follow the line of Studs in the air.
    5. When Robin reaches the upper floor, Two-Face will show himself and send goons after you. There’s nothing Robin can do to fight Two-Face, you need Batman! But, Two-Face will shoot at you in three-round bursts and send thugs.
    6. Use Robin’s jump-attack to smash the leftmost bricks, leaving behind bouncing bricks to construct a grappling point. Switch to Batman, and grapple up to the next floor to join up with Robin.
    7. Underneath the chandelier Two-Face is using, you’ll see two green lasers signifying security cameras. Use Batman’s Sensor Suit to turn invisible and sneak by the cameras. Smash all the brick seats in the booth to leave behind bouncing bricks for you to construct. When all built, you’ll find a strange gold and green transformer. This device can change Robin’s Acrobat Suit into another form – the Acrobat Ball.
    8. Switch to Robin, then interact with the Ball Socket to put Robin in the ball, which allows him to interact with objects. Inside the ball, hold down to lower the chandelier Two-Face is using.
    9. Once lowered, it’s time to beat up Two-Face! Switch to Batman, and lookout. Two-Face is more dangerous than the Riddler, he’ll jump from one side of the room to the other and shoot at you. Dodge his shots, then attack until he’s defeated.
    10. Now that Two-Face is in custody, the flow of running citizens on the double stairs will stop, letting Batman continue upstairs.
    11. In the Film Room, you’ll face the Joker and his thugs. The Joker will charge you and begin electrifying either Robin or Batman. Switch to the other character while you’re zapped and punch the Joker to free your friend and hurt the Joker.
    12. He’ll retreat, just follow him and repeat the process. When he’s down to one last heart, he’ll jump onto the projector and cause a problem. Beat up the Joker thugs near the green transformer to your left, then use Batman’s Sensor Suit to check out what’s going on inside.
    13. Interact with the green brick fuse box. Inside, you can move around several glowing wires. On the bottom right, move the red brick twice. In the top left, move the block once. The transformer will break and throw Joker through the wall. Follow him!
    14. On the left side of the wreckage are some bouncing bricks. Construct them to form a Zip Line. Jump onto the line to zip down stage. With that done, you’ll have the first level of Lego Batman 2 completed!
    15. Gotham City – Stop the Joker

    16. This is where things really change for old Lego fans. Gotham City is a massive area than you can explore fully… eventually. For now, your only goal it to stop the escaping Joker.
    17. You’ll appear on the roof of the building. Jump and you’ll glide down to the surface. Ahead is a police barricade, and right is nothing at all important, but you can find some hopping bricks to destroy. Clusters of hopping bricks signify a Gold Brick. Destroy all the hopping bricks and a Gold Brick will appear.
    18. At the start of the game, you probably won’t be able to unlock most of the Gold Bricks. Fear not, you can always return to get them later! One you can get is down the road, on the right side of the theater.
    19. You can’t chase the Joker yet. Follow the clear studs left of the theater to find some large vehicle pads and a green brick device in the back. Destroy the Lego bricks on the vehicle pad to find bouncing bricks. Construct them to find a new Sensor Suit.
    20. Use Batman’s Sensor Suit to interact with the green brick device in the background. Break all four red locks to open the device and construct the bricks to unlock Robin’s Acrobat Suit.
    21. Near the harbor is another Ball Socket for Robin’s Acrobat Suit to use. Interact, and keep moving until the crane lifts a box and drops it near the vehicle pad, producing even more bouncing bricks. Construct those bad boys to finally activate the Vehicle Terminal.
    22. Using the Terminal will let you summon whatever vehicle you want to get around the city! Jump into the helicopter with Robin to chase the Joker!

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    7 Comments on Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough


    On July 10, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Well, I’m trying to track down one minikit cannister. Can you get which one? Yep, the Core Instability one. With the minikit detector on, there is an arrow pointing at the top of a tree. I’ve toppled all 3 statues, blown up all 10 searchlights, all 5 joker boxes, the cars, the billboards, and even the elusive helicopter, so I have no idea what is left, or why the arrow is pointing at a big nothing there. Any suggestions? I’ve played the level at least a dozen times now (no I’m not exaggerating), but have no idea what I am missing.


    On July 10, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Hey mage11an:

    The big problem with most online guides for minikit cannisters is that they are -super- lazy and don’t bother showing the process to finding the minikit.

    I’ve checked it out myself, and I’ll go through all the possibilities:

    At the very start of the level, there’s a Two-Face jeep. Blow that up, and you’ll get one. Later one, there will be a yellow parked taxi, and another Two-Face jeep.

    After those vehicles, at the bend, there’s a Lego status holding a big key. Blast that. That might be the minikit you’re looking for.

    Here’s hoping,


    On July 11, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Yeah, I eventually found a youtube that shows someone getting all the minikits. Again, I’ve shot the billboards, the cars, the statue arm with the key, the helicopter, and all 3 different statue bases. Nothing. Just that minikit detector arrow pointing at the top of a tree.

    One thing about this level that I find a little shoddy: in free-play, no matter which characters you select, you will only ever get to see batman in the bat-mobile, or robin on his motorcycle. Would it really have hurt them to give the option of rotating through the other characters and their vehicles (so long as the vehicles are armed).


    On July 12, 2012 at 10:41 am


    If you still can’t find the last minikit, I think I’ve finally figured it out. The last minikit — the one where the arrow is pointing at trees, is from one bad guy jeep on the road. The catch? You can’t destroy the statue, you’ll need to be on the first cycle around the city for this enemy car to appear.

    That’s my best guess, and it’s the last one I found — and the arrows were pointing at trees. Give it a try, it might be my last idea.



    On July 26, 2012 at 12:41 am

    Nope. Tried that. I think the location on top of the tree is a generic hiding spot of some kind, that doesn’t go with any particular trophy. Just for the ones that aren’t about blowing up specific targets, or where the minikits hide until you collect them… Anyway, I still don’t know what I need to do to collect this one. A made three trips round each lap, shooting to the right and shooting to the left. That’s 18 trips around the city. No idea what I could possibly be missing.


    On July 26, 2012 at 1:23 am

    Well, maybe that was it after all.
    Seems strange to put the arrow pointing at the tree instead of, oh, say… The truck you’re supposed to shoot. Still, compared to some of the games, that is only mildly annoying. (lego Indiana Jones 2 was full of awful nonsense that made me just give up)


    On July 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    To get the minikit near the tree: destroy fist two ace car at start, then do not shoot fist statue wait and the second two face car will appear, destroy it. That how I got it.