Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Theatrical Pursuits
  • Harboring A Criminal
  • Arkham Asylum Antics
  • Asylum Assignment
  • Chemical Crisis
  • Chemical Signature
  • Unwelcome Guests
  • Destination Metropolis
  • Research and Development
  • Down to Earth
  • Underground Retreat
  • The Next President
  • Core Instability
  • Tower Defiance
  • Heroes Unite
  • Asylum Assignment

    1. First thing’s first, destroy all the glowing bricks near the elevator and construct the parts to create a Hazard Suit for Robin.
    2. With the Hazard Suit, Robin can jump safely into any liquid or walk through fire. There just so happens to be water to your left and fire to your right. Jump into the water pool to your left to fill the Hazard Suit’s tank full of water.
    3. Now full of water, put out the fires by holding down the attack button. You have a limited supply of water, but you can refill just by jumping into the water again.
    4. The Hazard Suit can’t survive electricity as you move right. Jump into the water, you’ll sink to the bottom. You can float just by holding the jump button. But, that isn’t what you need to do, you just need to pull the switch underwater to raise up a new suit for Batman.
    5. Once the switch is pulled, switch to Batman and grab the new suit. The Electricity Suit lets you walk through, well, electricity without being harmed.
    6. Have Batman cross the electrified area with the Electricity Suit, then pull the switch to the right that’s spewing more electricity. With his special suit, he’ll be safe. Pulling the switch will lower some tubes underwater, allowing Robin to move right.
    7. Switch to Robin and continue right. Smash the Lego bricks on the bottom of the pool to let the platforms raise up, giving Batman safe passage over the water.
    8. Cross the water with the new platforms as Batman, and interact with another electrified Lego object to shut down the underwater fans. Now, Robin can continue right underwater. Switch to him and get to it.
    9. As Robin, jump behind the fans, continue right, then exit from another fan to find a nearby switch. Pull it! The fan blades can also be destroyed while they’re stopped.
    10. Turning the switch will activate another electrified switch for Batman above water. Use it with Batman, and Killer Croc will be drawn from his underwater cage. Robin can now get across, so switch back to him and enter Croc’s swimming area.
    11. Inside Croc’s pool, you’ll find a green glowing generator. Smash it with a few attacks, and a fan above water will stop for Batman. Switch back to Batman, smash the stopped fan in front of Croc’s cell, and continue running right.
    12. Past Croc’s cell, under the window, you can find a Lego brick desk. Smash it until only bouncing bricks are left behind. Construct the bricks to form a green paddle.
    13. Switch back to Robin, at the right side of Croc’s pool is a turntable exit. Have Robin stand inside, then switch to Batman and push the green paddle all the way around. Keep pushing, then hold it in place and Robin will automatically exit.
    14. Switch to Robin, and look right for a pile of rubble underwater. That shows you where there’s a hole above. Float to the surface and jump out. In the background, above water, is a blue Lego object. Spray it with water until the meter fills to activate it and lower the stairs leading up.
    15. Up the stairs, you’ll have some inmates to fight. Just left of a waterfall is a switch. Pull it to freeze the water, allowing you to climb the ice like a ladder. Up top, even more inmates will appear to attack.
    16. At the top, look between the two archways for two identical Lego objects. Break them to create fountains of water. Then, find glowing Lego bricks under the rightmost archway. Smash the glowing bricks and build the hopping parts to find an Ice Suit for Robin.
    17. With Robin’s Ice Suit, freeze both water fountains, then freeze the waterfall. Use the frozen waterfall in the background to climb up to the previously unreachable area above. Run up the stairs left and follow the path to the ice platforms you created.
    18. Past the ice platforms, you’ll find a freeze jet. Robin can safely pass with the Ice Suit, and push on the green paddle on the other side. Push the paddle until the freeze jet stops and continue with both Batman and Robin into Mr. Freeze’s area.
    19. Inside the asylum, in the background in the back left corner, you’ll find an electricity covered ice ladder. Switch to Batman and climb up… after all those crazy inmates are defeated.
    20. Climb the ice and pull the switch with Batman to turn off the electricity and let Robin climb up. Switch to Robin and climb up top, where he can continue forward through the dangerous freeze jets.
    21. Cross both, and jump down the trapdoor that opens on the other side. Pull the switch inside to make a green push paddle appear in the center of the room.
    22. Push the green paddle until both freeze jets turn off. Then, you can climb back up the ice ladder, cross over the top of Mr. Freeze’s cell, and use Batman to interact with the electrified switch on the right side of the room.

    1. You’ll need Robin to freeze the waterfall so you can cross over. Once that’s done, Batman is free to cross the gap and use the electrified switch. Pulling the switch will open the elevator. Have both Batman and Robin stand on the buttons inside to reach a new area.
    2. You’ll see Scarecrow running away, but he’ll block the way with fire. Instead, move right to enter a large surveillance room full of thugs. Beat them all down, then use Batman’s Electricity Suit to activate the switch left of the giant monitors.
    3. The monitors will activate, and an Acrobat Ball Transformer will appear in the center of the room. Grab the Acrobat Suit in the front left corner and interact with the transformer as Robin.
    4. On the monitors, you can spot a large box and conveyor belts. A small maze is in the bottom center screen. You only need to move the blue dot up, left, down, and left all the way to the end.
    5. A giant blue crate will rise out of the ground. Use the grappling hook on the handle to pull it open. Beat up the maniacs inside, then break the bricks and build the bouncing bricks to find Batman’s Sensor Suit.
    6. Equip the Sensor Suit, and turn invisible to shut off the security cameras in the left room. Have Robin equip the Ice Suit to put out the fires, and you can chase Scarecrow.
    7. Chase Scarecrow through the X-Ray Machine and left into the large chamber, beating up inmates as you go.
    8. Once all the inmates are beaten, use the Sensor Suit on the blueish green panel on the back of the platform. Look left and interact with the first object once to create a green link. Move to the center object and interact twice. The right object needs to be interacted with twice to complete the link.
    9. The bridge will raise, letting you continue right. Beat up the baddies and use Robin’s ice beam to freeze the waterfall. Climb it and pull the switch on the platform to raise another bridge leading into the background.
    10. Run across the bridge, and cross the catwalk to the center of the room, fighting enemies all the way there. Remember, if an enemy is about to attack, he’ll flash [B / Circle]. If you press the button at the right time, you’ll counter and instantly defeat him, and give yourself a huge stud multiplier bonus.
    11. With all the bad guys gone, use Batman and his Sensor Suit to scan the large Lego wall to the back and left.
    12. To finish this puzzle, use the fuse in the top left corner to drop it. Use the blue objects to clear a path, letting the fuse roll into an elevator. Use the elevator to raise the fuse, then use each of the moving objects to make way for the fuse to land in the correct spot down the twisty tunnel.
    13. The fuse safely in place, the back doors of this large central chamber will open. Down the hallway, the cells will break open and enemies will attack you. Fight them off until you reach a deadly wall of gas.
    14. To stop the gas, have Batman jump and hang from the pole to the left, then have Robin pull the switch that appears on the right. Pulling the switch will shut down the gas.
    15. Into the next room, Scarecrow will throw a canister of Fear Gas, infected Batman and Robin. Thugs will appear and attack. Wipe them out, and a giant Scarecrow will move in for the kill.
    16. Giant Scarecrow takes quite a few hits, and he’s dangerous up close. Use quick attacks like the jump attack to hit him and get away. After three hits, he’ll run behind a barrier of gas and summon more inmates.
    17. Defeat the goons, and Scarecrow will attack even bigger. Give him another three hits, using Batman and hit-and-run tactics with the jump attack. He’ll retreat, and the last of the thugs will break free from their cages and try to beat the Batman.
    18. The more Fear Gas Scarecrow uses, the more sluggish and weird your controls will be. Just try to clear out the goons. When they’re defeated, you’ll find some bouncing bricks to construct on the left and right side.
    19. Construct both to create valves to turn. Each valve will lower and raise a handhold when turned. Turn the left one once, then have Batman or Robin hang from the handhold while their partner turns the valve a second time to raise them back up. Once on the catwalk, pull the switch to vent out the Fear Gas.
    20. Follow the same process for the left and right sides of the cell block. With the Fear Gas all gone, beat Scarecrow back down to size.
    21. Gotham City – Race to Ace

    22. Back in the city, Alfred will let you know that remote terminals are now active. You’ll find your first just ahead, highlighted in a red beam of light. Go use it to give it a try.
    23. Using the computer will reveal more than just one problem. Captain Boomerang has appeared in Arkham Asylum! Ignore him for now, you have bigger problems to deal with at Ace Chemicals.
    24. Set a Marker at your Bat-symbol south of the Asylum. With the market set, clear studs will lead you to your destination. Summon a new Batmobile and drive down to the chemical plant.
    25. On the way, you’ll be stopped by a huge gate. To the left of the gate is an electricity switch. Luckily, even further left is an Electricity Suit for Batman. Grab the suit and use the switch to lower the gate into Gotham City proper. Jump back into your ride and get back on your trip.
    26. Drive through the open gates of Ace Chemicals to start the next level.

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    7 Comments on Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough


    On July 10, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Well, I’m trying to track down one minikit cannister. Can you get which one? Yep, the Core Instability one. With the minikit detector on, there is an arrow pointing at the top of a tree. I’ve toppled all 3 statues, blown up all 10 searchlights, all 5 joker boxes, the cars, the billboards, and even the elusive helicopter, so I have no idea what is left, or why the arrow is pointing at a big nothing there. Any suggestions? I’ve played the level at least a dozen times now (no I’m not exaggerating), but have no idea what I am missing.


    On July 10, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Hey mage11an:

    The big problem with most online guides for minikit cannisters is that they are -super- lazy and don’t bother showing the process to finding the minikit.

    I’ve checked it out myself, and I’ll go through all the possibilities:

    At the very start of the level, there’s a Two-Face jeep. Blow that up, and you’ll get one. Later one, there will be a yellow parked taxi, and another Two-Face jeep.

    After those vehicles, at the bend, there’s a Lego status holding a big key. Blast that. That might be the minikit you’re looking for.

    Here’s hoping,


    On July 11, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Yeah, I eventually found a youtube that shows someone getting all the minikits. Again, I’ve shot the billboards, the cars, the statue arm with the key, the helicopter, and all 3 different statue bases. Nothing. Just that minikit detector arrow pointing at the top of a tree.

    One thing about this level that I find a little shoddy: in free-play, no matter which characters you select, you will only ever get to see batman in the bat-mobile, or robin on his motorcycle. Would it really have hurt them to give the option of rotating through the other characters and their vehicles (so long as the vehicles are armed).


    On July 12, 2012 at 10:41 am


    If you still can’t find the last minikit, I think I’ve finally figured it out. The last minikit — the one where the arrow is pointing at trees, is from one bad guy jeep on the road. The catch? You can’t destroy the statue, you’ll need to be on the first cycle around the city for this enemy car to appear.

    That’s my best guess, and it’s the last one I found — and the arrows were pointing at trees. Give it a try, it might be my last idea.



    On July 26, 2012 at 12:41 am

    Nope. Tried that. I think the location on top of the tree is a generic hiding spot of some kind, that doesn’t go with any particular trophy. Just for the ones that aren’t about blowing up specific targets, or where the minikits hide until you collect them… Anyway, I still don’t know what I need to do to collect this one. A made three trips round each lap, shooting to the right and shooting to the left. That’s 18 trips around the city. No idea what I could possibly be missing.


    On July 26, 2012 at 1:23 am

    Well, maybe that was it after all.
    Seems strange to put the arrow pointing at the tree instead of, oh, say… The truck you’re supposed to shoot. Still, compared to some of the games, that is only mildly annoying. (lego Indiana Jones 2 was full of awful nonsense that made me just give up)


    On July 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    To get the minikit near the tree: destroy fist two ace car at start, then do not shoot fist statue wait and the second two face car will appear, destroy it. That how I got it.