Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Theatrical Pursuits
  • Harboring A Criminal
  • Arkham Asylum Antics
  • Asylum Assignment
  • Chemical Crisis
  • Chemical Signature
  • Unwelcome Guests
  • Destination Metropolis
  • Research and Development
  • Down to Earth
  • Underground Retreat
  • The Next President
  • Core Instability
  • Tower Defiance
  • Heroes Unite
  • Unwelcome Guests

    1. Lex Luthor and the Joker have invaded the Batcave! It won’t be easy hurting them when they’re armed with the Deconstructor.
    2. To damage the duo, run forward to the land vehicle platform, fighting Lexbots and Joker goons on the way there. On the vehicle pad, you can jump into the turret. Target Lex Luthor and just keep firing until he loses a heart.
    3. When he’s heart, he’ll shoot your turret and destroy it. Time to find another way to hurt the villains. The wreckage of your turret forms bouncing bricks. Construct them to find Batman’s Electricity Suit. Equip it now.
    4. Return to the Batcomputer and run left. Rocks will fall and destroy a portion of the walkway, leaving it electrified. Good thing you already have the Electricity Suit! Cross the gap with Batman and hit the electricity switch on the other end.
    5. Let’s take a quick overview of the Batcave. On the far left corner, there are stairs leading up. If you get close, the Joker will destroy the stairs, leaving some blue and white bouncing bricks you can construct to make a Pole Socket, usable only by Acrobat Suit Robin.
    6. On the right side of the cave, a cave-in will block your path than can only be cleared by Power Suit Batman.
    7. The entire time, Lex and Joker will send combinations of their soldiers to attack you, so stay on your toes.
    8. On the left side of the cave, look for a large glowing clear Lego object. Ignore that, because near it is a strange empty Lego platform with an electricity switch nearby. Use Batman and his Electricity Suit to activate the switch.
    9. Using the switch will lower the Bat Suit for Batman. Equip it and jump off the pad as debris falls from the sky! Use your Bat Suit to smash the glass Lego object with Sonic Beams.
    10. Breaking the Lego glass will reveal Robin’s Acrobat Suit. Grab it and get off the pad before it’s destroyed too! Now continue left with Robin selected, attaching a Pole to the Pole Socket where the stairs were destroyed and left behind bouncing bricks.
    11. Use the Acrobat Pole and Robin to flip to the Bat Jet pad. Smash the nearby crate and build the bouncing bricks to create a handhold for Batman to get up there.
    12. Bring Batman to the Bat Jet, then jump in, shooting and Lex and Joker under they destroy your vehicle. Construct the bouncing bricks and grab yet another suit – the Power Suit.
    13. Now that you have the Power Suit, run all the way to the right side of the Batcave, past your Batcomputer and down the walkway. If you haven’t yet, there will be a cave-in. Use a missile to blast through the wreckage.
    14. Walk across the gap, and blow up a silver Lego crate in the corner of the catwalk, left of the pump machine.
    15. Next, have Batman and Robin jump on each of the red buttons on the pump to raise the Bat Boat. Get inside, and start shooting at Lex or the Joker!
    16. After three hits, you’ll get to watch a cutscene. When you return, Superman will be with the dynamic duo. Switch to Superman and use his Heat Vision to cut through the golden Lego bricks in the back of the room.
    17. With the wall cut down, Robin and Batman will automatically get to the second level using the elevator grapple point. Fly Superman up to the third level, Batman and Robin will automatically climb up the Lego rock wall.
    18. With Superman, put out the fires around the two boxes on the third level. Put out both sets of fires, then destroy the boxes and build the bouncing bricks into two sets of hand holds so Batman and Robin can get across to the right side of the third level.
    19. From the third level’s right side, use Batman or Robin to grapple from one point to the next, one at a time, to reach the fourth level.
    20. On the fourth level, switch to Robin and attach a pole to the Pole Socket. Then flip from pole to pole up to the fifth level.
    21. At the top level, the rocks will fall and leave a waterfall. Freeze the waterfall with Superman’s Freeze Breathe. Climb up with Batman, and finally blow open the back doors with Batman’s Power Suit missiles.
    22. The door will open, revealing a Lego wall. Use Superman’s X-Ray Vision to see inside and figure out this next puzzle. Here, you only need to activate each of the red switches to open the door.
    23. With the massive doors open, you can enter another chamber of the Batcave. As you enter, the floors will drop down to leave only narrow walkways.
    24. You’ll need to get Robin and Batman to the left side of this room. Switch to Superman and fly over to the left side, defeat the Lexbot, and free a Robin symbol from its tube when the Lexbots are destroyed.
    25. Still, as Superman, fly up to the upper level and put out the fires around the grapple point. Now, switch to Robin and get him to the Magnet Suit.
    26. With the Magnet Suit equipped, use the grapple point to go up and cross the gap to your right using the blue Lego magnetic surface.
    27. While it looks like you could cross the narrow walkways over to the dinosaur Lego, the walks will collapse when you get near. Batman will have to stay behind for now.
    28. Cross over to the background surface using the blue magnetic Legos, then run across to the right of the dormant dinosaur Lego, fighting the Lexbots as you go. On the right side, look above at the windows of a room above.
    29. Use Robin to pull on the grapple point to open the door inside, then fly into the room with Superman. Fight the Lexbots, and use Superman’s amazing Heat Vision to blast the gold Lego object inside.
    30. Destroying the gold Lego object will cause a short. Now you need to get Batman from the left side of the massive chamber to the right. Switch to Batman using the shoulder buttons, and slowly work your way over to the right using the same blue narrow Lego walkways.
    31. When you’re there, grapple up and construct the bouncing bricks to create a zip-line! Zip down the line and you’ll rejoin your partners.
    32. Now that Batman is here, use his missiles to destroy all three silver Lego objects surrounding the Lego dinosaur. When all three are destroyed, construct the remaining bouncing bricks to form an Acrobat Ball socket. That means you need to get the Acrobat Suit again!
    33. To get the Acrobat Suit, return to the front of the chamber using the blue magnet Lego bricks on the left wall, grab the Acrobat Suit, then use the blue Lego walkways to get to the right side where Batman used the zip-line.
    34. It’s a long process, but it’ll get Robin back to the Acrobat Ball Socket. Use the Acrobat Ball on the Socket and move left until the dinosaur stops, leaving a grapple point overhead.
    35. Use the grapple point on the dinosaur’s tail with Batman. Fight the Lexbots in the far end of the chamber, and use missiles to blast the silver Lego rocks in the ceiling of the cave. Two missiles will be enough to destroy the rocks and allow all three partners to escape from the roof using the giant Lego fan underneath.
    36. Float through the ceiling, and you’ll complete the level.
    37. Gotham City – Sky Chase

    38. Lex and Joker are escaping in a massive flying machine! Luckily, that’s no problem for the Man of Steel. Switch to Superman and jump into the air, holding the jump button.
    39. That’s right, Superman can fly! Take a moment to experiment with Superman’s flying, and when you’re ready to start the next level, fly straight for the giant black LexCorp flyer marked with a waypoint in the distance.
    40. Fly close to the giant jet and the next level will begin.

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    7 Comments on Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough


    On July 10, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Well, I’m trying to track down one minikit cannister. Can you get which one? Yep, the Core Instability one. With the minikit detector on, there is an arrow pointing at the top of a tree. I’ve toppled all 3 statues, blown up all 10 searchlights, all 5 joker boxes, the cars, the billboards, and even the elusive helicopter, so I have no idea what is left, or why the arrow is pointing at a big nothing there. Any suggestions? I’ve played the level at least a dozen times now (no I’m not exaggerating), but have no idea what I am missing.


    On July 10, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Hey mage11an:

    The big problem with most online guides for minikit cannisters is that they are -super- lazy and don’t bother showing the process to finding the minikit.

    I’ve checked it out myself, and I’ll go through all the possibilities:

    At the very start of the level, there’s a Two-Face jeep. Blow that up, and you’ll get one. Later one, there will be a yellow parked taxi, and another Two-Face jeep.

    After those vehicles, at the bend, there’s a Lego status holding a big key. Blast that. That might be the minikit you’re looking for.

    Here’s hoping,


    On July 11, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Yeah, I eventually found a youtube that shows someone getting all the minikits. Again, I’ve shot the billboards, the cars, the statue arm with the key, the helicopter, and all 3 different statue bases. Nothing. Just that minikit detector arrow pointing at the top of a tree.

    One thing about this level that I find a little shoddy: in free-play, no matter which characters you select, you will only ever get to see batman in the bat-mobile, or robin on his motorcycle. Would it really have hurt them to give the option of rotating through the other characters and their vehicles (so long as the vehicles are armed).


    On July 12, 2012 at 10:41 am


    If you still can’t find the last minikit, I think I’ve finally figured it out. The last minikit — the one where the arrow is pointing at trees, is from one bad guy jeep on the road. The catch? You can’t destroy the statue, you’ll need to be on the first cycle around the city for this enemy car to appear.

    That’s my best guess, and it’s the last one I found — and the arrows were pointing at trees. Give it a try, it might be my last idea.



    On July 26, 2012 at 12:41 am

    Nope. Tried that. I think the location on top of the tree is a generic hiding spot of some kind, that doesn’t go with any particular trophy. Just for the ones that aren’t about blowing up specific targets, or where the minikits hide until you collect them… Anyway, I still don’t know what I need to do to collect this one. A made three trips round each lap, shooting to the right and shooting to the left. That’s 18 trips around the city. No idea what I could possibly be missing.


    On July 26, 2012 at 1:23 am

    Well, maybe that was it after all.
    Seems strange to put the arrow pointing at the tree instead of, oh, say… The truck you’re supposed to shoot. Still, compared to some of the games, that is only mildly annoying. (lego Indiana Jones 2 was full of awful nonsense that made me just give up)


    On July 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    To get the minikit near the tree: destroy fist two ace car at start, then do not shoot fist statue wait and the second two face car will appear, destroy it. That how I got it.