Lego City: Undercover Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: New Faces and Old Enemies
  • Chapter 2: Blast From the Past
  • Chapter 3: Go Directly to Jail
  • Chapter 4: When the Going Gets Tough…
  • Chapter 5: Undercover
  • Chapter 6: All in the Family
  • Chapter 7: One Small Job for Chan
  • Chapter 8: The Rescue
  • Chapter 9: Bringing Home the Bacon
  • Chapter 10: Back on the Case
  • Chapter 11: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting
  • Chapter 12: The Con in Constructions
  • Chapter 13: Secrets
  • Chapter 14: Savings and Loans
  • Chapter 15: Far Above the Call of Duty
  • Special Assignment: Fly Me to the Moon

    1. Following the cut scene, destroy the surrounding objects to rebuild them into a red button pad and step on it to ascend to the next platform above.
    2. Use your jetpack to fly across the gap on the right and activate a short sequence, then subdue the nearby thug and clear the next chasm ahead to land on the opposite ledge.
    3. Fly across the gap in front of you to use the keypad on the other side and defeat the thug that descends on the lift, then flip the switch nearby to ascend to the platform above and smash the objects on the left to collect a stick of dynamite.
    4. Blow up the silver doorway to enter the bio-dome and drill through the unstable floor plate to uncover a wind jet, then ride it up to the walkway above and head right around the next corner to subdue the wave of thugs that descends at the end.
    5. Fly across the gap to land on the platform towards the right and smash the silver crate at the opposite end to rebuild it into a color swapper, then use it to turn your gun green and approach the next silver box below to break it open as well.
    6. Open the space crate to activate a materials teleporter and paint the orange-glowing light above to access the bio-dome, then enter the structure to pick up a box of materials and place it on the green floor plate outside.
    7. Construct a moon car out of the scattered lego pieces and drive it over the red floor pad on the left to create a laser bridge, then cross to the ledge on the other side and paint the lights above to open the elevator.
    8. Drive the moon car into the elevator to ascend to the next floor above and exit the vehicle to approach the upper right corner of this area, then use your jetpack to land on the overhead edge and crack open the door nearby to enter the control booth.
    9. Flip the switch on the wall to uncover the red floor pad below and re-enter the moon car to drive on top of it, then cross the next laser bridge that appears to enter the rocket on the other side.
    10. Rewire the fuse box beside you to uncover the light above and approach the color swapper on the left side of the room to turn your gun red, then paint the previous light to deactivate the laser grid and watch the next sequence unfold.
    11. Enter the giant yellow robot to approach the puzzle console on the right and rotate the sections of pipeline to connect the red-buttoned fusebox to the blue-buttoned generator, then watch the next cut scene unfold.
    12. Afterwards, pick up one of the large canisters to your right or left and move around the T-Rex in a wide circle to avoid its swinging tail.
    13. Throw the canister at the T-Rex to temporarily stun it and approach the dinosaur at close-range to grab ahold of the creatures mouth, then tap the indicated button to knock the monster to the ground.
    14. Approach the fallen dinosaur to pick it up by the tail and tap the indicated button to spin around in a circle until the T-Rex is thrown into one of the surrounding energy tanks, then toss another canister at the enemy and repeat this process two more times to activate a cut scene.
    15. Afterwards, defeat the gang of thugs that descend around you and watch as the surround platform starts to crumble until Rex ascends from the middle.
    16. Grab each of the thugs that appear next to overpower them and throw their bodies at Rex to damage his forcefield, then toss the enemies at the unprotected boss to daze him.
    17. Make your way over to the dazed Rex and overpower him to execute a throwing attacking that drains his health, then toss another enemy at the boss to deactivate the forcefield again and repeat the previous line of assault until he is defeated to activate a cut scene.
    18. During the free-fall back to Earth, navigate through the long series of lego rings below to avoid hitting the space debris and guide yourself around the electricity beams by slowing the rate of descent each time.
    19. Continue falling through the series of lego rings to eventually land in the space station below and activate the next cut scene to complete the game.

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    6 Comments on Lego City: Undercover Walkthrough


    On March 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    This game needs Coop and multiplayer like the rest of the lego games for me to buy it.


    On April 14, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Yes, it needs Coop, but it is so much fun on it’s own, you will mis out when not buying


    On May 25, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    I’d give it a 10 out of 10 rating