Lego City: Undercover Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: New Faces and Old Enemies
  • Chapter 2: Blast From the Past
  • Chapter 3: Go Directly to Jail
  • Chapter 4: When the Going Gets Tough…
  • Chapter 5: Undercover
  • Chapter 6: All in the Family
  • Chapter 7: One Small Job for Chan
  • Chapter 8: The Rescue
  • Chapter 9: Bringing Home the Bacon
  • Chapter 10: Back on the Case
  • Chapter 11: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting
  • Chapter 12: The Con in Constructions
  • Chapter 13: Secrets
  • Chapter 14: Savings and Loans
  • Chapter 15: Far Above the Call of Duty
  • Special Assignment: Trouble in Stir

    1. Pass through the next shield icon that appears to activate another cut scene, then approach the nearest prisoner to make an arrest and proceed forward across the length of the cell block to continue clearing the area.
    2. Subdue and arrest all six escaped prisoners to activate another sequence, then enter the cell that the guard opens for you and examine the cabinet inside to unlock Chase McCain (Robber).
    3. Switch to the robber disguise and approach the indicated cell door to open it with your crowbar, then smash the box on the other side to rebuild it as a wall section and ascend to the second floor.
    4. Use a crowbar to open the next locked cell on the left and smash through the adjacent wall to collect a series of bricks, then smash the surrounding objects back towards the right to reveal a blue scanning indicator and follow the hidden footprints to acquire a key from the cabinet around the corner.
    5. Unlock the cell beside you to smash through the adjacent wall and cross the lego bridge on the other side, then continue around the ledge to break open the last door at the end and crack the safe inside the next room to acquire a keycard.
    6. Make your way back to the opposite side of the room and use the keycard to open the cell in front of you, then approach the keypad inside to deactivate the red laser grid and move past it to target the grapple point above.
    7. Pull yourself up to the third floor and arrest the nearby prisoners that have escaped, then head right to approach the next locked cell and break it open with the crowbar.
    8. Enter the cell to smash through the next three walls ahead and exit out the last one, then make your way around into the room at the end and destroy the red filing cabinet to rebuild it as a keypad.
    9. Use the keypad to open the doors beside you and pass through them to enter the warden’s office, then smash apart the furniture that lines the walls and reveal the next blue scanning indicator.
    10. Follow the trail of hidden footprints to the warden’s desk and open the lower drawer to find the prisoner icon, then target the grapple point above to pull down the chandelier and use the pieces to construct a barrier over the bathroom door.
    11. After the next short sequence, crack the wall safe that’s been revealed to acquire the record and insert it into the player on the other side of the room to activate another cut scene.
    12. Assemble the scattered pieces that appear to construct a keypad and use it to reveal the secret elevator behind the painting, then enter it to reach the next floor below and break open the cell door on the right.
    13. Enter Rex’s cell to smash the surrounding furniture and subdue the pair of criminals that emerge from the jacuzzi, then target the hot tub with your grapple gun to pull it apart and press the button inside.
    14. Break open the punching bag to press the next button underneath it and construct a drum kit from the scattered pieces nearby, then destroy the toilet to unleash a geyser of water and ride it up onto the ledge above.
    15. Head right to climb across the section of legos on the ceiling at the end and destroy the nearby generator, then use the blue scanning indicator to follow the next trail of hidden footprints and open the floor cabinet they lead to.
    16. Assemble the lego pieces inside the floor cabinet to create the last button and press it to reveal the tunnel behind the painting below, then crawl through it to exit the prison and activate a cut scene.

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    6 Comments on Lego City: Undercover Walkthrough


    On March 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    This game needs Coop and multiplayer like the rest of the lego games for me to buy it.


    On April 14, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Yes, it needs Coop, but it is so much fun on it’s own, you will mis out when not buying


    On May 25, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    I’d give it a 10 out of 10 rating