Lego City: Undercover Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: New Faces and Old Enemies
  • Chapter 2: Blast From the Past
  • Chapter 3: Go Directly to Jail
  • Chapter 4: When the Going Gets Tough…
  • Chapter 5: Undercover
  • Chapter 6: All in the Family
  • Chapter 7: One Small Job for Chan
  • Chapter 8: The Rescue
  • Chapter 9: Bringing Home the Bacon
  • Chapter 10: Back on the Case
  • Chapter 11: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting
  • Chapter 12: The Con in Constructions
  • Chapter 13: Secrets
  • Chapter 14: Savings and Loans
  • Chapter 15: Far Above the Call of Duty
  • Special Assignment: Miner Altercation

    1. Head towards the left of the train tunnel in the background and search the surrounding area for lego pieces, then speak with miner guarding the shaft’s entrance to receive your next objective.
    2. Approach the green building beside the train tunnel to break open its locked door with a crowbar and crack the safe inside to acquire a steam wheel, then climb the small set of steps located outside of this structure and reattach the wheel to the whistle.
    3. Turn the valve to set off the steam whistle and clear the surrounding area of miners, then enter the previously guarded shaft to pass through a shield icon and activate a cut scene.
    4. Afterwards, approach the locked door beside the mine tracks to crack it open with a crowbar and pull the switch inside to receive a pile of building materials.
    5. Use the scattered lego pieces to build a yellow block and push it forward to reach the wooden steps above, then climb the free-run wall at the top to use the next grapple point on the right and swing across the gap ahead to proceed forward.
    6. Smash the surrounding objects to rebuild them into a catapult and launch yourself over to the next wooden platform, then crack open the nearby door to access the cabinet inside the building and unlock Chase McCain (Miner).
    7. Break apart the boulders outside on the right with your pickaxe and use the rope to slide back to the ground below, then smash another pile of rocks nearby to pick up the lever that’s buried underneath and turn around to attach it to the switch on the wooden pole.
    8. Flip the switch to receive a large pile of building supplies and use them to create a vending machine, then pull a stick of dynamite out of it and approach the jammed turbine in the corner behind you.
    9. Place the dynamite in the nearby barrel to destroy the silver block jamming the turbine and activate a short sequence, then approach the building materials dropped by the crane to fix the broken section of track and start pushing the mine cart full of explosives forward to unblock the tunnel.
    10. Subdue the pair of criminals that emerge and move forward through the tunnel ahead to arrive in the next area, then defeat another group of thugs in front of you and visit the vending machine on the wooden platform in the corner to acquire a stick of dynamite.
    11. Blow up the nearby porta-potty to rebuild it into a diving board and jump off the end to free fall down the chasm below, then navigate through the series of lego rings beneath you by pressing the indicated button to slow your descent.
    12. Slow down and move in the same rotating direction as the large industrial fans to pass through the spinning blades below, then continue free-falling down the chasm until your parachute deploys.
    13. Land on the wooden platform below to smash the surrounding objects in this area and clear the boulders blocking the next mine tunnel, then follow the tracks forward to enter a new cave.
    14. Smash the surrounding objects to reveal a blue scanning indicator and follow the hidden footprints over to a small pile of debris, then dig through it to uncover a stick of dynamite and use it to destroy the mine cart on the tracks.
    15. Rebuild the destroyed mine cart into a yellow block and push it forward to reach the second ledge above, then subdue the nearby criminals and jump across the gap on the right to climb up the next drainpipe.
    16. Drop down onto the next ledge above and smash the surrounding objects to rebuild them into a catapult, then launch yourself onto the overhead platform and target the grapple point in front of you to pull down the bridge.
    17. Cross the bridge to destroy the objects on the other side and rebuild them into handholds, then climb up them to reach the ledge above and use the pickaxe to clear away the boulders in front of you.
    18. Destroy the blue barrel ahead to rebuild it into a bridge and move across it to pick up the torch on the other side, then use it to light the previous fuse and clear the area above with an explosion.
    19. Climb up onto the ledge above to the right and crack open the cage to free a bird, then jump over the gap on the left to swing across the light poles ahead and ascend the ladder on the other side.
    20. Swing to the next platform above on the left to climb across the nearby free-run wall and ascend the ladder on the other side to slide down the wire at the top, then collect the brick and return to the ground below.
    21. Smash the nearby boulders to uncover another brick and drop down another level to approach the Super Build platform, then construct the cable car to enter it and watch the next action sequence unfold.
    22. Jump across the series of gaps in front of you to climb along the next free-run wall and ascend to the ledge above to subdue the nearby criminals, then target the grapple point in the upper left corner of this area to pull yourself onto the overhead platform without falling into the grinder.
    23. Climb the next free-run wall to wait for one of the exploding rocks pass by on the right and jump onto the conveyor belt to proceed forward across it by vaulting over the red-hot objects, then ascend to the ledge above to destroy the pile of boulders on the left and make your way up the cleared incline to subdue another gang of criminals at the top.
    24. Destroy the surrounding objects to rebuild them into a vending machine and pull a stick of dynamite out of it to blow up the nearby porta-potty, then construct a catapult from the broken pieces to launch yourself onto the ledge above and head right to drop through the opening in the rooftop.
    25. Crack the nearby safe to play the voice recorder stored inside of it and wait for the next cut scene to be activated.

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    6 Comments on Lego City: Undercover Walkthrough


    On March 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    This game needs Coop and multiplayer like the rest of the lego games for me to buy it.


    On April 14, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Yes, it needs Coop, but it is so much fun on it’s own, you will mis out when not buying


    On May 25, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    I’d give it a 10 out of 10 rating