Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats

Pirates love to cheat. The historical record is quite clear on that point. If our full walkthrough isn’t enough for you, this page should do the trick, teaching you how to unlock playable characters, items, areas, and more. It also contains full lists of achievements and trophies. Dive into the plunder below!


Ammand – EW8T6T

Angelica (Disguise) – DLRR45

Angry Cannibal – VGF32C

Blackbeard – D3DW0D

Clanker – ZM37GT

Clubba – 644THF

Davy Jones – 4DJLKR

Gunner – y611Wb

Hungry Cannibal – 64BNHG

Jacoby – BWO656

Jimmy Legs – 13GLW5

King George – RKED43

Koehler – RT093G

Mistress Ching – GDETDE

Philip – WEV040

Quartermaster – RX58HU

The Spaniard – p861JO

Twigg – KDLFKD

Governor Weatherby Swann – LD9454

Gold Bricks

Story Bricks – You get a Gold Brick for each story mission, for a total of 20.

True Pirate Bricks – Only sea-dogs who have been well bled before the mast will be able to finish a level while fulfilling its True Pirate stud requirement. For each level completed in this manner, you get a Gold Brick, for a total of 20.

Ships in a Bottle Bricks – Each level has 10 collectible Ships in a Bottle scattered through it. Find them all, and you get a Gold Brick. 200 Ships total, 20 Gold Bricks.

Compass Item Bricks – By using Jack’s Sparrow’s mystical compass, you can find special items, eight per level. There are 160 Compass items, and 20 Gold Bricks reward for finding each set of eight.

All Ships Bricks – Once you have found all the ships in the bottle in each of the five sections of the game, you get an extra brick — 40 Ships per section, five Bricks in total.

The Ride Brick – If you have accumulated all 84 other Bricks, you can go to the area in front of the tavern, where the cannons are. There, you can spend all 84 Bricks to build a golden mast. Having done so, climb the back stairs and enter a back passageway that was previously blocked by a golden gate. A reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland that inspired the movies in the first place, it will entail fighting against adversaries from the film and their crews: first two Black Pearl crewmen and Barbarossa. Then two from the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones. Then, finally, two from the Queen Anne’s Revenge and Blackbeard.

Red Hats


Breathe Underwater – 250,000 – You’ll need a character who has explosives and who can walk underwater. Dive down under the sea, and look for three silver locks holding back some flags. Blow them up.

Extra Hearts – 500,000 – Jack’s magical compass will point you toward a shovel and a crate of bombs in the Port. Use the bombs to blow up the silver boulders underneath the water, then raise a walkway using the crank. After selecting a female character, spin the two green bars around.


Treasure Magnet – 225,000 – You’ll need 14 Gold Bricks to get this one. Use them to build a sandcastle on the left side of the beach, then destroy it to get the reward.

Treasure x2 – 500,000 – Quickly jump between the beach’s five wooden posts.

Ship in a Bottle Finder – 400,000 – Take a ride on one of the beach’s large crabs.

Regenerate Hearts – 275,000 – You’ll need 24 Gold Bricks to get this one. Use them to build a sandcastle on the right side of the beach, then destroy it to get the reward.


Red Hat Finder – 300,000 – The magical compass will point you to the location of this Red Hat. Once you find it, cut down all the flowers to retrieve it.

Disguises – 25,000 – Touch off the barrel of explosives on the right of the tower.

Fast Build – 125,000 – You’ll need 32 Gold Bricks to get this one. Build a crate near the tower, then destroy it and re-form the pieces into an elevator. Spin the nearby wheel and hop in the elevator.

Treasure x 10 – 2,500,000 – Use the spyglass at the top of the tower.

Fast Forge – 75,000 – Repair the broken water pump at the end of the dock.


Always Double Treasure – 600,000 – Use a cannon to destroy the targets.

Fall Rescue – 175,000 – Shoot the three targets on the tavern.

Extra Toggle – 100,000 – Blow up the silver skull lock on the upper balcony of the tavern.

Character Treasure – 150,000 – Blow up the three silver kegs in the tavern.

Treasure x 4 – 1,000,000 – Use Blackbeard’s power to access the magical black-and-red gate, then use a character with the singing ability so shatter the aquarium.

Treasure x 6 – 1,500,000 – Hit the gray containers around the well several times.


Fast Dig – 50,000 – You’ll need 24 Gold Bricks to get this one. Build a winch and raise the bridge to the hut.

Treasure x8 – 2,000,000 – Smash the small cage inside Tia Dalma’s hut.

Invincibility – 1,000,000 – Use Blackbeard’s power to open the mystic skull chest inside Tia Dalma’s hut.


Welcome to the Caribbean! (12 points)
Complete Port Royal

Hello, poppet! (15 points)
Unlock all Elizabeth characters (Single Player Only)

The Green Flash (15 points)
Watch a sunset

You may throw my hat (40 points)
Collect all the red hats (Single Player Only)

A weather eye on the horizon (15 points)
Use a spyglass

More what you’d call guidelines (15 points)
Complete the Brethren Court

A pirate’s life for me (15 points)
Test any custom character

The worst pirate I’ve ever seen (15 points)
Complete Port Royal in Story with zero studs

The Brethren Court (25 points)
Unlock all the Pirate Lord characters (Single Player Only)

The best pirate I’ve ever seen (15 points)
Complete Port Royal in Story without dying

On Stranger Tides (20 points)
Complete the Film 4 story

Take what you can (65 points)
Collect all Gold bricks (Single Player Only)

At World’s End (20 points)
Complete the Film 3 story

The Curse of the Black Pearl (20 points)
Complete the Film 1 story

Dead Man’s Chest (20 points)
Complete the Film 2 story

Do you fear death? (25 points)
Unlock all the Flying Dutchman crew characters (Single Player Only)

The pirate all pirates fear (25 points)
Unlock all the Queen Anne’s Revenge crew characters (Single Player Only)

Believing in ghost stories (25 points)
Unlock all the cursed Black Pearl crew characters (Single Player Only)

Now bring me that horizon (100 points)
Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)

Here there be monsters (15 points)
Get eaten by a creature in deadly water

Gents, take a walk (20 points)
Walk on the sea bed with all possible characters

I am a bad man (15 points)
Play a level with all Extras turned on (Single Player Only)

Sea turtles, mate (25 points)
Ride on all types of animal in the game

There’s the Jack I know (25 points)
Get True Pirate in all levels (Single Player Only)

Aye-aye, captain! (15 points)
Play a level in co-op

You’re off the edge of the map (15 points)
Highlight the secret 6th point on all 4 level select maps (Single Player Only)

Hello, beastie (25 points)
Get eaten by the Kraken 10 times

Fire! (15 points)
Fire 100 cannonballs

Fight to the bitter end! (20 points)
Defeat 100 enemies

Five lashes be owed (15 points)
As Jimmy Legs, whip Will Turner 5 times

Hoist the colours! (50 points)
Sail all the minikits in the hub

Parley! (25 points)
Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)

What do you want most? (25 points)
In any level use only the compass to find all it’s secrets in one go, alone.

You filthy, slimy, mangy cur! (15 points)
Complete all the Guard Dog levels

Try wearing a corset (15 points)
Do 5 lady backflips in a row

Pieces of Eight (88 points)
Reach 888,888,888 studs

Did everybody see that? (20 points)
High dive into the Maelstrom

Wind in your sails! (15 points)
Hit a flying parrot on Smuggler’s Den

And really bad eggs (25 points)
Play as all the Extra Toggle characters

Savvy? (15 points)
Unlock all the Jack Sparrow characters (Single Player Only)



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