Lego: The Hobbit – Easy Master Burglar Completion Guide

Get all the studs for every level in Lego: The Hobbit with just a little bit of effort with our Master Burglar completion guide. Just like every entry in the long-running Lego series, each level features a stud collection requirement for 100% completion. Sometimes it’s easy, other times it’s pretty tough. Let’s make it easy every single time with the earliest unlockable Stud Multipliers. Check out what to do below.

Go on an adventure with Gandolf and the GameFront guys on our Lego: The Hobbit walkthrough showing you how to navigate the dangers of Middle-Earth. If you’re hungry for more achievement guides or collectible locations, check out the Lego: The Hobbit cheats list.

Easy Master Burglar Completion Guide

Like True Jedi, Master Builder, or True Believer, each level in Lego games has a special title for earning the maximum required amount of studs. The title always unlocks an extra minikit.

For many levels, players might unlock Master Burglar without ever trying. After completing Story Mode, return to any levels you missed and play through again. Smash everything made of Lego bricks, and explore the new optional areas available only in Free Mode.

That can be time consuming. If you want to easily unlock Master Burglar without combing each level for studs, simply try unlocking the Stud Multiplier cheat codes.

Stud Multiplier cheat codes can be stacked, and you’ll only need the x2 or x4 multiplier to complete the stud requirements for every stage easily.

Easy x2 Multiplier Red Brick Location

The earliest Red Brick Multiplier can be found in Hobbiton. After unlocking an Elf, get the Mithril Flail schematic from the level “Over Hill and Under Hill.”

Shoot arrows into the background arrow slots at the start of the level. Swing on the arrows to get the schematic, then forge the item in the Bree blacksmith shop.

Now travel back to Hobbiton during the day to find a red quest marker in the northwestern section of town. Trade the Mithril Flail, and you’ll be able to buy the multiplier for 500,000 studs. Sounds expensive, but it’s worth it!

Complete Stud Multiplier Locations

x2 Studs:

  • Cost: 500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Flail
  • Mithril Flail (Over Hill and Under Hill): Right at the start switch to an elf and shoot arrows into the yellow slots on the cliffs. Jump up and swing to the high wooden ledge to grab the schematic.
  • Red Brick: Complete the quest in Hobbiton during day time. Find him in the far northern section of the map.

x4 Studs:

  • Cost: 1,500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Shadow Blade
  • Mithril Shadow Blade: South and slightly east of Bree, look for large yellow and purple sign post arrows. Follow the yellow arrows, if you find a purple arrow, go the opposite direction to find the next yellow arrow. If you go the right way, two yellow arrows will appear above loose dirt. Dig it up to find a key, then jump over to a special altar. Feed it some crafting items, which can be purchased in Erebor, to discover the schematic.
  • Red Brick: Travel to the High Pass east of Rivendell. Climb down the huge Lego brick cliff and swing across the hook-slot gap, then climb up to find the quest giver.

x6 Studs:

  • Cost: 4,500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Contruction Hat
  • Mithril Construction Hat: On the road between Dol Guldur and Rhovanion, find the goblin wall and climb up with a goblin character. Jump the platforms and plant a flower to reach the budding jump pads above. On the mountain path, run to the cave entrance. Solve the puzzle by moving the large block to the high ledge. Set a fire and smash the chest to get the hat.
  • Red Brick: On the southern shores of Moria, near the water you’ll find the quest giver next to a Lego tent.

x8 Studs:

  • Cost: 10,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Beanstalk
  • Mithril Beanstalk: Far south of Rivendell, in the snowy Pass of Caradhras, there’s a cave covered with mithril rocks. Find it near a snow man. Smash open the rocks to find the schematic inside.
  • Red Brick: On the path south of Bree’s entrance from Hobbiton you’ll find a lady with the quest on a cliff edge.

x10 Studs:

  • Cost: 20,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Candle Staff
  • Mithril Candle Staff: South of Dol Guldur in the forest, look for sparkling wooden bricks covering a cave entrance. Use the ring with Bilbo and destroy the planks. Inside, there’s a locked altar requiring three hidden keys. Dig up the loose dirt on the right, shoot the target under the owl in the tree to the left, and break the bricks in the foreground left to find the third key. Use all three keys to find the schematic.
  • Red Brick: In the elven forest west of Dol Guldur, complete the other optional quests before the rest stud quest will appear in the trees.

Stud Requirements

  • The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth: 130,000 Studs
  • An Unexpected Party: 70,000 Studs
  • Azog the Defiler: 25,000 Studs
  • Roast Mutton: 50,000 Studs
  • The Troll Hoard: 65,000 Studs
  • Over Hill and Under Hill: 80,000 Studs
  • Goblin Town: 135,000 Studs
  • Out of the Frying Pan…: 40,000 Studs
  • Queer Lodgings: 30,000 Studs
  • Flies and Spiders: 85,000 Studs
  • Barrels out of Bond: 80,000 Studs
  • A Warm Welcome: 60,000 Studs
  • Looking for Proof: 85,000 Studs
  • The Necromancer: 30,000 Studs
  • On the Doorstep: 80,000 Studs
  • Inside Information: 100,000 Studs

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