Lego: The Hobbit Red Bricks Locations Guide

Unlock invincibility, super jumps and stud multipliers with the red brick collectibles guide for Lego: The Hobbit. These elusive pieces make powerful cheats available for purchase in the extras menu, making it super easy to get rich on studs. Don’t miss out on these handy items — find every locations right here.

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Red Bricks Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for new updates to the Lego collectibles guide.

Note: To earn Red Bricks, you’ll need to find schematics and build them in Bree. Many minifigs offer quests for the completed schematic items. As a reward, you’ll often earn Red Bricks. Check out our schematics locations guide for more help.

x2 Studs:

  • Cost: 500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Flail

Complete the quest in Hobbiton during day time. Find him in the far northern section of the map.

x4 Studs:

  • Cost: 1,500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Shadow Blade

Travel to the High Pass east of Rivendell. Climb down the huge Lego brick cliff and swing across the hook-slot gap, then climb up to find the quest giver.

x6 Studs:

  • Cost: 4,500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Contruction Hat

On the southern shores of Moria, near the water you’ll find the quest giver next to a Lego tent.

x8 Studs:

  • Cost: 10,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Beanstalk

On the path south of Bree’s entrance from Hobbiton you’ll find a lady with the quest on a cliff edge.

x10 Studs:

  • Cost: 20,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Candle Staff

In the elven forest west of Dol Guldur, complete the other optional quests before the rest stud quest will appear in the trees.


  • Cost: 50,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Warhammer

All the way on the snowy ramparts outside Erebor, you’ll find a dwarf quest.

Boss Disguises:

  • Cost: 100,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Booty Blade

Clear the other quests in Lake-Town to find the quest giver on a small separated dock southwest of the town.

Minikit Detector:

  • Cost: 150,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Bandit Gloves

Down in Thrunduil’s Kingdom, one of the goblins will give the minikit detector red brick.

Miniature Characters:

  • Cost: 300,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Snowapult

Complete the other quests in Caradhras first and return in the daytime to find the quest giver on the little hill island off the main path.

Fast Build:

  • Cost: 100,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Fishing Pole

On the road from Hobbiton leadin to Bree, you’ll find a female hobbit quest giver. Complete the quests in the area to make her appear.

Attract Studs:

  • Cost: 175,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Mirror Armor

Back in Lake Town, the quest giver is located in the northeastern corner of the the floating city.

Regen Hearts:

  • Cost: 100,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Stud Spade

Back in Hobbiton, complete the other quests in the area before a quest giver appears in the town market square.

Character Studs:

  • Cost: 85,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Dance Boots

Complete the quests in Hobbiton and return during day light to find the red brick quest inside a small open house in the center of town.


  • Cost: 500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Falcon

Go to the balcony east of the bridge at the center of Rivendell to find the quest giving elf.

Mithril Hearts:

  • Cost: 75,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Skull Cap

Back in the Necromancer’s lair of Dol Guldur, look in the northern path closest to the entrance into the forest realm. A skeleton will give the quest.

Poo Studs:

  • Cost: 25,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Giddy-Up Staff

Returning to the fields outside Bree, run over to Weathertop to find a dwarf near a caged shack.

8-Bit Music:

  • Cost: 200,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Bomb Blade

In the town of Dale, complete the optional quests to unlock the quest giver. He can be found near the huge boarded-up hall in the south part of town.

Middle-Earth Carnival:

  • Cost: 50,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Skeleton Crank

Go down to Radagast the Wizard’s house to find a goblin red brick quest giver.

Snake Flails:

  • Cost: 25,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Multi-Bow

Complete quests in Thranduil’s Kingdom, then return to the underground. Use an elf to shoot an arrow slot and swing across, following the path outside to the quest giver.

Super Slap:

  • Cost: 50,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Mushroom Crown

Find the quest giver in cave outside the town of Bree.

Fall Rescue:

  • Cost: 25,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Claws

Complete the goblin quests in the High Fells east of Rivendell to unlock a goblin quest.

Mithril Brick Detector:

  • Cost: 175,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Music Kit

Finish up any optional quests in the High Fells to unlock another red brick giving goblin.

Attract Loot:

  • Cost: 100,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Megapult

Collect the Super Slap first, then this quest will become available on the road south of the entrance into Bree from Hobbiton.

Double Loot:

  • Cost: 250,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Horse Shoes

Travel northeast of the town of Bree to find the quest giver at a pumpkin stand. Complete any optional quests in or around Bree if she doesn’t appear.

Perfect Forging:

  • Cost: 5,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Pickaxe

Finish up quests in Hobbiton, then travel down the southwest path to find the red brick quest in a rocky dead end.

Treasure Item Detector:

  • Cost: 250,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Slippers

On the path directly south of the city of Rivendell, look for a cave across the water. A goblin will trade treasure for a red brick.

Always Loot Rubies:

  • Cost: 250,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Wraith Armor

Back in Dol Guldur, go to the area just outside the realm and search the southern boundaries of the forest.

Always Loot Diamonds:

  • Cost: 1,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Hammer Hands/li>

Complete quests in Lake Town to unlock the red brick quest located around the western side of town.

Always Loot Gold:

  • Cost: 1,000,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Rhythm Stick

Enter the cave dance party in the High Fells, one of the suited trolls will trade.

Always Loot Emeralds:

  • Cost: 500,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Fireworks Bow

Complete quests in the Elven Forest area to make the quest giver appear on the high wooden tree platforms.
Always Loot Sapphires:

  • Cost: 600,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Catchphrase Mallet

Unlock the Character Studs red brick before returning to Hobbiton, where you’ll find the quest icon in the market square.

Always Loot Silver:

  • Cost: 250,000 Studs
  • Item: Mithril Tornado Axe

Purchase the Disguise red brick cheat and search the mountain exterior of Erebor.

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