Lollipop Chainsaw: All Lollipop Wrapper Collectible Locations

Juliet can’t get enough of her lollipops, but when it’s in the title of the game that’s a given. Like most games in our achievement hungry era of gaming, there are meaningless collectibles to obtain in the name of completion. The chainsaw wielding teenger of San Romero wants to find 40 lollipops. Do you want to stop her? Help a girl out, and use our handy guide to find all 40 wrappers to unlock an achievement or trophy. Get the goods below.

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Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

    Lollipop Addict (30 points / Silver): Collected all lollipop wrappers

All Lollipop Wrapper Collectible Locations

    Prologue – 4 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #1: After learning to slash, find the lollipop to the left of the bus in the same area as the second SOS Classmate.
  • #2: When you reach an alley after using the first shop, jump over the ledge and look behind the fence.
  • #3: After reaching the third SOS Classmate rescue, look behind the bus after running through the gate.
  • #4 – Near the helicopter at the end of the stage, you’ll find another lollipop right of the fence.
  • Stage 1 – 7 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #5: Find the first lollipop of this stage directly behind the first classmate you can rescue.
  • #6: After the bus crashes into the school, run down the hallway to destroy the large lockers.
  • #7: Look in the room right before entering the Gymnasium, after chainsawing your way through a door. After entering the room, look behind some shelves across the room.
  • #8: Watch the cutscene when you find Juliet’s cake, and find the wrapper in the corner of the same room.
  • #9: After learning Nick’s possession skill, look behind the blue body to find another wrapper.
  • #10: Get to the classroom with a dozen zombies and a headless body. Look for the wrapper near the blackboard.
  • #11: Getting closer to Zed, you’ll have to pass some QTEs until you fight six zombies. Kill the zombies and slide down a pole to find another wrapper to your right.
  • Stage 2 – 6 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #12: After using the Chainsaw Dash on a bus, kill the group of zombies and Chainsaw Dash up a ramp. From there, you can find the wrapper on the left.
  • #13: On the roofs, you’ll find a wrapper to your left after two Chainsaw Dashes.
  • #14: Kill the zombies in the Gym, as you leave find the wrapper just behind the door to your left.
  • #15: Once the first classmate of the stage is found and rescued, find a set up stairs and round the hallways to discover another wrapper.
  • #16: Kill a group of zombie Football players on the roof, and a possess-able zombie will appear. Look behind the blocked off ramp to find a hidden wrapper.
  • #17: Chainsaw Dash over the ramp described for #16 and look behind the electric fence to find another wrapper.
  • Stage 3 – 7 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #18: After a fight with Mark, a new possess-able zombie will appear for Nick. The wrapper you’ll find right of the body behind a tree.
  • #19: When you finish defending Juliet’s sister from floating zombies, check out the end of the road past some cows to find another wrapper hidden behind a tree.
  • #20: Eventually, you’ll reach a farm with some zombies inside and a blue possess-able zombie. Near the blue zombie is a passage leading to a trampoline. Use the trampoline to land near the wrapper.
  • #21: Nearing the end of the level, you’ll cross a stream and fight several fat zombies. Look behind the corners to find another wrapper behind another tree.
  • #22: Kill more floating zombies near a bus and answer your phone. After the call, look behind you for a wrapper hiding behind a tree.
  • #23: At the point you find many farmer zombies with a possess-able Nick zombie, look inside the nearby farm for a wrapper.
  • #24: After using a big ramp to vault into an arena with more than a dozen zombies, you’ll find the wrapper in the corner to your right.
  • Stage 4 – 6 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #25: Check right of the arcade cabinets at the very beginning of the level.
  • #26: Clear out the first zombie room, and continue until you’re in an arcade game where you have to collect 8 keys. Collect all 8, then return to the center of the game area to find a wrapper.
  • #27: After destroying the helicopter on the roofs, look behind the air-conditioning units in the back left for a wrapper.
  • #28: As soon as you complete the arcade game with 8 keys, look right to find the wrapper.
  • #29: Look behind clear glass left of the exit once you’ve completed the arcade game just after fighting zombies on stage.
  • #30: After the Gondola arcade game, you’ll need to use a Vaulting Box to get over a fence. To find the wrapper, you’ll need to get the highest jump you can. Slam on the button prompt, if you fail just restart the checkpoint to try again.
  • Stage 5 – 7 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #31: Inside the first interior area, look for a car with a barrel nearby. Shoot the barrel to destroy the car and find the hidden wrapper beneath.
  • #32: Fight more floating zombies to defend your sister, then save a classmate inside surrounded by zombies. Check out the back right of the room, behind a car.
  • #33: After the sniper sequence, a bus will crash through a fence and produce new zombies. Kill the zombies, and look left of the door to the bus to find this wrapper.
  • #34 : Watch a cutscene with Rosalind using her wrecking ball. After the scene plays out, look left and check out what’s behind the wall.
  • #35: Finish the elevator sequence, then down a slide and to a new trampoline. Press the buttons correctly to reach the wrapper. If you fail, retry the checkpoint.
  • #36: When Juliet needs to destroy a platform by chainsawing four corners, drop the platform down and look on the platform itself to find the wrapper.
  • #37: Sliding down a very long pole, you’ll reach an area with 30 zombies that need to be killed. Just look in the back right corner to find your wrapper.
  • Stage 6 – 3 Lollipop Wrappers

  • #38: At the beginning of the stage, you’ll create two paths. Follow the right path toward the boss, staying on the right side, and you’ll find the wrapper on top of a bus.
  • #39: Down the street, a building will crumble and you’ll have to fight more zombies. Clear out most of the zombies, and look on the road for the lollipop wrapper to appear.
  • #40: The last wrapper is easy to spot, you’ll find it as you charge the boss ahead, look between several buses in the center of the road.

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