Lollipop Chainsaw: Zombie Album Locations Guide

Every zombie used to be somebody. Try to remember who those poor souls were as you rip them apart with a chainsaw — collect their pictures and post them in a special album. Finding every zombie in Lollipop Chainsaw isn’t easy, some of them will hide, and others are just hard to find. As you progress, certain zombies will appear with names, those are your targets. Some will only appear on harder difficulties, or during ranked or hard modes. To find every last zombie for your album, check out our guide below.

Find even more secrets and collectibles in Lollipop Chainsaw with our cheats page. To get a deeper look into the boss fights and strategies for zombie-survival in High School, check out the text and video walkthrough here.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

    Zombie Fancier (30 points / Silver): Completed the Zombie Album

Zombie Fancier Locations Guide

Prologue – Zombies 1-3

1. Zombie Boy (George): Any Difficulty
2. Zombie Girl (Mikaela): Any Difficulty
3. Zombie Hazmat (Jerry): Any Difficulty

Stage 1 – Zombies 4-9

4. Zombie Bomber (Jay): Ranked/Hard/Very Hard Mode: Kill before he explodes.
5. Zombie Policeman (Ryu): Any Difficulty
6. Zombie Police Woman (Stephanie): Any Difficulty
7. Zombie Basketball Boy (Juan): Any Difficulty
8. Zombie Teacher (Fitzgibbon): Any Difficulty
9. Zed: Stage 1 Boss

Stage 2 – Zombies 10-16, 33

10. Zombie Fire Fighter (Paul): Rooftops Encounter
11. Zombie Football Boy (Alexander): First Named Encounter
12. Zombie Fat Old Woman (Danielle): Any Difficulty Gym Encounter
13. Zombie Cheerleader (Josephine): Ranked/Hard/Very Hard Mode Cheerleaders during the SOS Classmate encounters.
14. Zombie Batter (Steven): Hard/Very Hard Difficulty
15. Zombie Pitcher (Uwe): Hard/Very Hard Difficulty
16. Vikke: Stage 2 Boss
33: Zombie Teacher Woman (Roberta): Ranked/Hard/Very Hard/Random(???) Burning Classroom Encounter

Stage 3 – Zombies 17-19

17. Zombie Fat Old Man (Mark): Any Difficulty
18. Zombie Big Chicken (Chad): Any Difficulty
19. Mariska: Stage 3 Boss

Stage 4 – Zombies 20-24

20. Zombie Geek Man (Tobe): Any Difficulty
21: Zombie Geek Woman (Anastasia): Any Difficulty
22. Zombie Break Dancer (Wesley): Any Difficulty
23. Zombie Metal Boy (Lucid): Any Difficulty
24: Josey: Stage 4 Boss

Stage 5 – Zombies 25-30

25: Zombie Punk Boy (Bill): Hard/Very Hard Mode Parking Garage Survival Encounter
26. zombie Punk Girl (Christina): Hard/Very Hard Mode Parking Garage Survival Encounter
27. Zombie Rocker Boy (Brett): Any Difficulty
28. Zombie Rocker Girl (Samantha): Any Difficulty
29: Zombie Flying Man (Peter): Any Difficulty
30: Lewis Legend: Stage 5 Boss

Stage 6 – Zombies 31-35

31: Killabilly: Stage 6 Boss
32: Chicken (Jack): Ranked Mode Only
33: Zombie Teacher Woman (Roberta): Any Difficulty
34: Zombie Obachan (Marie): Hard/Very Hard Mode
35: zombie Ojachan (David): Hard/Very Hard Mode

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