Looks Like At Least One More ME3 DLC Is Coming

I have long assumed – yes, I know, naively – that the upcoming Omega DLC would be the last of Mass Effect 3′s add ons. Obviously, there hasn’t ever been an official announcement of what ME3′s DLC strategy is, making things murkier, but my assumption was that given how the thing ends, there’s no way post-game DLC could happen, and that means a limited number of pre-ending stories for an audience that is likely not that receptive.

But I was wrong! Earlier today, a tweet from BiWare’s Caroline Livingstone, voice over Director and Producer for the Mass Effect series, essentially confirmed new DLC with a shout out she gave to Seth Green:

@SethGreen thank you for yet another fantastic session. And thank you for being such a kind person. You are lovely!

Word on the forums is that all the writers who’ve worked on previous DLC will be brought in for this one, suggesting it’s intended to be a grand finale of sorts. So let the speculation begin! Could it be an all new, actually good ending? Could it be Blasto? Could it be a way to have your choices actually matter so that you can destroy the reapers without destroying the Geth? Of course not! It’ll probably be something hinted at during the main story, and widely complained about, much like how the Omega DLC gives you the chance to help Aria retake Omega. Seriously, that should have been part of the main game and in fact, I’m almost certain that DLC is an ex post facto rush job because they thought the fans wouldn’t care.

So which will it be? Give us your best guesses in comments.

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9 Comments on Looks Like At Least One More ME3 DLC Is Coming


On November 26, 2012 at 11:33 pm

I still love all the ME games…despite the constant bashing 3 receives…


On November 26, 2012 at 11:38 pm

doesnt matter because I wont be buying it. traded in my mass effect games a few weeks ago, it was a sad day but had to be done


On November 26, 2012 at 11:59 pm

If only it was a grand finale that actually resolved the issues with the ending, It won’t happen, but I can dream. Post-game dlc would work if they would put effort into it, you could play as a different character that goes around and explores consequences of what shepard did and what happened to everyone, if you took the destroy option maybe you could meet shepard, the control option you could meet the new reapers, green option you could see how people are adjusting to their new bodies. But your right though, this late into it their probably not gonna put that much effort into it.


On November 27, 2012 at 3:41 am

Not interested in pre-game DLC because it doesn’t matter because you’re stuck with the same 4 crappy endings…

Not interested in post-game DLC (or ME4, for that matter) because it has to be one of these scenarios:
- A universe where all synthetics are gone (Red ending)…
- A universe where Reapers are still there, and Shepard-gone-Reaper can lost it anytime and restart the ‘purge the Galaxy’ (Blue ending)…
- A universe where everything is organic-synthetic, making all the races we know and love completely different, with different philosophies or objectives than before they where forced to be transformed (Green ending)…
- A universe where all known races we care about are gone, due to Reaper genocide, and we’re forced to play with a bunch of completely new races (Shoot the Brat ending)…

Add to that the EA philosophy of multiplayer in every games… So the next Mass Effect may be less single player experience and more an other me-too, short-lived shootfest multiplayer…


On November 27, 2012 at 7:00 am

This has been known about for months, by anyone who saw CleverNoob’s Indoctrination Theory documentaries. It will more than likely be another half-arsed attempt to please everyone, either by retconning the original ending out of existence by confirming the IT as true, or by coming up with some other stupid nonsense to explain why Shepard somehow survives by choosing destroy and having a high EMS rating. Either way, it will not excuse the sins of this year and it basically reaffirms everyone’s fears from before the EC came out – that being, that the ‘real’ ending will be a paid DLC while the EC was nothing more than padding to keep things under control for a while. The fact that so many blinkered fanboys – including Angry Joe, sadly enough – took this as evidence that BioWare cared about its fans instead of the blatantly cynical PR stunt that it was means that BioWare will get to do this again and again. We are the most masochistic audience imaginable for putting up with this.

BioWare continues to become more and more irrelevant in the eyes of its longtime hardcore fans, while casual fans will buy anything they release because Kotaku and IGN tells them to. Nothing’s changed.


On November 27, 2012 at 7:04 am

Really, Gamefront? ‘Docu-mentary’ was censored because it had the letters ‘c-u-m’ in it? Honestly, you need to sort this out. ‘Cu’m’ isn’t even a swearword anyway, it’s just another way of spelling ‘come’ or is occasionally a euphemism for semen. It’s foolish to censor it when it’s only offensive to the smallest minority of weak-hearted simpletons, and when the same sequence of letters is in many other words. Fix it or face more incomprehensible mash-ups of words.


On November 27, 2012 at 8:25 am

$15 for about 4 hours of play doesn’t seem worth it to me. I am gonna pass.


On November 28, 2012 at 4:45 am

“Could it be an all new, actually good ending?” C’mon guys, Bioware has too much artistic integrity at stake to change the ending into something considered “good”

Seriously, I’d like an ending that makes sense, adheres to the lore, and is worthwhile to everyone involved. I’d personally like a whole new third game that is good, and is far closer in style, gameplay, and story structure to the first game. I know I wont get that, but I can dream


On November 28, 2012 at 11:53 pm

If this is a pre-endings-story driven DLC i hope it will give us a new teamate for our commandos maybe a Batarian or a Krogan.

What i want is just a new dialogue explaining the plotholes of the Catalyst and why he needed Sovereign as a vanguard or the keeper if it resided in the citadel since the begining of the cycles. If they fill those plotholes i will be more in peace with the game as a whole.