Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough

Billed as the game that will put you in right inside the chain mail of Middle Earth’s biggest hero, Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest promises 3rd-person hack-and-slash combat with an additional dose of horseback riding and archery. Gamers will take control of Isildur’s heir as he battles his way through the set-piece engagements of J.R.R. Tolkein’s epic trilogy, putting paid to many an orc along the way.

The developers have cooked up an interesting narrative conceit, presenting the martial material with the help of Samwise Gamgee — the game’s levels take the form of stories, told by Sam to a group of young hobbits. This walkthrough is intended to ease your progress through Sam’s fables.

Live the legend of Aragorn – mighty swordsman, Ranger, and eventual High King – as told through the tales of companion Samwise! Create the strongest army possible in the battle against Sauron with this guide to every Token, Lore item, and Hidden Chest. Middle Earth needs you at your best!

Table of Contents

  1. You begin as Aragorn at the Black Gate.
  2. Use the Nunchuck Control Stick.
  3. Swing the Wiimote to attack.
  4. Fight through the enemies. You will not take damage, so use this time to get comfortable with the controls.
  5. Defeat the three Trolls that arrive.

  1. You now take control of Frodo Gamgee.
  2. New Quest: Speak to Samwise.
  3. Press the “+” button to pause the game and view your current Quests. A gold star will appear above Quest objectives.
  4. Move straight ahead to Samwise.
  5. New Quest: Speak to the Sword Stall owner.
  6. Press the A button to illuminate a path to your current objective.
  7. At the Sword Stall, approach each dummy and complete its challenge.
  8. [1/4] Beginning on the left, swing the Wiimote horizontally to slash the multiple targets.
  9. [2/4] Swing upwards. Against a real enemy, this attack will knock them away.
  10. [3/4] Plunge the Wiimote forward to lunge at the target. This is useful for quickly closing a gap with your opponent.
  11. [4/4] Swing down on the last target to complete the challenge. Downward strokes are more powerful than other slashes and can break certain debris, like branches.
  12. You will be rewarded with two silver pennies. Silver will be used in the Aragorn quests to purchase upgrades.
  13. New Quest: Talk to the Shield Stall owner.
  14. Hold Z on the Nunchuck to block with your shield.
  15. The challenge is divided into three sections, each with two catapults launching cabbage at you. Each section is nearly identical.
  16. Holding up the shield the entire time is effective but slow. Watch the catapults carefully and release Z to run in between shots and clear the challenge in no time.
  17. You are rewarded another two Silver.
  18. New Quest: Talk to the Dwarf Stall owner.
  19. If you took some damage in the last challenge, you can break open barrels for health orbs.
  20. The first challenge given by the dwarf requires you to dodge three attacks.
  21. Hold Z to lock on to your opponent. Keep moving and when you seem him begin to attack, press the A button to jump out of the way.
  22. For the second challenge, successfully execute three shield bashes.
  23. Shake the Nunchuck when your opponent is guarding to perform the maneuver.
  24. Strike with your sword while his guard is down.
  25. In the final challenge you must defeat the dwarf in a duel using all that you’ve learned.
  26. To win, watch for him to raise his sword. Dodge out of the way and strike with three hits. Be careful not to attack too much or he will retaliate with a shield bash. After about four volleys, the dwarf will be defeated.
  27. Optional Quest: Have a second player join as Gandalf (Eleanor).
  28. Player 2 can join anytime during the game with the + button on their Wiimote, and can leave by pressing the – button.
  29. Follow the path into the Mushroom Woods.
  30. Player 2′s controls are the same: Move with Control Stick and attack with the Wiimote.
  31. Hold A at the chest to open it and receive five Silver.
  32. Enemies defeated by Aragorn (Frodo) drop Flame Orbs, which Gandalf uses for magic and health.
  33. Follow the path until you reach an opening. Hang left for a chest and another five Silver.
  34. Enemies will appear. Player 2 can shake their Nunchuck to have Gandalf perform a powerful but magic-consuming area attack.
  35. When Aragorn is hurt Gandalf, can perform a healing spell but pressing Down on the control pad.
  36. Just to your right is a sealed vase containing a Flame Orb. Gandalf alone can shatter the vases with a fireball.
  37. Player 2 can  hold B and aim the Wiimote at the screen to bring up a targeting reticle. When the reticle turns red, release B to shoot a ball of fire at the water tentacles as they appear.
  38. Player 1 can hold C to go into first person view, allowing Gandalf to fire more accurately at the tentacles. Don’t worry about the other enemies behind — they won’t cause you damage while in this view.
  39. When the tentacles reach the shore Gandalf must use a very powerful lighting spell to dispatch the foes.
  40. With a full flame meter, Player 2 holds A and swings the Wiimote downward to call down the devastation, completing the optional quest.
  41. Return to Hobbiton following the dirt path, or press A if you get lost.
  42. Talk to Samwise and receive five Silver for completing all the Stall challenges.
  43. Speak with him again to continue the Aragorn story.

  1. New Quest: Find the four Hobbits.
  2. Speak with the villager directly ahead of you. He will direct you to the Stable.
  3. Your objective is to the left, but first, head in the opposite direction.
  4. At the first cross-street, turn right. You will see a floating feather. This is a Lore item. Hold A to collect it and gain a bit more story from Samwise.
  5. Continue hanging right until you reach the end of the street.
  6. Collect the Crown. This is an Aragorn Token and will slightly increase his strength and defense.
  7. Make your way along the outer roads to the Southeast corner of the town.
  8. Collect the Gandalf Token, increasing his strength and defense as well.
  9. Press A to illuminate the path back to the Stable.
  10. You will be ambushed by some Ruffians. They are most easily dispatched by horizontal slashes, allowing you to hit more than one at a time.
  11. [1/4] Speak to Frodo at the Stable. He will join your party.
  12. Exit the stable and turn left.
  13. Immediately turn left again and then make a quick right.
  14. You will be on a long, straight street. Continue until you see an open gate on your right.
  15. Enter the gate to find a chest. Inside is a Green Beryl worth 25 Silver.
  16. Speak to the nearest villager to learn the whereabouts of the next Hobbit.
  17. Follow the illuminated path to the Herb Garden.
  18. [2/4] Speak with Sam and he will join you.
  19. Talk to the villager sitting on your right to learn about Pippin and Merry.
  20. Head right and follow the path around a bend.
  21. As soon as you see the Market stalls, turn left.
  22. [3/4][4/4] Speak with the last two Hobbits ahead to finish the quest.
  23. New Quest: Speak to the Gatekeeper.
  24. Turn back the way you came.
  25. At the bend in the road, continue straight to the Keeper.
  26. Three enemies will appear. One carries a shield and may require a shield bash to defeat. Once his guard is down, he will remain vulnerable long enough for you to defeat him and the others with several horizontal slashes.
  27. New Quest: Follow the path to Rivendell.
  28. Shortly down the road, you will see a blue glow to the right. Head toward it.
  29. There is a giant spiderweb blocking your path. Eventually, Aragorn will be able to burn these on his own, but for now, either have a second player join in, or simply use a second controller to quickly bring in Gandalf.
  30. Use Gandalf’s fireball to burn the web, then remove him with “-” if you are playing alone.
  31. Inside you will find a Gimli Token, increasing Aragorn’s attack and defense.
  32. Defeat the five spiders that appear.
  33. Open the chest for some Silver.
  34. Back on the path, you will see some Ruffians ahead. Before reaching them, head left to the spiderweb.
  35. Defeat the two enemies that appear.
  36. Before the web is a chest containing five Silver.
  37. Use Gandalf’s fireball to burn the web and collect the Legolas Token behind it.
  38. Return to the path and defeat the three enemies that are assaulting a traveler.
  39. He will reward you with a nugget of Dwarven Gold worth ten Silver.
  40. Three more Ruffians appear. There is a barrel nearby if you need health.
  41. Quest Update: Examine the tracking sign on the road.
  42. At the glowing track hold A to examine.
  43. Special: To see a bit of code accidentally left in by the game programmers, access your quest menu. The objective will read: “Warning! Test script is running! Contact level designer immediately!” This won’t affect your game in any way.
  44. Move ahead to the star. Strike downward to break through the branches and get off of the road.
  45. Quest Update: Get away from the road.
  46. There is a web to your right. Burn it to receive another Gimli Token.
  47. The glowing fixture to your left is a Palintir. Examining it will reveal the entire map, including the location of hidden Tokens and Lore items.
  48. Just ahead of the Palintir is a tree. Check behind it for a Gandalf Token.
  49. Continuing forward, examine the glowing track.
  50. Six Goblins will spring out. These weak enemies usually attack in large numbers. Horizontal swings should easily clear out multiple Goblins.
  51. Examine the next track. It will tell you to go left, but disregard this for now.
  52. Head right and follow the path around. Try to avoid the black swarms of Minges. Don’t fret if you run into them every once in a while — the damage they deal is minimal.
  53. Burn the web to receive another Legolas Token.
  54. Return back to where you came from and head down the left path.
  55. Examine the next track and head across the bridge.
  56. There is another track here.
  57. Defeat the two Goblins that attack and examine the next track.
  58. Cross into the water, where five Goblins will attack.
  59. Past them is another track.
  60. Swing down on the nearby branches and continue until you cross a bridge.
  61. Several goblins guard the next track.
  62. Instead of progressing on, head left and follow the path.
  63. Open the chest to receive the Elessar Artifact, granting +10% from all health pickups.
  64. Return to the original path.
  65. More goblins will attack.
  66. Continue to the next track and another set of branches.
  67. More Goblins and another track.
  68. Move forward and then to the left to uncover another piece of Lore.
  69. Back on the path, you will find the last track.
  70. Directly ahead is the quest star.
  71. Quest Update: Head to Weathertop Summit.
  72. Proceed left — you will be attacked by two Wolves. These enemies will often evade your attacks, but their attacks are slow enough to pose little danger.
  73. Burn the web for to receive a Legolas Token.
  74. Back on the path, you will find a wolf guarding an optional track. Examining it will discover a trail.
  75. Follow the two tracks to a den guarded by seven Wolves.
  76. Inside the chest are ten Silver.
  77. Exit the lair and head up the hill. Hold right and follow the curve left.
  78. Behind the web is a Gimli Token.
  79. Continue up the hill. If you’re looking for a bit more Silver, several enemies will spawn at the rubble to the left.
  80. Quest Update: Continue on the path.
  81. Up the hill are a series of enemies and branches.
  82. New Quest: Find a suitable camping spot.
  83. Immediately to your right is an Aragorn Token.
  84. Examine the camping location to end the quest.
  85. New Quest: Defeat the Ringwraiths.
  86. The Ringwraiths are simple enough if you evade their attacks. When they spew the black poison or lunge forward, a torch icon will appear. Shake the Nunchuck like you would your shield to stun the Ringwraith. Quickly jab forward to lunge at the foe and deal a large amount of damage. Regular attacks still affect them but only when aflame. Don’t forget that you are not holding your shield and therefore cannot block attacks!
  87. After the first Ringwraith, two more will appear to fight you at once. After they are defeated, a final one challenges you. This last one is capable of doing an area attack that will knock you back. It takes a little bit to charge up, however, so evade backwards to safety. If you need health, check for the barrels located around the perimeter of the stage.
  88. New Quest: Heal Frodo enough to continue.
  89. Hold A at your fallen ally to revive him.
  90. You must now search for Athelas plants as you continue on. There is a time limit; eventually, Frodo will be unable to survive the poison.
  91. At the star, use C to look around for the first plant. It glows green.
  92. Examine it to receive more time.
  93. Pressing Left on the control pad now allows you to switch to the Torch. Use this to burn spiderwebs like Gandalf’s fireball.
  94. There is a plant to the right of the blocking web.
  95. Shake the Nunchuck to burn through.
  96. Press Down on the control pad to switch back to the shield.
  97. Head left at the clearing. Burn through the web to reveal a chest.
  98. Back on the path, Goblins will attack before another plant to the right.
  99. Stay right past the goblins and barrels. Behind the rocks is a Gandalf Token.
  100. Moving right, defeat the four spiders that appear and burn the web for another plant. There is also a sealed vase for Player 2.
  101. Head straight out and then turn left at end of the path. There is another plant and some spiders.
  102. Among the Stone Trolls is another Lore item.
  103. Behind them is a sealed chest. Open it with Gandalf to receive the Crystal of the Edain. This Artifact grants an additional target for Gandalf’s fireballs.
  104. Return to the path, fight some more spiders, then hang right for the last Aragorn Token.
  105. Examine the track on the left. Before following it into the cave, head right for another plant.
  106. Inside the cave are more spiders and a chest containing the War Fang and a +10% to melee damage.
  107. Exit the cave, continue forward on the path, then hang left.
  108. If you are desperately low on time, there is another plant to the right. Otherwise, continue forward to the star.
  109. Quest Updated: Defeat the Troll.
  110. This big guy is easy enough if you remember to evade his attacks. After doing so, an arrow will appear, indicating which maneuver to perform. When he holds his club, dodge right, then swing up to stun him. Follow with a lunge for serious damage. If he holds the club to the side, dodge backward, followed by a horizontal slash. Follow that with a lunge.
  111. You receive twenty-five Silver for defeating the Troll.
  112. Quest Updated: Speak to Arwen. Talk to the Elf to finish the quest and return to the Shire.

  1. New Quest: Speak with the Archery Stall Owner. Head to the right of your current position to begin the Archery challenge.
  2. Press Right on the Control Pad to select the Bow. Hold B to bring up your targeting reticle. Point the Wiimote at the screen to aim and release B to fire. For more precise aiming hold C to enter first person view.
  3. Shoot down all the targets and then press Down to put away the bow.


  1. New Quest: Escort the Hobbits to Rivendell. Turn around from your starting position and move around the first rocks. Look up toward the hill to spot Aragorn Token.
  2. Go back to where you started and head left and follow the shore to a Lore Item.
  3. Follow the dirt path as it moves around the hill. Stay left as it splits.
  4. Quest Updated: Help the traveler against the Goblins.
  5. Instead of offering your assistance right away, move right to a Chest hidden against a log.
  6. Engage the Goblins, who should now consist of only Archers. Forward lunges work best. After they’re defeated, go north on the coastline to another piece Lore.
  7. There is also a group of vases beside a rock where the Goblins were located. Break through the to reveal an Aragorn Token.
  8. Quest Updated: Speak to the man.
  9. After speaking with the man, follow him up the dirt path.
  10. After engaging two large Spiders, you will find a Lore Item in the grass behind a statue.
  11. Continue straight down the hill to find a patch of Niphredil. Examining it will make you invulnerable for thirty seconds.
  12. Follow the path right and up the steps to Rivendell.
  13. New Quest: Seek the missing delegates at the watchtowers.
  14. Head left and move onto the balcony to find a piece of Lore.
  15. Head up the two sets of northern stairs. Move right, down a flight of stairs, and then back up another. There is another Lore Item beside a tree.
  16. Follow around behind the large building to the right of the tree. Activate the Palantir on the balcony.
  17. Return to the South entrance of Rivendell and exit.
  18. The Elves should already be your selected primary objective. If they are not, select the star on your map so that it flashes.
  19. Head east across the now-lowered bridge, then make a right over the next bridge.
  20. Turn left to reach a guarded Chest and Gandalf Token.
  21. After exiting the inlet, stay right and head down the slope. Continue forward to a piece of Lore. Directly across from it are a group of vases. Shatter them for a Gimli Token. The inlet beside this holds a health barrel and Chest.
  22. Continue forward to meet Legolas and receive an Elven Bow.
  23. Quest Updated: Defeat the Crebain.
  24. Use your bow to lock on and destroy the birds.
  25. Quest Updated: Speak to Legolas.
  26. With Legolas in tow, move up the hill and right around the giant rocks.
  27. Defeat the Goblin Archers to reach the nearby Legolas Token.
  28. Another lies directly forward from the small camp.
  29. Continue on the path around and return toward the entrance of Rivendell. Cross the southwestern bridge and head right to the Dwarves’ objective marker and speak with the guard.
  30. Quest Updated: Look for Gimli near the north pool.
  31. On the left are two sets of small boulders. Behind the second set is a Gandalf Token.
  32. Go down the steps near the guard. Hang left just before reaching the Dwarves. Break open the group of vases for another Aragorn Token.
  33. Speak with Gimli. He will join your party.
  34. Quest Updated: Defeat the Trolls.
  35. There is a patch of Niphredil directly in front of you. Activate it to receive invulnerability for thirty seconds. Whomp on the first troll and follow the prompts that appear. If the power wears off before you engage the second Troll make use of the evade maneuver. Your allies should have weakened it substantially by now so put the finishing touches on it.
  36. Quest Updated: Speak with Gimli.
  37. New Quest: Return to Elrond with Gimli and Legolas.
  38. Before returning to Rivendell, there are several more tokens to be found. The first lies directly north of your position. Once again this Gandalf Token is concealed by a group of vases.
  39. Proceed up the stairs to your left. Follow the path as it curves to a Tracking marker. Continue forward to find a Chest.
  40. Turn back around and head through the arch and down the steps. Take a hard right and follow the edge to a campfire. Break the vases for a Gimli Token. There is also a chest on the other side of the fire.
  41. Move forward and up the hill. Inside the Sealed Chest is the Light of Glamdring, which increases Gandalf’s melee damage by 25%.
  42. Turn left and follow the coast all the way around to the other side of the water and another Gimli Token.
  43. Now head directly south, around the bend to a group of Goblins. Defeat them and continue to a Legolas Token behind a log.
  44. Hold right along the coast to reach a Trail Marker.
  45. Side Quest Updated: Defend the Elf Scout.
  46. Use your bow to attack the Orcs. Wait until they get close before shooting. Aragorn has a nasty habit of missing from this distance. If you run out of arrows, there is a rack behind you. Examine it to receive ten more.
  47. New Side Quest: Defeat the Orc raiding party.
  48. Return north around the bends to engage the Orcs. Having already collected all of the Tokens will give you and your allies a leg up when fighting the horde.
  49. Side Quest Updated: Speak to Arwen.
  50. Fight your way through the wolves and spiders back to Rivendell.
  51. Before completing your current quests, speak to Bilbo. He has lost his sword and shield and would like your help in finding them.
  52. New Side Quest: Find Bilbo’s sword and shield.
  53. Speak with the Elf directly behind Bilbo.
  54. Side Quest Updated: Search for Bilbo’s sword across the bridge from Rivendell.
  55. Exit the Elven city and take a right across the first bridge. Turn left after you cross to find a Trail Marker. Follow the Trail until you reach the Lore Item Sting.
  56. Side Quest Updated: Return the sword to Bilbo.
  57. Return back to Rivendell and speak with Bilbo. He will give you the Ward of Orcbane as a reward. This Artifact increases your damage to and defense against Orcs by 10%.
  58. Speak to the Elf behind Bilbo again to gain a clue about his armor.
  59. Side Quest Updated: Search for Bilbo’s chain shirt at the Western watchtower.
  60. Once again, exit Rivendell and cross the first bridge. Turn right this time. The first part of the Trail begins at the top of the stairs.
  61. Follow the Trail Markers through the field where you first met Gimli. It will eventually lead you to the Mithril Shirt Lore Item at the edge of the water. Defeat the enemies that attack and head back to Rivendell.
  62. Side Quest Updated: Return Bilbo’s shirt.
  63. Speak with Bilbo to receive the Ward of Trollbane: +10% to damage and defense versus Trolls. He will then ask you one last favor.
  64. Side Quest Updated: Speak to Frodo.
  65. Head across the small bridge, up the stairs, and then right up another flight. Speak with Frodo to receive Bilbo’s book.
  66. Side Quest Updated: Return the book to Bilbo.
  67. Having received the book, Bilbo rewards you with Thorin’s Shield. This item for Gimli allows the Dwarf to perform a Shield Charge attack.
  68. Now hang a right and move up the stairs. Angle right to go up the next flight, then turn right to speak with Arwen. She gives you the Sceptre of Annuminas, granting a 10% increase to the entire Fellowship’s attack and defense.
  69. Proceed over the bridge near Arwen. Make a right and go down the first flight of stairs. Turn left to find Elrond behind some trees.
  70. You receive the Anduril, unlocking the strength meter.
  71. New Quest: Talk to Boromir.
  72. Several Side Quests are now available. Activate the first by speaking to the Elf seated across from Gandalf.
  73. New Side Quest: Defeat the Crebain crows.
  74. Continue down the stairs and across the small bridge. Speak to the talkative female Elf for another Side Quest.
  75. New Side Quest: Secure the three watchtowers.
  76. Exit Rivendell and turn left, crossing the two bridges. Go right up the hill and speak with the guard.
  77. New Side Quest: Defeat the Goblins in the Eastern foothills.
  78. Proceed east, then move left around the giant rock. Continue around it defeating all Goblins and Wolves that appear. Secure the campsite to complete the Side Quest.
  79. Head back the way you came, crossing the two bridges. Move over the Southwestern bridge, then make a right and speak with the guard.
  80. New Side Quest: Defeat the Goblins in the Western woods.
  81. Go down the nearby stairs and make your way across the field. Defeat the Goblins to complete the quest.
  82. [1/5] Also, near the water is the first giant crow. Shoot it down with your bow.
  83. [2/5] Make your way northwest to the water. At the large bend you will find the second Crebain spy.
  84. [3/5] Follow the right edge of the path and begin the long trek to the Southern objective. When you reach the statue, turn left and look down over the bluff. There will be another crow flying below.
  85. [4/5] Continue down the path until you spot the fourth crow flying over a small island. This one is far away, so it may take a few shots. Try to catch it when it’s turning in place.
  86. [5/5] Proceed all the way down the path until you reach the ford where you first began. The final Crebain spy flies above the water.
  87. Side Quest Updated: Speak to Arwen.
  88. Work your way up the hill in the center of this area and speak with the guard.
  89. New Side Quest: Defeat the Goblins at the Southern Ford.
  90. Head down to the coast where you began and wipe out the groups of Goblins.
  91. Side Quest Updated: Watchtowers secured. Speak to Arwen.
  92. You can now finally make the haul back to Rivendell. Inside, follow the two northern sets of stairs to reach Arwen. She will reward you with the Bow of the Galadhrim — increasing your firing rate — and the Ring of Barahir, which grants a 10% bonus to strength received from pick-ups.
  93. After all that running, move the short distance east across the bridge and speak with Boromir.
  94. Quest Updated: Spar with Boromir.
  95. Strike Boromir with normal attacks to collect strength orbs. When you have enough, hold B and slash to perform Chain Attacks. Evade Boromir’s attacks and when he makes a lunge, slash downward to stun him. After his defeat, Boromir will join you.
  96. Quest Updated: Speak to Elrond.
  97. Elrond is east of your current position, still hanging out behind the trees.
  98. New Quest: Find Merry and Pippin to the west.
  99. Once again, exit Rivendell and head to the Northwest forest.
  100. Quest Updated: Defeat the Spiders.
  101. Fight the first wave of spiders. Remember to watch for prompts with the Large Spiders.
  102. Quest Updated: Use Flame Arrows to burn the Spider nests.
  103. Draw your bow and aim with B. While aiming, press A to switch to fire arrows. Use the new ammunition to destroy all five nests hanging high in the trees.
  104. Quest Updated: Defeat the Queen Spider.
  105. Use your Chain Attacks if you have enough strength to deal heavy damage to the Spider. If you run out, whack on her with normal slashes to replenish the meter. After enough damage, she will summon small Spiders and burrow until they are defeated. She will be more aggressive when she surfaces, so continue to evade around her, slashing when you can. Before she summons and burrows again this time, she will spew green acid. If you’re evading around, you should be clear of the attack. She will surface for one final bout and then be defeated for good. If at any time your health gets low, look for the green glow of nearby plants. They will restore your health for thirty seconds.
  106. Quest Updated: Free Merry and Pippin.
  107. Hold A to free each of the Hobbits and then speak with them.
  108. New Quest: Return to Rivendell.
  109. [1/6][2/6] Move to the Northwest forested area. There are two spider nests here that need to be destroyed.
  110. New Side Quest: Destroy six Spider nests.
  111. [3/6][4/6] Begin your return to Rivendell. In the field where you met Gimli there are two more nests.
  112. Continue toward Rivendell. On your way, the city will be attacked by Orcs and you gain access to the Battle Cry. With a full strength meter hold A and shake the Wiimote. Using this will increase the abilities of your allies.
  113. New Quest: Help defend against the Orcs.
  114. Fight back the Orcs toward the city.
  115. New Quest: Defeat the Trolls.
  116. Three Trolls will appear. This is a good opportunity to use your Battle Cry. Focus on one Troll at a time and try not to get surrounded.
  117. Quest Updated: Speak to Elrond.
  118. Before proceeding, there are still four Nests to destroy.
  119. [5/6] Head across the Southeastern bridge. Turn left and then left again to move down the hill. A Nest sits in a tree on your left.
  120. [6/6] Return back the way you came, toward Rivendell. Head across the Southwest bridge. Follow the path left until you reach a rock. Look right from here to see the Nest. The approaching Spiders that want to kill you will also indicate its position.
  121. Side Quest Updated: Speak to Arwen.
  122. Return to Rivendell. Arwen can still be found at the top of the two flights of Northern stairs. Speaking to her will award you the Ward of Beastbane: +10% damage and defense versus bests.
  123. Now head back down to the very center of Rivendell and speak with Elrond.
  124. New Quest: Talk to Arwen.
  125. Apparently she couldn’t tell you before what she wanted to say so head back up the stairs to Arwen. She grants you the Evenstar. This Artifact increases your defense against all attacks by 10%.
  126. New Quest: Return to Elrond.
  127. Speak to the Elf to complete the Quest.

  1. New Quest: Head toward the mines.
  2. Begin by moving straight forward. There is a Trail Marker at the foot of the stairs.
  3. At the top of the steps, shake the Nunchuck to Shield Bash through the door.
  4. Defeat the attacking Goblins and examine the next piece of trail.
  5. Turn left and smash through the door for a Chest and Gimli Token.
  6. Exit back and examine the next marker.
  7. Bash through the door. Examine the last Trail Marker to discover a Chest behind the rocks.
  8. Exit again and move toward the objective star. Strike down to destroy the barrier. Proceed up the stairs.
  9. At certain times in this area, rocks will fall from the ceiling. Listen for the rumbling and watch for pebbles to fall before the larger stones.
  10. Move right around the rock.
  11. New Side Quest: Destroy the Spider infestation.
  12. Move forward to the web. Burn through it and defeat the Large Spiders inside. Grab the Gandalf Token and Chest loot then examine the marker.
  13. Exit the cave and proceed right. Defeat the spiders and burn through the web.
  14. New Quest: Journey through the mines.
  15. Continue forward. A Goblin Scout appears. Kill him with your bow before he retreats.
  16. Straight ahead is a wooden overlook. You can use this spot to defeat the Goblin Archers below.
  17. Follow the path around the bends. When you see a waterfall walk up to its edge. Goblin Archers will fire at you from across the gap. Return your own volley to defeat them.
  18. Continue on. Three Goblins will try to surprise you, but focus on the Scout in the distance.
  19. Take a left at the cross-path. Destroy the crates for an Aragorn Token and raid the Chest for some silver.
  20. Turn back around to the main path but diverge left and examine the marker.
  21. The path ahead is dark, so equip your torch and be prepared for Wolves.
  22. [1/3] Light the brazier in the middle of the room. Turn right for a Lore Item, then follow the edge to a Gimli Token.
  23. New Side Quest: Collect three chunks of Mithril ore.
  24. Exit the cave and make a left. Destroy the barriers.
  25. Proceed straight, not following the bend, to find a piece of the Red Book.
  26. [2/3] Follow the path up the hill. Hang a right and defeat the Scout. The second Mithril Ore is directly beside him.
  27. Turn back and head right. Break through the first barrier, fight through the swarming Goblins, then destroy the second block.
  28. Quest Updated: Destroy the wheels holding the drawbridge.
  29. Switch to your fire arrows and shoot the two targets. The one is protected by a swinging wheel so time your shot to move through the opening.
  30. Over the bridge, hug the right side. There is a Legolas Token behind a rock.
  31. There is a sealed door ahead. Inside you will find a dark chamber. Shoot a fire arrow to the torch on the wall. Once illuminated, Gandalf can break the barriers on the vase and chest, awarding an additional Fireball target with the Crystal of the Eldar.
  32. Back outside, a Troll will attack. Dodge his attacks and strike with the prompts. Defeat the Goblins up the hill, then fire at the targets across the gap. The moving buckets will block your shot, but the ropes will not.
  33. Head left across the bridge to find another marker. Burn through the web to enter the spider lair.
  34. Shoot fire arrows at the nests hanging from the ceiling. There is a brazier against the left wall. Light it and move forward. A spider queen will attack. There are three stages to her battle, but each simply requires dodging and striking with the prompts.
  35. {1/5} After defeating her and completing the Side Quest, examine the Lore Item to begin another.
  36. New Side Quest: Collect five pages from Balin’s Book.
  37. Before leaving, burn the large web for a Chest containing a Rabbit’s Foot. Enemies now have a 10% greater chance of dropping silver (or gold as the menu seems to call it).
  38. Exit the cave and destroy the barrier on the left. Begin across the bridge. A Troll and several Goblins will attack. Archers will continue to pelt you, so use Chain Strikes or Battle Cry to move quickly through the frontline.
  39. There is a Trail Marker to your right. Examine it then go down the left path. Equip your torch and watch out for wolves and falling rocks.
  40. Examine the second marker and fight ahead. Light the brazier and examine the third marker. Directly ahead is a Gandalf Token.
  41. [3/3] The final piece of Mithril Ore is to your right.
  42. Examine the last Trail Marker to receive a Ward of Goblinbane.
  43. Exit and turn left. Follow the path right and up the hill.
  44. Gimli will begin lowering the wheel bridge. Fight off the Orcs to keep him safe.
  45. Quest Updated: Cross the upper bridge.
  46. Before heading across the newly lowered bridge, grab the Lore Item to the left.
  47. On the bridge, a Troll, along with several Orcs and Goblins, will attack. Defeat them to proceed.
  48. New Quest: Exit the mines.
  49. In the next room, head right for a Gimli Token tucked behind a rock.
  50. Proceed back and examine the marker. Head down the stairs.
  51. Quest Updated: Light the brazier.
  52. Illuminate the room, but before moving forward, turn around and Bash through the northern door.
  53. {2/5} Inside is another page from Balin’s Book.
  54. Forward and through the web is an Aragorn Token.
  55. Exit and turn left. Examine the marker and Bash inside. You will catch your first glimpse of Gollum here, and Gandalf can receive the Lore of Belefirin. With this, he can press Left on the Control Pad to cast Enrage and increase Aragorn’s strength for thirty seconds.
  56. Now, head back and through the door Gandalf opened. At the top of the hill, turn left and light the darkened brazier.
  57. The left web hides a Chest. The other webs simply connect the otherwise-segmented area.
  58. New Quest: Find Balin.
  59. {3/5} Follow the right wall. After three columns, look left for a Chest. Continue forward until you’re three columns from the other end. Head left (north) for another page.
  60. {4/5} Go left and, as Gimli suggests, smash open the door. Inside, take an immediate right up the stairs. Follow it left for the fourth piece of Balin’s Book.
  61. {5/5} Exit the platform by using any of the stairs, then move to the floating feather for the last page of Balin’s Book.
  62. Open the two Chests. The left one holds some silver, while the right contains Balin’s Ax. This weapon allows Gimli to execute a Heavy Ax Strike.
  63. Examine the tomb to proceed.
  64. New Quest: Clear the Goblins from the tomb.
  65. Several waves of Goblins will appear. Use horizontal slashes to clear several out at once.
  66. New Side Quest: Destroy the well.
  67. Shield Bash the nearby well to prevent more Goblins from appearing.
  68. A Cave Troll will then enter. Evade and slash the Troll until you are interrupted by a small scene. After, use your Chain Strikes to make short work of the monster. If you’re taking a lot of damage examine the plant in the southwest corner for thirty seconds of invulnerability.
  69. Quest Updated: Rally with the Fellowship.
  70. Head outside the Tomb and regroup. Another Cave Troll will appear.
  71. Quest Updated: Defeat the Cave Trolls.
  72. Kill the first Troll with your Chain Strikes then use the Goblins to build up your strength meter before engaging the second that appears.
  73. New Quest: Flee the Balrog.
  74. The giant demon that appears is an unbeatable Balrog. Turn around and book it! Columns will crumble and block your path, but continue east around them. The easiest path is to turn left, right, right, and then left.
  75. Quest Updated: Follow the Fellowship.
  76. Continue down the slope to the next room.
  77. New Quest: Defend Gimli from the Balrog.
  78. Use the first-person view to aim at the Balrog. When the arrow icons appear, fire at the indicated weak points. The Black Arrow Tips and Eagle Feather Artifacts will make this section much easier. Use the Arrow Rack behind you if you run low. If Gimli is struck by the Balrog, you will need to run down and heal him.
  79. Travel through the small passage. In the next room turn quickly toward the Balrog. There is a Gandalf Token to his left and a Chest to his right. The Chest holds a Mithril Ingot worth one hundred silver.
  80. Run up the hill and past him into the next room. Grab the Aragorn Token at the top of the stairs and defend Gimli like you did before.
  81. In the next room run, straight for the Balrog once again. There is a Gimli Token to his right. Follow the Fellowship up the slope.
  82. At the top turn right for a Legolas Token. There is also a Chest just ahead.

  1. New Quest: Follow the Uruk-hai’s trail.
  2. Head straight forward, off the path, to a small enemy camp. There is a Chest by the fire.
  3. To the right of the camp, up a small hill, an Aragorn Token hides in brush.
  4. Return to the dirt path and follow it around the bend. Shoot down the Scout.
  5. Continue on the path to the objective star.
  6. New Quest: Examine the tracks before they fade.
  7. Examine the first Trail Marker. A timer will appear, counting down how long you have to examine the next marker.
  8. Two Uruk-hai will attack. Watch their movements and wait for their two-hit combo. The shield icon will appear. Use a bash to stun the enemy, then dive in with your sword.
  9. Quest Updated: Follow the Uruk-hai trail.
  10. Follow the path to the next Trail Marker.
  11. Quest Updated: Defeat the Rear Guard and follow the trail.
  12. Move forward and examine the next several markers until you see the Uruk-hai enter the forest. Examine the next marker, then turn right to the encampment for a Lore Item.
  13. Continue to examine the markers, defeating Scouts along the way.
  14. Quest Updated: Approach Saruman’s Warband.
  15. Move toward the fighting.
  16. New Quest: Aid the Rohirrim.
  17. After fighting through several Uruk-hai, Orcs, and Goblins, the horseman will speak with you.
  18. Quest Updated: Search for the Hobbit’s tracks.
  19. Once the horseman leave, examine the first Trail Marker.
  20. Turn left on the edge of the forest then follow the path right to a Lore Item.
  21. Continue forward to the objective star.
  22. New Quest: Enter Fangorn Forest.
  23. Before entering the forest, make your way around the perimeter of this huge area. It’s a long hike, but a Legolas, Gandalf, and Gimli Token are your rewards.
  24. Enter the forest.
  25. New Side Quest: Aid the fallen Elf.
  26. Defeat the spiders then hold A to revive the Elf.
  27. Side Quest Updated: Find the Elven Rangers.
  28. Move ahead through the web. Defeat the Orcs, then hang a left to find a Gandalf Token between two rocks.
  29. Continue through the next web.
  30. New Side Quest: Destroy the spider’s nests.
  31. Use your Bow and Fire Arrows to take down the infestation.
  32. Side Quest Updated: Investigate the path guarded by the spiders.
  33. Follow the left wall of this area to find a Chest then examine the Trail Marker in the center.
  34. Head up the right path, following it down the stone stairs.
  35. New Side Quest: Defeat the Spider Queen.
  36. After fighting off the spiders, examine the wad of web to the right for Legolas’ Bow of Haldir. This item doubles the speed at which the Elf can fire.
  37. Burn through the web for an Aragorn Token and Sealed Chest. Inside is the Fire of Narya, granting +25% to Gandalf’s Fireball damage.
  38. Return back to where the paths split and now follow the left path through the web.
  39. Help the Elves against the Orcs. Before speaking with them, turn left to an alcove and a Legolas Token.
  40. Speak with the Elf.
  41. Side Quest Updated: Find the Ranger Captain
  42. On the path, past where the battle took place, is a trail marker. Examine it, then continue through the web.
  43. Enter the water and prepare for a trap. Defeat any immediately-threatening Uruk-hai, then take down the Archers with your Bow.
  44. Quest Updated: Defeat the Uruk-hai Captain.
  45. The Captain can easily be defeated by a few Chain Attacks. If your strength meter is low, evade his attacks and follow the prompts that appear. Defeat the remaining Uruk-hai to continue.
  46. Quest Updated: Find an exit.
  47. Before leaving, grab the Gandalf Token underneath the waterfall.
  48. Move up the hill and examine the marker.
  49. New Quest: Follow the Hobbits’ trail.
  50. Turn right and go up the steps for a Chest.
  51. Proceed back on the path, working your way down into the water-filled passage. Turn left up the hill and examine the marker.
  52. Take the left path.
  53. New Side Quest: Defeat the Forest Trolls.
  54. Try to avoid being surrounded and use any Chain Attacks you have. Evade their downward strikes and respond with the prompted attacks.
  55. Once they are defeated, take their treasure from the Chest. Destroy the groups of vases for a Gimli Token. There is also a Sealed Chest holding the Lore of Aeglos. This allows Gandalf to press Up on the Control Pad and cast Strengthen on Aragorn, restoring his strength bar.
  56. Head back the way you came and take the right path for now.
  57. Side Quest Updated: Aid the Ranger Captain.
  58. Engage and defeat the Orcs and Uruk-hai, then speak with the Captain. He will give you the Phial of Galadriel. This item grants Aragorn the Heavy Torch Strike.
  59. Examine the right edge of this area for a Chest. Follow it around to a small path ending with a Gimli Token.
  60. Head to the left side and squeeze around some rocks for a Legolas Token.
  61. Cross the bridge and take a right for another piece of the Red Book.
  62. Head back and break through the barrier.
  63. New Quest: Aid the Ent.
  64. New Side Quest: Destroy the mineshafts.
  65. Immediately head straight forward to the first mineshaft. Knock it over with your shield. Turn right and destroy the second the same way.
  66. Defeat the Goblins attacking the Ent. He will move to destroy the Siege Towers. Defend him against the continual reinforcements of Uruk-hai.
  67. Quest Updated: Talk to the Ent.
  68. Make your way around the perimeter of the area. In the center is a Chest and on the left side, near the path, is an Aragorn Token.
  69. Speak with the Elder. He will have you drink from the Draught of Ent. This will allow you to perform Heavy Strikes by holding B until your sword charges, then swinging the Wiimote. Performing this move requires a full strength bar.
  70. Quest Updated: Defeat the Orcs.
  71. Fight off the Orcs, then speak with the Ent.
  72. New Quest: Escort Elder.
  73. As Elder destroys the giant barriers, Orcs will attack from behind and Archers will appear ahead. Defeat them and continue through.
  74. New Quest: Defend Elder from the Archers.
  75. New Side Quest: Destroy the Mineshafts.
  76. Again, make your way directly forward to the first Mineshaft. Work your way right to destroy the other two.
  77. Turn your attention on the Archers and Orcs. When Elder has destroyed all but one Tower, and Troll will appear. Defeat him quickly with a Heavy Strike followed by a quick volley.
  78. Quest Updated: Talk to the Ent.
  79. Speak with Elder to progress.
  80. New Quest: Find the White Wizard.
  81. Head south and follow the path to the objective star.

  1. Speak with Samwise.
  2. New Quest: Find the Hobbit for the new stall.
  3. Turn right from your location and head northwest to the Hobbit.
  4. New Quest: Get the pony.
  5. Approach the pony and press “-” to mount the animal. Use the Control Stick to steer it. Pulling back on the stick will bring the pony to a halt.
  6. Ride out of the stable and turn right. Follow the curve to the stall.
  7. Inside the stall, swing the Wiimote either left or right to hit the scarecrows. Don’t be confused by the prompts. They will always indicate a rightward slash but you must swing left if the scarecrows is on that side.
  8. The stall-keeper will then give you a spear. When riding at full speed, hold B to charge. Plow straight through each row of targets. Keep in mind that when you play as Aragorn, charging will use strength.
  9. New Quest: Speak with Sam to continue Aragorn’s Quest.
  10. Head back to the horse stall to complete the additional challenges and master horseback combat.
  11. During the first challenge, there will be two rows to charge through. Turn back around and strike the last two targets.
  12. The second time around, there will be three rows that require your charge and four scarecrows to slash.
  13. The final challenge once again increases the number of targets and decreases your available time. The biggest goal here is to make sure you charge in a straight enough line. Missing a charge target will cost you precious time.
  14. Speak with Samwise to continue with Aragorn’s story.

  1. New Quest: Mount Brego. Press “-” when beside the steed to mount.
  2. Quest Updated: Travel to Edoras.
  3. Head straight north from your position to a guard tower. Enter it for another page from the Red Book and a Gandalf Token.
  4. Move southwest to another tower. An Aragorn Token lies inside.
  5. Continue around the perimeter until you reach a large stone mound. An Aragorn Token is hidden on the side facing the river.
  6. Stop by the left part of the center town for a Chest.
  7. Another Chest is hidden beside the rock mound east of the town.
  8. Further east is another guard tower. Inside you’ll find a Gimli Token.
  9. Head down the dirt road then follow the western river. Hidden among a small patch of trees is a Legolas Token.
  10. Return to the road and cross the bridge. Turn right for a Lore Item.
  11. Continue right to cross another bridge. Head straight, then hang right behind a large rock for a Gandalf Token.
  12. Head back across the bridge. Continue forward to another Gimli Token by the burial mounds. Move toward the gate entrance but turn right. Beside the wall is an Aragorn Token.
  13. Approach the gate.
  14. New Quest: Talk to Lady Eowyn.
  15. After speaking with Lady Eowyn, ride out to the three warning towers and speak with the guards.
  16. As you move between them, you will spot a Scout.
  17. New Side Quest: Stop the Orc Scouts.
  18. Three Scouts will appear between the towers. The last two are in the southern fields.
  19. Visit the town and speak with a villager on the right side.
  20. New Quest: Defeat the ten Crebain.
  21. These birds are scattered across the area. Follow the perimeter to eliminate most of them, then circle inward to pick up the last few.
  22. Return to Lady Eowyn.
  23. New Quest: Go to the Golden Hall.
  24. Head straight, past the stairs, for a Gandalf Token. Then turn back and proceed up.
  25. Follow the path along through the two sets of enemies, then turn right into the village inlet. There is a Red Book page, Chest, and a Legolas Token inside.
  26. Return to the path and follow it up the steps. Past the soldiers is a Gimli Token among the rocks.
  27. In the building beside the token is a Sealed Chest holding the Spirit of Anor: +10% Flame of Anor regeneration for Gandalf.
  28. Proceed toward the objective star.
  29. New Quest: Defeat Grima’s henchmen.
  30. The henchmen shouldn’t prove much of a challenge, just keep swinging. If you see them charge up for a downward strike, evade the attack and then bash them for serious damage.
  31. Quest Updated: Enter the Golden Hall.
  32. [1/5] Before moving on, turn around and enter the right section. Hug the left fence for a Lore Item.
  33. New Side Quest: Collect the five pages of Grima’s Report.
  34. [2/5] Another page lies farther down the same fence.
  35. [3/5] Head straight to the farthest section for page three.
  36. Follow the western fence behind a house for a Legolas Token.
  37. Exit this section and head straight across to the opposite area. Immediately ahead inside is a Chest.
  38. [4/5] Moving inside you’ll see a fence separate the center space. Page four is beside it.
  39. [5/5] Go right of the fence to the outside fence for the last page.
  40. On the opposite side of the center fence is a sealed Chest. The Crystal of the Istari inside grants Gandalf an additional Fireball target.
  41. Left of this chest is a regular Chest.
  42. Exit this area and head up the steps to the Hall.
  43. Quest Updated: Go to the city gates.
  44. Speak with Eowyn. She will reward you for finding the Grima’s Reports with the Star of the Dunedain, decreasing the cost of Artifacts by 10%.
  45. Check behind her for a Palantir. Then look behind the King for a Lore Item.
  46. Follow the path down to find a Trail Marker. Follow the path to the next three markers. The final marker is beside the tree where the guards attack. Examine it for one hundred silver.
  47. Continue down the sloping road and stairs. After a short cutscene, you will be attacked by a large number of soldiers and archers.
  48. Defeat the soldiers using broad swings. Shoot down the archers and speak with Theoden.
  49. You are given the Rohirrim Spear, allowing for Charge attacks on both horseback and foot.
  50. New Quest: Talk to the captain.
  51. Cross the bridge and speak with the captain.
  52. New Quest: Ride to the village.
  53. Head toward the village.
  54. Quest Updated: Defeat the besieging army.
  55. Defeat the first group at the south of the village. Make use of your Charge Attack. Then proceed north and defeat the army there.
  56. New Quest: Find the remaining villagers.
  57. Enter the village. Aragorn will get separated from the others.
  58. Quest Updated: Heal the villagers and see them to safety.
  59. Press Up on the Control Pad to equip the Spear. This weapon is particularly useful against the mounted enemies that will attack. Shake the Nunchuck when prompted to use it.
  60. Heal the villagers and defeat the enemies that appear after each one makes it inside the building.
  61. New Quest: Light all the warning beacons.
  62. Make your way to each of the three towers. Defeat all of the enemies there and speak with the guard. He will lower the shutter on the beacon. Dismount and fire a Flame Arrow to light the warning.
  63. As you travel between the towers, you will encounter five stray horses. “Speak” with them and then return to the villager in Golden Hall for your reward.
  64. Quest Updated: Return to King Theoden.
  65. Ride back to Edoras and speak with the King near the burial mounds.
  66. New Quest: Escort the villagers toward Helm’s Deep.
  67. Ride forward until the Orcs attack.
  68. Quest Updated: Defend the villagers.
  69. Defeat the attackers, then speak with the captain.
  70. Quest Updated: Escort the villagers across the bridge.
  71. You don’t need to wait for the villagers, just ride to the objective star.
  72. Quest Updated: Clear the path.
  73. Charge through and slash the Goblins.
  74. New Quest: Speak to King Theoden.
  75. Quest Updated: Secure the road.
  76. Stick with the villagers and defeat all the wolf riders that attack. Eventually the captain will stop at the entrance to Helm’s Deep. Approach him to continue.

  1. New Quest: Knock down the ladders.
  2. Shield Bash the ladder directly in front of you then turn left to topple the second.
  3. New Quest: Destroy the Siege Towers.
  4. Turn right and destroy the Vases to find the first Gimli Token.
  5. New Side Quest: Light the Braziers.
  6. [1/3] The first brazier is just behind you. Use the Phial to light it.
  7. [2/3] Work your way across the wall. The second brazier is midway.
  8. [3/3] Light the final brazier near the stairs. Continue forward to find a Legolas Token hidden behind the arrow racks.
  9. Now turn around and fire your Flame Arrows at the Siege Tower.
  10. New Quest: Protect Gimli.
  11. Head down the nearest stairs and fight off Gimli’s attackers.
  12. New Quest: Clear the area.
  13. Head northeast from your location to find an Aragorn Token near some barrels.
  14. Follow the rock wall southwest to find a Sealed Chest behind a tent. Inside, Gandalf receives +1 to his fireball targets with the Crystal of the Valar.
  15. Go to the tent nearest the Sealed Chest. Break the barrel beside it for a Gandalf Token.
  16. There is a Lore Item to the left. Grab it then turn left to find the red eye of the nearby Palantir.
  17. Turn back and return up the stairs. Destroy the Siege Towers with your Fire Arrows.
  18. New Quest: Knock down the ladders.
  19. Ignore the enemies and head straight for the ladders. The sooner you knock them down with your shield, the sooner enemies will stop funneling up.
  20. New Quest: Destroy the battering ram.
  21. Fire at the battering ram. Use the first-person view to ensure that you only lock onto the ram itself, rather than wasting arrows on the enemies nearby.
  22. New Quest: Beat back Saruman’s forces.
  23. Use Battle Cry. Stand still and hold A then waggle the Wiimote when prompted. Your enemies will become scared and your allies strengthened.
  24. New Quest: Revive the civilians.
  25. There are six civilians in total. They should be easy to see with their green glow. Sometimes this will disappear when you get close however so keep moving if you can’t find one.
  26. New Quest: Protect the citizens.
  27. Attack the Orcs until the villagers reach safety. Use a Battle Cry to make the Orcs cower in fear.
  28. New Quest: Close the rear gate.
  29. Move past the archers and turn left to find the wheel.
  30. New Quest: Knock down the ladders… again.
  31. Make your way up the first flight of stairs. Turn right and then take the stairs to your immediate right for a Lore Item. There are also Aragorn and Gandalf Tokens among the barrels.
  32. Head down the stairs and grab the Legolas token hidden in front of the wall. There’s also an Aragorn Token in the far Southeast corner.
  33. Now head up the other set of stairs and Bash the ladders. Don’t forget the Lore at the end of the wall.
  34. New Quest: Clear the area.
  35. Defeat the enemies on the wall.
  36. New Quest: Talk to Eowyn.
  37. Head down the stairs and turn right to the newly opened gate. Grab the Lore Item then turn right and smash through the barrels. Grab the Gimli Token and head into the hidden area for another Lore Item, a Chest containing a new Quiver for Legolas, and another Token of the elf’s.
  38. New Quest: Talk to Theoden.
  39. Head out past Eowyn then go to the right wall. Open the Chest for some serious coin then smash the barrel for a Gandalf Token. On the opposite wall is a Lore Item in the corner.
  40. Now speak with Theoden.
  41. New Quest: Raise the drawbridge.
  42. Head up the stairs and onto the wall. Ignore the enemies and proceed around. Grab the Lore in the middle. Before turning the wheel, head past to a Chest and a concealed Gimli Token.
  43. Now turn the wheel.
  44. New Quest: Defeat the Champion.
  45. When fighting against the Champion, Chain Attacks work very well, if you can get an opening. Most of his attacks will knock you down, even when blocking, so evade and attack with the prompts.

  1. New Quest: Fight your way out of the docks.
  2. Fight of the Trolls.
  3. New Quest: Speak to the King of the Dead.
  4. Head right of where you start for a Gandalf Token behind a bucket.
  5. New Quest: Reach the gate.
  6. Speak with the King then head up the stairs. Shoot down the Archers from the rooftops. Continue forward through the large doors then turn left for another piece of the Red Book.
  7. Continue around the building for a Sealed Chest. Gandalf gains the Lore of Niphredil, allowing him to cast Shield by pressing Right on the control pad.
  8. Head back out and follow around left to a small flight of stairs.
  9. New Quest: Help the Gondorian soldiers.
  10. Move past the soldiers and the gate to find a small back area. Turn right for a Palantir. There is also a small Chest at the opposite end.
  11. Turn back to the main area and defeat any enemies attacking the Gondorian soldiers. Then speak with the captain. He will give you the Royal Banner of Gondor, increasing the defense and strength of your allies by 10%.
  12. Now head through the gate and move straight forward. An Aragorn Token is hidden behind some large sacks.
  13. Turn right and move forward.
  14. New Quest: Defeat the Uruk-hai Champion.
  15. Fight him the same way you did the last Champion — evade, prompts, Chain Attacks. The only difference this time is that this Champion has a forward charging move whose Shield Bash prompt actually comes before the attack.
  16. New Quest: Defeat the Troll.
  17. Go through the gate and up the hill. Before engaging the Troll, let the other enemies gather around you so you can defeat them all at once and give yourself some room when fighting the real enemy.
  18. One well placed Heavy Strike will nearly, if not completely, defeat the Troll.
  19. New Quest: Man the oil cauldron.
  20. Before heading up the slope, go right to the destroyed Siege Tower for a Gimli Token.
  21. Now make your way up the slope. Turn left and climb the stairs. Turn right on the wall to find a hidden alcove with a Lore Item.
  22. Turn around and operate the cauldron.
  23. New Quest: Reach the main gate.
  24. Go down the stairs and follow the path until you see a Trail Marker.
  25. Quest Updated: Talk to Pippin.
  26. Examine the marker then proceed forward for a Legolas Token. Open the Chest in the inlet for some silver.
  27. Exit and speak with the Hobbit. He’ll give you the Horn of Gondor. When you’re standing still, you can hold A like you would to use the Battle Cry, but shake the Nunchuck instead to execute the Rally. This ability heals all your allies, and makes them temporarily invulnerable and fearless.
  28. Defeat the Troll and head forward. Turn left at the first alcove for a Lore Item.
  29. New Quest: Clear the area.
  30. Defeat all the Orcs on the street. Head through the gate and speak with the soldier.
  31. New Side Quest: Heal the wounded.
  32. [1/6] The first wounded soldier is directly ahead.
  33. [2/6] Turn right for the second. Grab the Lore nearby.
  34. Examine the Trail Marker to the soldier’s left. Head forward then right for a Chest.
  35. New Side Quest: Destroy the Siege Towers.
  36. Look out into the field and fire on the Towers to destroy them. They require several hits, so use the nearby Arrow Racks if you run low on ammunition.
  37. Head south to find a Lore Item in the small room at the end.
  38. At the north end of the wall is another small room with a page of the Red Book and a Chest.
  39. Now head down the stairs and immediately turn right. A Gandalf Token is in the side alcove.
  40. [3/6] Proceed back on the road and turn right at the Troll. A Legolas Token rests behind the potted plant. Heal the soldier behind the Troll.
  41. [4/6] Continue past the Archers and up the stairs for another wounded soldier.
  42. Quest Updated: Defend Gimli.
  43. [5/6] To the immediate right, at the bottom of the steps is the fifth soldier.
  44. [6/6] Run past all the fighting to find the last soldier. Turn left to also find a Lore Item and a Chest.
  45. Return to the main area and defeat all the enemies. Proceed through the gate.
  46. Quest Updated: Defeat the Trolls.
  47. Turn around from your starting position and destroy the basket for another Aragorn Token.
  48. Fight the Trolls one at a time using a combination of evade-and-prompts and Heavy Strikes.
  49. New Quest: Defeat the Witch-king.
  50. The Witch-king isn’t terribly strong, but he’ll defend against almost every normal attack. Evade his moves and strike with the prompts. If you build up enough strength, use a Heavy Strike to cut him down quickly.
  51. Quest Updated: Find Eomer.
  52. Mount Brego and turn towards the field. Hang left and grab the Gandalf Token beside the tower. Head north to the destroyed tower for the last Aragorn Token. Now head southeast to another broken tower and a Legolas Token. Follow the eastern wall to yet another tower and the final Gimli Token.
  53. Now head to Eomer in the center of the field. Defeat any nearby enemies to speak with him.
  54. Quest Updated: Finish off the Warg Riders.
  55. Charge through the mounted enemies then clear the area around Eomer to speak with him again.
  56. New Quest: Stop the Oliphaunts from reaching Minas Tirith.
  57. There are three Oliphaunts that need to be destroyed. Simply ride up beside them and strike their legs to bring the large beasts down. Avoid riding in front of them and their trampling feet.
  58. Quest Updated: Defeat the second wave.
  59. Five more Oliphaunts will appear now. Defeat them the same way. Striking them from behind works equally as well.

  1. New Quest: Defeat the Mouth of Sauron.
  2. Run around the outer edge of the area to grab all the chapter’s Tokens. The only hidden one is inside some barrels in front of the center Archery stand.
  3. Sauron’s gaze will begin to wander when you aren’t fighting enough. Engage the Mouth. Use a Heavy Strike and recharge with the nearby plants. He’s quick and his attacks will knock you back even when defending. Like always, evade and attack with the prompts.
  4. Quest Updated: Defend Legolas.
  5. Fight through the enemies that surround Legolas in the western part of the area.
  6. Quest Updated: Defend Gimli from Archers.
  7. Move to the eastern Archery stall. Fire at the Archers on top of the nearby building.
  8. Quest Updated: Defeat the Trolls.
  9. Fight them like you always have, evade for prompts. Strike with strength attacks if available.
  10. Quest Updated: Help Legolas defeat the Archers.
  11. Move to the western Archery platform to shoot down the four Archers atop the building.
  12. Quest Updated: Help Gimli defend his men.
  13. Fight off the enemies around Gimli. Continue to use Rally and Battle Cry throughout the battle. You will refill your strength meter very quickly with all of the enemies around.
  14. Quest Updated: Keep Sauron’s army distracted.
  15. Several waves of enemies will appear including a large number of Trolls. Try not to get surrounded. If you do, use a Heavy Strike to deal heavy damage to all of them. Simply survive and fight long enough to complete the quest and the game.

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12 Comments on Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough


On September 24, 2010 at 7:55 am

yes,it’s my question too!


On December 26, 2010 at 1:15 pm

28.Quest Updated: Destroy the wheels holding the drawbridge.
29.Switch to your fire arrows and shoot the two targets.
I don’t have any fire arrows. How do I get them? Where do I get them, or, how do i make my arrows fire arrows.


On December 29, 2010 at 1:06 am

For PS3 you have to hit the square button while ur holding down R2 to aim to change it.


On April 5, 2011 at 11:42 am

to change to fire arrow on Wii press the ‘A’ key while holding the ‘B’ to toggle between arrow types


On May 24, 2011 at 8:10 am

press x while in aim mode, not sqaure, to change to a fire arrow.


On August 31, 2011 at 1:01 pm

its need the the optional mission to have the trophy “The kye of shire”?

Teofila Ducay

On December 4, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Arsenal need to confirm on their website ASAP…..then 2 or 3 more critical n quality players before the window closes!


On February 12, 2012 at 7:20 am

How the heck do I get through the first door on my way to the mines? The chapter is called Moria, btw..
Oh, and I have ps3!


On December 2, 2012 at 2:50 am

Hey, good Walkthrough although when I actually got the game I didn’t really need it… But still, it’s really good. This sounds weird but I kinda won’t progress through the game now I’m in the land of the horse lords… I just LOVE RIDING BREGO XD I just keep fannying around to be honest… If you’re deciding whether or not to get the game, I recommend it. Lots of fighting, different places to explore… It’s really great.


On December 17, 2013 at 7:46 am

How can I start a new wii game, when all three quests are full?


On December 19, 2013 at 4:38 am

Hey guys,

I cant make move “shield bash” in this game. How to do that?

Btw I am playing on ps3 with joystick.



On December 20, 2013 at 8:01 am

Have same problem like Mike.

Cant do “shield bash” move against Dwarf.

Pls help!

PS have ps3 and joystick.