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Capcom’s Lost Planet started as a frozen wasteland. The sequel has introduced some jungle climate into the mix, but when it comes to harvesting easy achievement points, it’s as barren as Tatooine. 50 achievements are available, for a total of 1000 points, but expect to bleed your thumbs.
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Gamerscore gurus will have grim memories of the first installment’s infamous “Extreme” difficulty level, which pays out a measley 20 points this time around, and though a quick look down the list provides some enticements (who wouldn’t want to be a “Snow Pirate”) and amusing moments of alliteration (Femmes Fatale Faction Leader indeed), the presence of four- and five-digit numbers (9999, 99999) is sure to give completionists fits. “Quintuple Factionalism” sounds like something Shaun White might pull off in his personal halfpipe, but don’t be fooled. To snag that one, you’ll need Olympian perseverance and a talent for grinding reputation, not rails.

Regular Achievements

Complete Prologue A – Complete Episode 1 Chapter O-A – 10G

Complete Prologue B – Complete Episode 1 Chapter O-B – 10G

Complete Episode 1 – Complete all the chapters in episode 1 – 10G

Rookie – Complete the game on Easy – 10G

Soldier – Complete the game on Normal – 10G

Super Soldier – Complete the game on Hard – 15G

Snow Pirate – Achieve a career level of LV. 10 – 10G

Welcome to the Battle! – Play one online match – 10G

Secret Achievements

Complete Episode 2 – Complete all chapters in Episode 2 – 10G

Complete Episode 3 – Complete all chapters in Episode 3 – 10G

Complete Episode 4 – Complete all chapters in Episode 4 – 10G

Complete Episode 5 – Complete all chapters in Episode 5 – 10G

Complete Episode 6 – Complete all chapters in Episode 6 – 10G

100-Chapter Playback – Play through 100 Chapters – 10G

200-Chapter Playback – Play through 200 Chapters – 20G

300-Chapter Playback – Play through 300 Chapters – 30G

It’s so Easy – Play any combination of chapters 39 times on Easy – 20G

Ultimate Warrior – Complete the game on Extreme – 20G

Snow Pirate Warrior – Achieve a career level of LV. 30 – 15G

Snow Pirate Commander – Achieve a career level of LV. 50 – 20G

Snow Pirate Leader – Achieve a career level of LV. 80 – 25G

Rounder Chief – Achieve a career level of LV. 99 with the Rounders – 30G

Fight Junkie Berserker – Achieve a career level of LV. 99 with the Fight Junkies – 30G

First Among Snow Pirate Elites – Achieve a career level of LV. 99 with the Snow Pirate Elites – 30G

NEVEC Black Ops Commander – Achieve a career level of LV. 99 with NEVEC Black Ops.

Femmes Fatales Faction Leader – Achieve a career level of LV. 99 with the Femmes Fatales – 30G

Quintuple Factionalism – Achieve a career level of LV. 99 with all five factions – 50G

Endangered Species – Defeat 3000 S- and M-sized Akrid – 15G

A Thousand Unmarked Graves – Defeat 1000 enemy soldiers – 15G

VS Graveyard – Destroy 100 enemy VS’s – 15G

Monster Hunter – Defeat 30 Bosses – 20G

Instrument of Destruction – Defeat 9999 enemies (Akrid, VS, or enemy soldiers) – 20G

Thermal Energy Reactor – Accumulate a combined total of more than 99999 units of thermal energy – 10G

Death Wish – Die more than 444 times – 10G

Weapons Master – Unlock all regular weapons and grenades – 25G

Prove Your Mettle – Unlock all the abilities – 25G

Warrior of Many Names – Unlock 100 Noms de Guerre – 20G

A Collector’s Collector – Unlock all items (Weapons, Abilities, Noms de Guerre ) – 50G

All in a Day’s Work - Achieve 100 different Good Job awards – 20G

Honeymoon Period – Celebrate your six-month anniversary with Lost Planet 2 – 20G

War Vet – Play 500 Online Matches – 15g

Centurion – Win 100 online ranked matches – 15G

Slayer of a Thousand Men – Achieve 1000 kills in online matches – 15G

Me Against the World – Complete 93 areas while online without the help of other players – 10G

Two is Better Than One – Complete 386 areas with one or more other players – 10G

Lets Go VS Force – Merge two VS unites – 10G

Hot Shot – Gain promotion to the rank of Gunner – 15G

Professional Turncoat – Fight for a number of different factions in a faction match – 10G

Good Job Soldier – Earn all the Good Job awards – 40G

Commited ’til the End – Earn all the Good Job awards, items, and career levels available in the game – 100G

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On May 13, 2010 at 9:45 pm

omfg the quintuple faction thing is gonna keep me too busy….. i guess they did that so we’d be done for when gears 3 comes out in april