LotRO Month of the Hunter

lotrohunter.jpgMany changes have bee implemented with the new Lord of the Rings Online: Book 10 City of the Kings update. Yesterday we took a look at the new and improved Captain class. Today we’ll examine the new and improved skills for the Hunter.

The Hunter is the LotRO‘s premier nuker class specializing in ranged attacks. They know the land better than any other class and are gifted with fast travel skills to get their party where they need to be or out of danger in a hurry. Return to Camp is a new, floating bind point group travel skill that allows hunters to get their fellowship to (and out of) instances and major landscape camps fast. Hunters can locate and lock on to these camps around the world via new map notes. Hunters can now use Guide Skills to lead their fellowships instantaneously to certain Middle-earth locations.

  • Guide to Michel Delving – Instant fellowship travel to Michel Delving in the Shire
  • Guide to Ost Guruth – Instant fellowship travel to Ost Guruth in the Lonelands
  • Guide to Evendim – Instant fellowship travel to Evendim
  • Guide to West Angmar – Instant fellowship travel to a safe haven in Western Angmar
  • Guide to East Angmar – Instant fellowship travel to the Eastern reaches of Angmar

Tracking will now yield more detailed information on the Hunter’s quarry. Experienced Hunters can share tracked targets with their fellowship on the mini map. Hunters are now able to track Dragon-kind and giants as well. You’d think they’d be too big to miss.

Hunters also have a few new combat buffs to add to their repertoire and some combat skills as well. Scholars now have recipes for Bow Chants. new kind of Hunter-only consumable item crafted by Scholars; Bow Chants. These buffs last for 20 minutes so each.

  • Foe-finder – Reduced chance for targets to evade bow skills
  • Shield-bane – Reduced chance for targets to block bow skills
  • Breach-finder – Bypass some of target’s damage mitigation
  • Wind-rider – Reduced power cost of bow skills
  • Whisper-draw – Reduced threat generated by bow skills

New Combat Skills are as follows:

  • Heart Seeker – A large damage, long cooldown, long induction “mega-nuke” attack
  • Strength of the Earth – An In-Combat Power Regen Channelling Skill
  • Set Snare – A new “free” trap skill which slows and applies sizable damage over time

There have been additional tweaks and and changes made to existing skills and traits such as the use of Traps and Oils, differences in the use of the Bow vs. the Crossbow, and many others. For a full list check the Month of the Hunter Feature on the LotRO website.

via Lord of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

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