LulzSec Claims More Scalps: Eve Online, Escapist And Minecraft Hacked

So yesterday, word came that hacker collective LulzSec had had hacked Bethesda, nabbing a ton of critical information but gallantly refusing to publish data on 20,000 Brink users, since they apparently love Bethesda games. Today, they’ve done it again with a hat trick hack they couldn’t resist bragging about:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, just a few minutes ago that pulled off a 4peat, also announced by twitterbrag:

So that’s 5 hacks in 2 days. Well played guys. They’ve dubbed their little hack party #TitanicTakeoverTuesday, which would be pretty funny – no, which IS pretty funny – except that it’s also kind of scary. They’ve claimed that’s it for now, and so far a lack of otherwise malicious activity seems to indicate they really are just doing it for the lulz. They’re reveling in the requests for phone interviews, not to mention gleefully enjoying how angry some gamers are getting, but the thing is, what the hell is their plan? To get arrested by the FBI? To get bombed? This is the equivalent of breaking into people’s houses, photographing it, posting those photos to your Facebook account then friending the local police.

Gutsy, and hilarious, yes. But the coppers aren’t as amused by this sort of thing as internetsters are, and the FBI is famously humorless about anything remotely connected to this kind of thing. Not to mention the fact that it’s a big pile of FAIL when this shizz hurts gamers, and service outages or increased (and useless) ‘security’ nonsense like DRM does just that. The bigger question we have is this: Why the hell does this keep happening? I get that Sony was taken by surprise, I do. But at this point one begins to think that the game companies are spending too much money on silly E3 hats (cough Minecraft cough), and not enough on site security. Particularly since these are apparently DDoS and SQL injection attacks, kind of run of the mill as web threats go.

While we aren’t specifically hoping they evade the hands of johnny law, we admit that this is pretty cool, even if we’re going to be super angry if this results in DRM for even the cheapest indie game. We’ll be following this for further news and trying our best not to laugh or cry.

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3 Comments on LulzSec Claims More Scalps: Eve Online, Escapist And Minecraft Hacked


On June 15, 2011 at 4:24 am

I wouldn’t call these kids hackers, There running programs made by a programmer they most likely have never have been in contact with and then amassing a large number of computers in a irc chan that are probably running the original installation of windows with no updates ever being done and then using them to cause ddos attacks that a 8 year old could do.

lulzsec is nothing more then a group of script kiddies messing around with things they barely understand in the hopes of gaining attention, Obviously they don’t understand the situation there putting them selves into, it’s not going to take long for these young kids to get arrested and have there lives ruined in the process. Ignorance is bliss tell the door to your cell closes.


On June 19, 2011 at 4:35 am

Wtf did minecraft do?


On July 12, 2011 at 11:26 am

A group of script kiddies huh? And not only that but they are using pre-made programs to launch their attacks?

You obviously haven’t the slightest idea of how certain servers work and how they operate, because if you did you would know they did penetrate a server which was related to the US government, so basically you won’t point that fact out but you will point out the easy stuff and then try and discredit what their knowledge actually is…. How does it feel to be exposed? LOL…

“They” are not ruining anything as a matter of fact, I bet you cannot point out one thing they have “broken” while doing their attacks…. All they have done is exposed information, and had a laugh about it. I am lolling right now because you actually think that this group of high profile unknown online community of reverse engineers has not thought about what they were doing beforehand?? This series of attacks was done for a purpose, even if you don’t know or even understand it. I can guarantee you that what they did was well planned, and perfectly executed with no trace of detection as to who it is/was doing the attacks. I find your ignorance as amusing and funny, lulz.. :p